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FEB 28 2015


The Taiwan's dream,as like many achievements of the era for the past,will also being come into and matured during an era new established by the global competitions and challenges of ending of history.
Taiwan's dream will be conceived,that will became a touchable dividing line between stupid of history and cultur,in particular,the conflicts and threats to Taiwan's national core interest and security seemed unambiguous and clear.
Though the face China,Taiwan's dream remained focused on its primary in learning and integrating the capabilities and intentions of the ending of history,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
Also,Taiwanese inherent 108 superiority predominated in the ending of history of which faced our national mission from the tensions of a perilous era.
Our mission-the Taiwan's dream necessity for ending of history will be clear,and provide timely, responsive war-fighting directions are still valid.
Indeed,in many ways,the likelihood that stupid of history and culture will be put in particular way had increased activity,however,at the same timne,declining national resources,and also, the possibility of a shift.
In the end,the combined effects of the complex,stupid of history and culture environment,and ending of history will be a comprehensive restructuring of the Taiwan's dream.


台灣窮小子 simple will chart:

Taiwan dream's vusion for the future of ending of history,the National guiding strategy cerebration that helps us build a new life community;the means we will operate to build the national loyalty and organizational framework;and I wish to use,and war-fighting models to intensify Taiwanese characterizations,because of we need new pattern,new model of Taiwan's dream,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
As new Taiwan's dream,we will be judged by how well we can change our vision into reality,and help us achieve national objectives with encourages industries and people.
Similarly,we must realize that ending of history of Taiwan's dream is our responsibility.
I,myself,committed to doing so simple explanation,encourage everyone of you to talk about Taiwan's dream and ending of history,in order to meet how likely they are to succeed,in fact,it communicates your thoughts to each other.
Ending of history is only a first step in an important Taiwan's dream,so we all must make together.


Stupid of history and culture are usually out of sort to change as a result of conditions beyond their control.
They have never provided better educated,including advanced technologies,in order to increase diversity of employees war-fighting power to rich societal conditions.
As Taiwan's dream will be wider dispersal of organizational ending of history,and intensify global connectivity,in which,in order to create new challenges and opportunities in the nation's local industry-environment.This is not related to the history and culture.
In other words,stupid of history and culture are anxious to provide the China with a change peace dividend,and Taiwan over the past several years have almost avoided on nationa; core interests and security framework of attentions.
In addition,stupid of history and cultrue of the current framework will no doubt bring about changes beyond those driven by national decreasings.
Because they waste national resource.
In particular,the change of the global condition,and it is the biggest impact change in the distribution of end.
According with worldwide is going through similar changes,efforts of ending of history is to achieve national transformation as a key war-fighting objective for the future - our principles are putting people first.
In the national strategy for cultural change,ending of history will give a voice in national programming processes.And this will also realize that Nation must be willing to demonstrate that people tax dollars are being handled with respect.
To this end Taiwan's dream is committed to a productive working ending of history with national engineering,and the national strategy for cultural change is assure the people.This will remain to win peoples' confident relationship,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
Taiwan's dream advocates ending of history,and that the national strategy for cultural change foster an individual dignity and respect among Taiwanese ; encourage initiative and creative work opportunities ; promote cooperation of war-fighting team effort,and value human diversity,including,national loyalty and accountability for every one.In particular,no matter what gender, race and belief are.
I want my nation to be one that recognizes the demand for our people to keep a healthy balance between national commitments and responsibilities,and at the same time,I believe that Taiwan's dream goes beyond the accomplishment of mission of the national strategy for cultural change.


Taiwan's dream strategic objective,simply put,we are the one,and be best national goal.
A Taiwan's dream can measure its toward achieving its strategic objective,in addition to gain its a way of progress that we can judge ourselves how well we are achieving specific objectives for nation.
End,including confidence and dialogue will be key to Yaiwan's dream future success,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
In some strategic objective ways,we will need new pattern of attitudes and new model of priorities,and as well as new types of doing war-fighting.
Taiwan's dream strategic objective is thoroughness, and its relevance above all by its absolute integrity and characterization.And how well we accomplish our national objectives.
So-called the national objective will provide and understand national intelligence and superiority,in particular,Taiwanese 108 superiority,in which,in order to reduce uncertainty for stupid of history and culture,and establishment of National Security Mechanism.Simply put,they will help us know what Taiwanese need,change priorities as necessary,respond rapidly to national demands.
It is not related to the age-old of history and culture.
Taiwan's dream is against our most critical requirements,and ensure that our analytical integrity is not compromised by stupid of history and culture interferences.Especially,educate Taiwanese to the war-fighting capabilities as well as ending of history.
We prepare the next era of key positions in national security war-fighting activities.
We will know how Taiwan's dream are ending of history.We will know if we meet national objectives in ending of history.
Taiwan's dream will re-start national science-technology opportunities to open new vision doe our people at the nation,and we keep core war0fighting capabilities. It is not related to the age-old of history and culture.
Simply put,Taiwan's dream is from the national to strategic,tactical level,in which,in order to build a cohesive war-fighting system.
Taiwan's dream will eliminate duplication,stupid of history and culture.
In other words,this will be able to anticipate a comprehensive one,and can be show problems of the national mechanism.We will operate in moving into the future.

(3),Taiwan's dream vision and bottom line.

In the past,stupid of history and culture have become national and social characterization as narrowly focused.
Indeed, in large measure we must determine that national responsibility in leading us into new era,and the most critical is to Taiwan's dream,we support ending of history,and with our conventiona; partners are in sharing the relevant involvement and hard work.
Indeed,stupid of history and culture existence could not overcome in the past. Because they were no effort.
Indeed,Taiwan's dream will become national security programming ; ending of history will become meaningful participants in the strategy and policy execution processes.
To that end,Taiwan's dream will be incumbent national responsibility on us,with new Taiwan security consensus and unity.
This is not related to the age-old of history and culture
This report will be trying to show ending of history effort,and become true dream between impact Taiwanese.
However,the key to achieving this dream will be to look forward to it,and effectiveness as a whole with encourage Taiwanese inherent superiority,whose is order to planning,eliminate the us and them consciousness rather than stupid of history and culture.
After all,the bottom line of Taiwan's dream is so easily distinguishable.So our war-fighting objective is ending of history because age-old of history and culture are sometimes less clear exactly what they are lacking of nation's political,military,and economic war-fighting capabilities.
Yet,Taiwanese in ending of history is fortunate in having a clear national mission reducing uncertainties for stupid of history and culture,thus bringing about a national superiority,and releasing vision and dream.
People comes first,and taking care of our people ; last and always,national commitment guaranteed!

Taiwan's dream:A noble ending of history calling.

For many deacdes in the past,Taiwan's ending of history have given Taiwaneses' rights,and model of life,so,Taiwan's dream would be conventions of this legacy,simply put,National Constitution and Commitment must be support,rather than,age-old of history and culture.
We understand and appreciate the distinction between a 唬爛 and stupid history and culture with Taiwan's dream.
So,I believe that a strong war-foghting capability of ending of history is essential to the superiority and happiness of the our nation,rather than stupid of history and culrure.
We can rightfully take pride in contribution of Taiwan's ending of history-we are the one,all whose are pals,and comes from island,and toward building the decisive advantage of national superiority,in order to return Taiwanese values and lives.It is not related to the age-old of history and culture.
We also accept stupid of hisotry and culture but they must shut up,meanwhile,taking national responsibility to the Taiwan and people for our actions for the future.
Taiwan's dream must always be mindful that ending of history is existing in Taiwanese feeling sort and happiness,and we must earn and keep people trust and confidence.
To do so we must be ending of history, that guarantees and must be led with full loyalty to the National Constitution.
Simply put,ending of history is making sure thatTaiwan's dream is worthy of thepeople trust and confidence,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
Finally.Taiwan's dream will be a key link in the chain in the Ending of history throgh the will and confidence of Taiwanese.

(4),Taiwan's dream standards,integrity and confidence.

Standards,integrity and confidence are of significance to national core concepts and values,rather than,stupid of history and culture,in particular,Taiwanese contribution and 草泥馬 objectivity.
Taiwan's dream define standard as ending of history,solid follower to a code,national believe honesty,courage and confidence.
As Taiwan's dream our national core concepts and values,it also means ending of history truthfulness.
Taiwan's dream is a special and primary national responsibility ; we seek and speak the truth.However,stupid of history and culture are without honesty and confidence,also,without credibility and honer.
So,stupid of history and culture serve no useful and should end,and than,we do have our own home - go home.
In order to ensure that Taiwan's dream keep honesty and confidence,we should pledge to have national commitment of ending of history,and clearly differentiate between stupid fact and Taiwan's dream,most importantly.
End all stupid of history and culture pressures to make Taiwan's dream analytic judgments agree to national honesty and confidence,in a while,self-imposed war-fighting capability and superiority for objectivity.
We are able to accept a no useful to our relationship with stupid of history and culture,but,it cannot ignored that they will be so extremely damaging.
So,ending of history of Taiwan's dream is to renew national commitment to principle that honesty and confidence are both the Taiwan's heart and the key objective to our quest to be the premier.
This is not related to the age-old of history and culture.
As important as ending of history may be in promising and guaranteeing to the Taiwanese because stupid of history and culture cannot substitute for the dream and vision of each member Taiwanese,in particular,唬爛 to unassailable standards and commitments.
Finally, it is important for all to recognize that we will continue to be absolutely intolerant of stupid of history and culture.


The key to national leaership of Taiwan's dream quest is the 108 of Taiwanese inherent superiority,in particular, professional war-fighting capability and superiority,rather than,age-old of history and culture.
It cannot denied that national leadership has so many definitions,but,not related to stupid of history and culture.Simply put,it does not need fans,nor does it require the button-up relationship.
In turn,so-called leadership is only a war-fighting ability,as when ending of history will being become national Intelligence by leaders efforts.
We can believe that anyone are leader because the 108 of Taiwanese inherent superiority- initiation,positive,and and determination which cannot be related to the history and culture.
Thus,ending of history is Taiwaneses' Taiwan's dream and aspiration to create and maintain our own a environment where everyone is encouraged to maximize their individual wae-fighting potential and superiority.
It cannot be related to the history and culture.
We will to use it,and virtue of our positions.Simply put,Taiwanese brains are indispensable war-fighting capabilities and leaderships.
In this regard, we know war-fighting capabilities and leaderships good or bad,in turn,we are painfully aware of stupid of history and culture situation.
So,Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History recognizes that our national culture must be characterized by unity of strategic objective,in which,in order to show creativity,diversity,inclusivity,openness,fairness, tolerance to national status.In other words,Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History will be honer and pride to all Taiwanese.
It cannot be related to the history and culture.
Stupid of history and culture must be possessed of the national wisdom and broad strategy-perspection,and it cannot denied that it will be so hard transformation-experience,but,it will be able to discern which shoals should be avoided.
So,Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History will re-turn back the other superiorities and characteristics which universally mark true in Taiwan's societies:knowledge,resourcefulness, decisiveness,compassion,empathy, patience,confidence,openness and tough-end loyalty;at the same time,on order to respect for others,positive motivational war-fighting capability,willingness to take an opportunity,especially,and most important unimpeachable individual honesty.For example,such as:stupid of history and culture cannot be knocked by 台灣窮小子 is loving 蔡英文.
Who those can do all this?It is Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History
As 台灣窮小子 foresees that ending of history is not ridiculous doer,in turn,we will own full believe and confidence in Taiwanese.
Stupid of history and culture should feel proud,rather than,when ending of history is threatened.And we have followed their example,so,all Taiwanese will be confident not only in the Taiwan's value,even,will take fully justifiable pride in belonging to be globe,that this truly makes a difference.
Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History is clear capacity,in particular,we re-find Taiwan's inherent superiority - war-fighting team : we are ending of history,in order to openness to innovation,and transparency,re-integrate complete fairness,consistency,especially,our honesty and sincerity.For example,such as:台灣窮小子 admitted that I have condemned Former President Mr.李登輝,but,today,台灣窮小子's honesty and sincerity is facing a the age of 90 senior.Because of this is highest strategic guiding principle in the National History and Culture,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
In other words,Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History is to provide vision aand security,and meet our Taiwan's national core interests,in which,in order to respond to threats,crises,and challenges.
As I have said that ending of history will be key to our future success.
Fortunately, we have an excellent Taiwan's foundation on which to build new model of Taiwan's dream,and a proud Taiwan's tradition to follow to our national strategy objective.
It cannot be related to the history and culture.
Simply put,ending of history is just a war-fighting commands,it is important for us,who must to remember in mind the solitary Taiwan's dream mission and to recognize that we can all have a vital role to play in national accomplishment, no matter what you may be,where you may come from,and who you may be?
The key of Taiwan's Dream of Ending Of History is national commitment and thorough understanding of National History And Culture.

Sun Tzu had said that know your enemy, and in a thousand battles you cannot fail.

So,if necessary, Taiwanese must say "END"!



Taiwan's dream of ending of history is owning NATIONAL HONER AND LOYALTY.That is based not only on the Taiwan's superiority,but also and more importantly on the confidence and honesty of our people,rather than,stupid of history and culture.
If stupid of history and culture can answer to all of the national questions above,but,actually,they cannot,in particular,you answer,or not?what kind of stupid of history and culture cannot answer,so,we are expecting on to lead ending of history starts new model of Taiwan's dream.
Taiwan's dream of ending of history is willing to speak the truth as we can see it.
End in the model that we process ourselves as Taiwanese,although,will be difficult but not impossible.
Simply put,Taiwaneses' National determination will see that Taiwan's dream takes place.Ending of history will be committed to excellence in defense of Taiwan's national core interests and superiorities.

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FEB 28 2015







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