平心而論,(空一格)呂前副總統 秀蓮女士,有失偏頗?話說,布衣小子很笨,都能想像蔡英文女士說的共識一詞;不可否認,共識一詞,不是蔡英文女士的專利;簡單來說:全球共識,是以布衣小子,雖然笨,旦眼睛還是沒有給喇仔肉糊到?有文誌有真相:









長期以來,布衣小子尊敬呂前副總統 秀蓮女士,因為,您不會欺負窮孩子,換個角度,恩!就以台灣天后鳳飛飛有首膾炙人口的歌曲,作此回作戰計畫結語:







Dear Friend
It cannot denied that,at times,the reality faces seems uncertain,but,it is also a decide for the future,in particular,it is part of definition of the unity and cooperation,and get to win.
We face together to clear up the problem for the future.
I know we can.
Because,as a political party or nation,time after time,we must face has been tested.
Today,face challenges requires new hope for tomorrow.
We are handing and handing that will move forward together.
This is a overcoming the challenge.
Are you going to stand with 蔡英文 together strive to win the future?Although,there is much more work to do so.
Moving forward, must build new concept of 21st century for political party and nation.
This is without between you and me.or whom,whose comes from.
We must reform to make it leaner and transparent.
That is the vision,also,it is an opportunity of win the future.
Please stand together with 蔡英文
It is because of you who are the reason to common face uncertainty of future.
So,next new era of the fundamental principles of the nation.
The fundamental principles of the nation is laid down in the national constitution :
to achieve the national system,equality,justice,and promise national stability to
provide common of the national defense to promise the well-being of people and secure,including,next Generations.
Basically,the fundamental principle is to promise the national integrity and power,at
the same time,establish the national and people of the dignity and value.
These are realities as objectives. As said that:
1,The national determination to promise the essential of people individual freedom.
2,The national detemination to promise inventing conditions that make nation and society of democratic and free system can prosper and stable.
3,The national detemination to defend people of life pattern,even,fight,if necessary.
The national constitution that act on independence own with strong reliance,mutually promise to people each other of well-being lives and spiritual of national Honor.

Thank you!God bless Taiwan .



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