【惜水】/【BLUE GOLD】

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During the next two decades,national water resource will be probably instability,in particular, water availability will not provide and effective management of demands.
Because we have already talked about history,culture,and philosophy so much,also,for a long,long time,that would be lacks of experiences and increase regional tensions,and confrontations between the central and local governments.
Because of Blue Gold will be important national policy objectives for the future.which will not be related to history,culture,and philosophy,in particular,from now to 2030.Simply put,our fundamental war-fighting objectives.
Especially,water will extremely aatack nations' industrial developments and food productions of active powers,even,destroy growth of the national and global economy.
Nation will face major challenges of the future,also,not be related to history,culture,and philosophy.
After all,the lack of water will be destabilizing war-fighting condition,that history,culture,and philosophy do not have sufficient technical ability to deal with water problem and money.
Historically, water problems are compromises and agreements,that cannot allow Violent history-culture extremism and Terrorism of attacks and conflicts.
So,as we must have confidence and technological idea to judge water resources shortages and problems,in which,in order to working together to establish effective mechanism,that face potential conflicts and tensions for the future.

Preface :

In fact,nation should use as power to intensify internal water ability and manufacture,in particular,re-integrate and support major water war-fighting projects to regional influence.
After all,extremists or terrorists will attack national water resourse to achieve their political and economic objectives I can certainly in the future.So,during the next three decades,nation must utilize influence,that protect our water resources and interests.Simply put,this national tactics means will be applied in water infrastructure projects.
Especially,national food market will be also pose a risk by water resource,during next three decades.In particular,groundwater supplies problems in poor agricultural areas.
It cannot denird that these are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.Unless,my eyes drives insane?
Because of Taiwan have high water resource judgment and capability are to provide and forecast water resouce on production and agricultural reliability - confidence and open face trends for the future.These are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.Simply put,these are joint operation between farmer's smart and technical staffs.According with historical facts have shown that water resouces are to satisfy growing social and food demands.In turn,the lack of water resource,also that will threaten national and social security,even,agricultural crisis.
Because of water resource is a strong correlation between national
GDP and agriculture.Unless,my eyes drives insane?
So,as over the long term,we must re-integrate water resources war-fighting operaion that upgrade use of agriculture and industry,that will meet food and production of demands.Because of they are important partners. In addition,nation needs water sources is to maintain use of manufacturing,in particular,electrical power of supply.Indeed,this is no special technology.Simply put,confidence.In other words,improved water resources management,intensify investment in water,that give industries and people will buy water the best war-fighting solutions.Because of water resources management are cheap and simple that stretch current and future water supplies.Especially,we will use technology that reduces the water needed for agriculture.
These are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.Simply put,these are joint operation between farmer's smart and technical staffs.

Our nation solutions to water problems that will be becoming increasingly importance and common,because of these are not special technologies,also,not related to history,culture,and philosophy.In other words,demands grow. Yet,water problems will be threats and tensions between nations,so,as we need to raise engineering and technology to achieve these transferential war-fighting operations.After all,global water systems are changing,also,happening consequences through disregard,so,as how foster efficient water resources management,even,establish national water systems,in particular,these are efforts for nation and people,in which,in order to meeting threat and risk for the future.In addition,water resources are expensive,or leading to increased food and poverty crises,in a while,or lower drought and flood disasters.It cannot denied that it is significant engineering in nation,which,are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.
Simply put,opportunities.nation will start,develop and implement water resources managing for professorial technologies and knowledges,which are to support water resources more engaged in the national priority strategic development projects.Including through financial assistance by Congress.The best of water resources policy at the local,in particular,regional management.
These are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.As followed:
1,Nation with water problems will be better understand and managing our water resources - Joint operation on water,land use, strategy and management.
2,Nation can can benefit from water resources,and increase agricultural,and other industrial products.
3,The water resources managing for professorial technologies and knowledges are to improving and raise efficient water war-fighting capability,at the same time,they also are most effective war-fighting patterns to reduce water-related tensions.

Chapter one :

The war-fighter of water objectives and interests.
The war-fighter of water objectives and interests are as driver for national security.These are not related to Island history and culture.
The war-fighter of water have often brought various tactics,that we are working hand-in-hand to resolve a common water strategy .
Through,techniques and confidences,and following over time,that provide cooperations,in particular,we will avoid disputatious problems and hostile actions.Simply put,in some cases, joint water strategy can create war-fighter of water on broader tactics-sustainable cooperation.As followed:The war-fighter of water as a strategic thinking.I can forecast that war-fighter of water as a strategic thinking will become more common during the next twenty years,and also,will become national strategy operation,for example,the China.In particular,they will deal with separatists.
Because of separatists,extremists,even,rogue countries may threat national water resources system,than,bring about great harms,so as national water strategy will be use as convenient operation means.In addition,also,war-fighter of water as war-fighting means,especially,smart operation is to keep us and our partners of interests.Therefore,nation can operate war-fighter of water capability to constructs,and support political influences,and keep water interests.In short,war-fighter of water objectives and interests are to protect water resources war-fighting bases,reduce fear of water supply to people.In particular,we will prevent terrorists,separatists,extremists,even,rogue countries of attacks and threats.These are national strategy and policies objectiver,in which,not related to Island history and culture.

Chapter two:The war-fighter of water tactics influences-season.

The water resource of tactics influences are not only,depend on safer of drinking water, in addition,specific diseases,such as, where the Kaohsiung's mosquitoes came from?In fact,it is nothing more than water.

The mosquito and water are not related to history,culture,and philosophy,by this,concern to safer drinking and using water to nation and people.
Simply put,we are stubborn in the history and culture ancestral tablet's of projects,and also,creating mosquito and water favorable conditions for mosquito and water pollution,so on.
Because leading cause of water resources,cannot exchange and the inability to wash.Especially,as seasonal water supplies.
As in general,the tactics influences are to require of water resources of seasonal supplies that will be leading to diminished nations' economic productivity,relatively,and missed opportunities.In particukar,they will waste industries and people of money.
I can imagine that during the next twenty years,because of managemental tactics influences will affect water resources supplies,and national agriculture and food production,not only,dringing water,or,industrial water.
It cannot denied that are not related to history,culture,and philosophy.
李鴻源 of explanation was no mistake.
If nationla agriculture will lose water,after all,water available will be always insufficient - speechless!
Therefore,we must build confident,reliable in the anticipations and judgments,as we will face water resources war-fighter of tactics influences,in particular,nations' agricultural production trends,in which,these are related to history,culture,and philosophy.Do not forget national GDP.
I have said that water as the women-from past through now,or the future as they are always important strategic partners for us,not very oldest history,culture,and philosophy.

Chapter three:The war-fighter of water tactics influences-energy transformation.

Hydropower is an important source of electricity in developing countries.They support all forms of productions and demends to agriculture and industry are increasing.Because of unsettled water can threaten social security,thereby,crisis and risk also social stability disruption. Simply put,stable water energy satisfy growing country and social demends.If they do not have stable,sufficient water supplies to power or to maintain industrial productions and resource developments,so,national economy will fatal to suffer reduction in quantum.In other words,water confidence.
After all,I see no breakthrough technology.Simply put,we will treasure water demand for us-the water shortages are already having an impact to nation.So,I judge that,from now on,ending of history intensified water-energy managemente,in particular,prices,allocations and investments,that will afford the war-fighting solutions to people and industries in the future,especially,agriculture uses.Ending of history judgment in here,that will be showing the most effective water energy to reduce water-related social tensions. The most effective water energy deployment in the future,technology upgrating will be important superiority power.These are not related to history,culture and philosophy.As followed:
1,Comprehensive water energy deploying framework is to operate war-fighting components and technologies,that effective use and distribute,preservate of water.
2,Ending of history,establishing mechanism,building policy are to encourage efficient water,and investments.
3,Establishing water model system is to support water energy sharing
We decent use of existing technologies and war-fighting components to increase the efficiency of water in the industries and electrical power generation ; improve water quality in agriculture,including,flood control.
These are not related to history,culture and philosophy.
Simple and inexpensive water energy deploying framework are conservation and efficiency,in particular,provides the best war-fighting efficiency in the security,and that intensifies economic
An even distribution of water is usually the most straight forward of war-fighting pattern,that atone for increased demand and intensify existing water.
These are not related to history,culture and philosophy.




在未來二十年中,國家的水資源,將可能不穩定;特別是,水供應,將無法提供和有效管理需求;因為歷史,文化與哲學說太多,也很久了;缺乏經驗和增加區域緊張關係,和中央與地方政府對立;因為Blue gold 是國家未來的重要的政策目標;不相關於歷史,文化與哲學;特別是,自現在到2030年;簡單來說,我們的基本作戰目標;格外是,水會嚴重地打擊國家產業發展與糧食生產的動能,甚至,破壞國家與全球經濟成長;這是國家未來的重大挑戰,也不相關於歷史,文化與哲學;畢竟,水缺乏是不穩定的作戰因素;歷史,文化與哲學,沒有足夠的技術能力來解決水問題和錢;自歷史來看,水問題是妥協與協議,不容許暴力歷史與文化極端主義與恐佈主義的攻擊與衝突;是以,我們必需要有互信和技術思維來判斷水資源短缺和問題,共同地建立有效機制來面對未來可能性的衝突與緊張!






水作戰目的和利益是國家安全的驅動程式;這是不相關於島嶼歷史與文化;水作戰,通常也產生不同的戰術,共同地解決一個共同的水策略,透過技術與互信,和伴隨著時間來提供合作,特別是,避免爭議問題與敵對行動;簡單來說,在某些狀況下,聯合水策略,能夠創造廣泛的水作戰戰術-可持續性合作,或如:水作戰是策略思考 ;我能夠預測,水作戰作為一種策略思考,將會普遍化在未來的二十年也將會是國家的策略作戰;例如:中共,特別是,對付分離主義者!因為分離主義者,極端主義者,甚至,流氓國家,可能威脅,國家水資源系統,造成重大損害;是以,國家的水策略作戰將是做為方便的使用手段;另外是,水作戰,也是作戰手段,尤其是,聰明地操作來保持我們與我們的夥伴利益;此外,國家能夠操作水作戰能力來建設與支持政治影響力,保留水利益;總之水,作戰目的和利益是保護水資源作戰基地,降低民眾對水供應的恐懼;特別是,預防恐怖主義者,分離主義者,極端主義者,甚至,流氓國家的攻擊與威脅;這是國家策略與政策目標,不相關於島嶼歷史與文化!







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