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Foreword:National affairs conference

According with the R.O.C. men and women were in life-deployed every single day,protecting national core interests in far-flung places.As  the need for National Forum privileges-national influence,clear the mobility,and self-sufficiency of the national power and superiority will be increasingly critical to protecting the Taiwan's national core interests,in which,in order to meeting national and global crises.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.Indeed,national deployment,and ready when the President ordered defeats historical-cultural violent extremism and terrorism of mass destruction organizations.After all,we still live in a constantly changing and complex global environment,yet,the age-old of the history and culture is impossible to build dynamic,certain national security environment.In particular,we face nation's economic inequities, stupid nationalism continually happen,and ethnic tensions still remain facts of nation.So,when we face an uncertain,asymmetric of national threats,crises,and the  increasingly challenges.The National affairs conference will be able to use new concepts,new technologies,and new pattern of the history and culture changes.In other words,the National affairs conference will be responded to national call,constrained fiscal resources,and positively for national innovation in the ongoing national military,politic,and economy,in order to maintain our national superiorities and capabilities.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.The visional existences of the National affairs conference , National Innovation will show that  the crucial to Taiwan's national transformation into the next decade,even,two decades.The National affairs conference is the critical conditions required to accomplish an acceptable balance between readiness current and that of the future.As National affairs conference looks to the Taiwan's hope,our ending of history is to seek to re-define national superiority and power,at the same time,we ensure that persisting war-fighting capabilities are suffered.The integrative National affairs conference is to expand nation's strategic missions,and that  settling hard options to meet the frightening requirements,especially,national threats and crises of the next 30 years and the future.The integrative National affairs conference made today will fundamentally model the national ability to respond to future nation's strategic, tactical,and operational requirements,in particular,we work closely with our partners.In longer-term,the age-old of the history and culture condemns the national science-technolohy,strategy,this is the wrong national acitvity, hence,ending of history will help to define our national agenda of the future.
At first,we are the one,a nation.
Secondly is,National affairs conference must intensify and upgrade national science-technology so that they are more effective than today in achieving nation's political,military,and economic objectives.
Thus,Taiwan's vision for tomorrow is in ending of history, we focus ; and the plan of National affairs conference is  continuing the historic transformation of national superiority and power from the ocean.


Taiwan should determine on the National affairs conference 's ending oh history,to protect nation and peoples' interests,with our partners.This no matter whenever and wherever we may face crises and threats.The ending of history,multi-mission national exception commitee is to through multiplicity of models,and to support important national strategies and policies, and the resulting ability persistent national warfare,in order to deter and  stabilize national crises with the powerful existence.The National affairs conference makes the contributions to national security unique.Yet,according with importance of ending of history,and intensifying  national science and technology superiority and force must be existed and considered a fundamental characteristic of national core interests.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.Stress will be placed on technology for superior,but on technologies to achieve enough and affordable values.National exception committee must embrace new technologies and new concepts - ending of history,to build sufficient number of national war-fighting capability platforms,rather than,traditional history and culture,in order to face threars and crises.Especially,we must train nation's strategic people,who intensify their education and their quality of life,rather than,stupid of history and culture people.As it has focused its stratgies and policies,that provide national and social  requirements of today,a comprehensive,clear assessment of current and future.War-fighting critical capabilities to achieve these objectives are being maintained developed by balancing among force readiness,and transformation.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.Meet in an era,we should recognize that the best may indeed be ending of history,and we are encouraged,started National exception committee,also that supported many significant returns.This will be accomplished not only by ending of history an essential standard of the National exception committee,at the same time,in leveraging the industrial econpmies and national science-technology,and than,found on strategic frameworks.This delicate ending of history balance,and provides key of national war-fighting missions.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.In short,National affairs conference will continue to invest for the future,to keep careful,next era of national transfrmation.At the same time,we ensure that our people enjoy the highest quality of life,and they can meet national commitment and war-fighting activities,anytime, anywhere.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.



It cannot denied that the National affairs conference is in the midst of a radical transformation,but,it will ensure its national nation's superior operation primacy well,face the next ten decade,even,two decades.First,ending of history/Indeed,nation's powerful transformation focused on the ending of history,such as : Global Cold War was ended.So,national transformation faces historical-cultural violent extremism and terrorism threats and crises.As the National affairs conference should be tailored for future national strategy,and as well as on the open security environment which will bring war-fighting capabilities to nation,to protect peoples' and partners interests,anytime and anywhere.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.As we can see this one - the ending of history has characterized as the National affairs conference,so,ending of history will be new era of national transformation,in which,ending of history power become even more critical war-fighting conditions of the National affairs conference power and prestige. The core objectives of the National Security Strategy for a New Era are as National affairs conference : enhance our security and effective diplomacy warfare,and ready to fight and win,at the samr time,reinforce nation's economic force prosperity.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.The National affairs conference for New Era likewise national identifies fundamental nation's mission:
To establish the national security  environment,and to respond to the full direction of challenges,threats,and crises.
To prepare today for faced an uncertain future.
The critical condition in the National affairs conference's strategies are the fundamental needs to nation and people to keep decisive nation's political,economic,and military force,and to ensure national ability for immediate response to crisis and war-readiness.In other words,the National affairs conference is to build nation's strategic framework to face new era,that makes national resources focus on the national core interests and face challenges.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.After all,the age-old of the history and culture is more often than not in the force-of-option.As protect these important and vital nation's core interests is ending of history.In particular,the National affairs conference.Indeed,the National affairs conference refines national strategic concept first articulated,rather than,stupid of history and culture,four years later,starts from the ocean.The key of the National affairs conference addressed the ending of history requirements and need for innovative concept and deployment for the future ; and strategy and policy explicitly link ; quick-reaction crisis-response needs ; and supports joint operation to defeat hyperbolized comedy of stupid of history and culture in major theater conflicts. Efforts continue to the National affairs conference strategic vision and operational concepts for the after-2010 global environment,while struggling to ensure that current and future national war-fighting readiness are supported in the most cost-effective model.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.


Current's & future's visional change ending of history strategic war-fighting capabilities.New moder of the National affairs conference is developing new national war-fighting capabilities and concepts to maintain national war-fighting superiority,and meet changes and needs for the future.Such as:historical-cultural violent extremism and terrorism proliferation could threaten our forward-deployment and mussion,and changed ours existence.Simultaneously,they use growing constraints that may block the effectiveness of the National affairs conference,so,it cannot denied the national exception committee forces access to important national power sreas because we must use asymmetrical technologies and tactics of ending of history to respond continually increasing crises and threats.As the National affairs conference of forward-deployed will provide critical support,that's what the success of such national warfare that will determine on national superiority of the future.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.An open National affairs conference takes advantage of the most secure and advanced technology available, will be critical for national mission success. In particular,the National affairs conference is starting a new the national exception committee of framework that will provide dominant strategic capabilities ; flexible and rapid deployment.This will ensure the security of all national developments.The National affairs conference publication joint vision defined a common national strategy direction to face the uncertain and the challenging future.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.The National affairs conference is integrating new technologies with national innovation concepts which its intensifies to conduct joint operations across the full range of national ability.Key to this future is the National affairs conference superiority,which, along with framework,national science-technology innovation to start new pattern of war-fighting concepts to serve as a model for future national strategy.The National affairs conference has enfolded many innovative and creative opportunities,and provided nation s needs for effective and affordable national power.This is national joint vision,and to significant changes at worldwide.Proclaimed by the National affairs conference,itself,national transformation for the future is, driven and taken of advantage by national science0technology to achieve quantum in national deterrence and warfighting capabilities. These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.The National affairs conference may own tradition of combining national science and technology change with innovative thinking. This is good examples of the ending of history.We must be ending of history to change national warfighting strategy and ensure national power will continue to meet compelling national demands of the future.Today,the National affairs conference stand on the doorway of yet national science and technology this time fueled by revolutionary developments.The National affairs conference calls for new technologies and innovative practices to support the national development's advanced concepts, doctrine, and operational warfare.The strategic potential of this National affairs conference can be achieved ,by using and by Taiwan's 108 superiority achieving an integrated set of national war-fighting systems founded on a common warfare framework.To this end, evolving nation's strategic concept of ending of history will provide the foundation for current and future of national change.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.

Difficult options

The ending of history successes showing often in historical crises and conflicts are the result,this ensure that national missions have right war-fighting objectives at hand.National deployment follows that future successes determine on making the National affairs conference right strategies and policies.Because of numerous,age-old of hisotry and culture are made complex and intractable that will impact difficult options for national developments of the future.As the National affairs conference is to ensure nation and people will have the right war-fighting system.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.If the nation's transformation is to be a success,we must continually replace age-old aand obsolete historical-cultural platforms.New national war-fighting syatems and platforms will meet growing national joint operation and multi-partner's interoperability demands. National missions,global crises and the change,the National affairs conference will add operational warfare of flexibility and adaptability.These are not related to the age-old of the history and culture.Because of the stupid of history and culture are expensive,obsolescent,false and dangerous nation's political,military,and economic deployments.Simply put,they are no abilities and values.As ending of history will be able to bear new and potentially vastly different national missions.For example,the National affairs conference.But,we cannot change so fast,or only a still-ambiguous future and thereby destroy important strategy-capabilities of current national forces that have critical roles.We must remember that National affairs conference bears national security in the future,but,it cannot  guarantee that future national forces would be capable of meeting the demands.As also,at the same time,we cannot focus too much on the future, this will increase significantly the threat and risk.
More critically,ending of history.
In short,the age-old of history and culture are our danger,but,the National affairs conference will transform national commitments into the today and tomorrow.In other words,this is a delicate national balance,not related to the age-old of history and culture.This report will be renew in nonscheduled.


Decisions about strategic war-fighting objectives options are critical to the future of the nation.These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.We are still in uncertain,dangerous and dynamic national security environment,and with the age-old of history and culture that will bring difficult options and challenges.As the National affairs conference is to start national strategy war-fighting objectives of the future.These are the cornerstone for the next decade,even two decades.In particular,national readiness,national system integration,and national menpower transformation.

Today,the national security environment has changed.

So,the war-fighting oblectives of the new pattern of the National affairs conference is drawing on peoples' innovations and vitalities,at the same time,taking an advantage of new technological opportunities to establish a national transformation strategy,in which,in order to ensure nation can continue to meet its war-fighting mission needs and achieve the highest, priority of strategic effectiveness.This is not related to the age-old of history and culture.Although integration of the National affairs conference is one possible solution to current national security problems,but,national strategy context is essential if we we are to avoid unnecessary stupid of history and culture harassments and attacks.We are looking forwarf to the future because today's war-fighting readiness.The independent National affairs conference will ask for national strategies and policies are the best,and enlightened core leadsrship,rather than,stupid of history and culture.So.national war-fighting objectives should develop new national war-fighting concepts that take an advantage current national forces,and also,at the same time,use as Taiwanese's 108 and technological superiority.As within this National affairs conference of critical innovative war-fighting solutions and trade-offs,to identify national strategy  planning objectives,and guide with our efforts to build new model of Taiwan's style.This ensure that the essential national force and framework,and core capabilities are preserved for nation for supported forward-deployed presence,re-restart a seamless nation's total force.Additionally, ending of history,the the war-fighting oblectives of the National affairs conference will work together to seek solutions with our partners.The ending of history,the the war-fighting oblectives of the National affairs conference are to provide a stable and compensating of life and dream for nation and people ; keep enough,advancement potential for national warfare and social well-beings,and provide national security environment that supports with homeland fulfilment.including balanced coast defense,

Taiwan's style of the new National affairs conference

The framework of Taiwan's style is ending of history,most importantly,Taiwanese's national science-technology,capability,and inherent motivation ; dedicated Taiwanese need to integrate and maintain national system for today and tomorrow.As new National affairs conference of assessment will be provided to solve current and future Taiwan's force framework,within the contexts of joint strategy,operational concepts,in particular,to respond Taiwan's national core interests of crises and threats.These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.

The current Taiwan's force at that future joint framework.

Taiwan's force joint framework requirements determine on the national roles,missions,and positions,and ending of history must execute.After comprehensive assessments of current and future social and peoples' needs,this is committed to keeping national system.Likewise,new National affairs conference is minimum essential war-fighting to meet Taiwan's national strategu needs.These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.For these reasons, new National affairs conference serve as the foundation for meeting current and future of the national commitments as Taiwan's style development continues national transformation for the future.By the next decade,even,two decades,new National affairs conference must craft and support a long-term national construction war-fighting program,as Ms.蔡英文 has advocated that :"十年政綱".The national commitment to stable and enough of this new National affairs conference will help to ensure that we can not waste money,do not want over-burden ; re-integrate national science and technoplogy will protect Taiwan's national core interests with our partners.

Enduring Taiwanese ; Forward-deployment and Existence The R.O.C.

We cannot sacrifice today's independent,free readiness and ability to promise and protect national core interests ; the National affairs conference of platforms will achieve Taiwan's forward-deployment,existence and vision.These are not related to the age-old of history and cultureThe existence of ending of history of highly capable in key is the most effective strategic-means to prevent stupid of history and culture that they incite trouble,and ensure Taiwan's stability and national peace.
There are two principal conditions to the forward-deployment of the National affairs conference
The first condition is ending of history.
The ending of history of contribution is in national strategy level that it is most cost-effective core component,which builds strategic forces to make adversary invisible with invulnerable Taiwan's flock.Additionall,The ending of history are secure and reliable.In other words,a national superiority are unique and vital contribution.These are not related to the age-old of history and cultureThe second condition is the the National affairs conference to integrate Taiwan's flock with 108 superiority.These forces prevent the stupid of history and culture of threats and crises ; build national security environment ; and achieve as the basis for Taiwan's stability ; and provide national commitments and rapid deployment of  full range of protective force.Moreover, the contributions of Taiwan's stability and national peace are increasingly important because National affairs conference makes us who knows  more interdependent.These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.After all,stupid of history and culture  can bring nation's political,military,and economic uncertainty and panic.It is no doubtful.In particular,Taiwan's flock with 108 superiority is to provide the full nation's political,military,and economic power,in which,in order to be able to respond to stupid of history and culture  of conflicts,crises,and threats.

Enduring Taiwanese

Enduring Taiwanese possess two primary attributes that make us  well-suited for Taiwan's national strategy nature : self-sufficiency and flexibility-response.
Self-Sufficiency: Equally important is the Taiwanese,Taiwan's flock of war-fighting ability of self-reliant and self-sustaining without the need for coming form China's help.
Flexibility-Response:Taiwanese,Taiwan's flock can be used to process timely national war-fighting activities,and demonstrate national commitment and political support , and conduct disaster relief,are important conditions in ensuring Taiwanese flexibility-response.Because of Taiwanese have for more than 400 years continue to provide its most fundamental and accurate national strategy definition. These are not related to the age-old of history and culture.In short, the forward-deployment of the National affairs conference provides flexibility-response and self-sufficiency of national war-fighting capabilities that we need today and in the future.
The National affairs conference is the Taiwan's true option.


Taiwan should hold the National affairs conference to promise and protect Taiwanese and important Taiwan's national core interests,and this no matter whenever and wherever we may face threats and crises.In this an era , we recognize that strats national science-technology to build an enough number of war-fighting capability of national platforms,rather than,traditional history and culture.In short, we will continue to fight for the future ; re-integrate and re-transform Taiwan's national superiority.The key is to ending of history,and start the the National affairs conference.At the same time,we ensure that people enjoy the highest quality of life and dream.This is national commitment and war-fighting activity,and no matter anytime, anywhere.

The first report ended.







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