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Will China give up North Korea?

Studied&Copyrighted @ 台灣窮小子April 5,2013

Ending of history- gives up endless of North Korea's drama.An best opportunity to give endless drama up-ending of history is to prevent the worst behavior in the age-old of history and culture of framework.Ending of history- gives up endless drama is authority a consideration ; the age-old of history and culture is another matter.Because of North Korea's funny gestures always brings the worst in fails.Or,they are just angry swinging with flag of nuclear weapons.The recent event will be consequences,so they are  obvious.As China need a hardy strategic deployment - ending of history,especially,new model of homeland security concept.A spoiled child must be punished,in addition to the worldwide is just watching.Abandonment is not end ; ending of history is resumption of regional security.These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.In fact,it is simple.Abandonment is the only realistic option to China,in particular,Russia.And follow the  the age-old of history and culture have made no benefits in progress.Especially,they remain a higher troublesome matter,rather than ridiculous of buffer zone.Strict tensions can just worsen China's economic pressure.These are no matter what feel sort,or not?A spoiled child will lead to North Korea's strict tensions. It is no doubtful.The issue noe is how to give it up?The best way is ending of history.It cannot denied that it will be sufficient to get the age-old of history and culture that will  disappear in the Korean Peninsula.If Abandonment succeeds,so,what the next will be?

According with the China frustration in dealing with this troublesome and pitiful child arises from feeling.Indeed,this is troublesome policy toward North Korea,rather than,the China and the U.S.And it is regional security dangerous in Beijing to be such a terrible partner.At first,ending of history-abandonment will provide and ultimate normalization of the Korean Peninsula issues.Many opponents of ending of history-abandonment think that it is unfair, even though,abandonment is a condition.So,it cannot dennied that this is a often used strategic deployment.And these are not related to the age-old of history and culture.Ironically, North Korean enjoys slap China in the face.Although,the China have wanted to moderate,and change North Korea through from stubborn of history and culture,even,gives biggest economic support ; but have little one,of course,this has never  happened. Stubborn of history and culture  has existed serious disagreements,in particular,the Japan.However,China has its own sort,so North Korean enjoys slap China in the face,and that's not likely to change. Given the extent of these differences between stubborn of history and culture,so China should understandable and integrative to restoring homeland security of cohesion ; but inevitably,China will find ending of history-abandonment exactly right.Because of nobody enjoys slap ourselves in the face.Why?


Nuclear weapons are North Korea's trump card,and threaten China and U.S. even,the world.The point is to get global attention.
As in addition to seek homeland security,China should choose for utmost change-abandonment in ending of history relations.That must take comprehensive war-fighting approach.
Of course,ending of history relation is also consideration between difficulties and unfavorables.But,without an ending of history relation like this,threat will be result on endless.
China's ending of history-abandonment relation looks like the serious,but,it will be able to achieve Nuclear weapons of nightmare.
Ending of history-abandonment relation is worth a shot.
At least,it may be of some help,so,dear China should give it up!


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