The strong effect of ending of history. . . has been proven beyond question.
Current and future, more than ever, women and ending of histort the indispensable partners of our Nation.


The Sino-Japanese War / にっしんせんそう(1 August 1894 – 17 April 1895) disclosed that the China was in a conspiracy to be illegally role of stupid of history and culture.This historial story also show that stupid of history and culture had never owned National authorization - "they decided and acted on their own ideology",and as homeland and people so often end up in the wrong hands.

So,the Sino-Japanese War / にっしんせんそうby think again,and our Nation need to be regarded with admonishment to be a conspiracy illegally role of stupid of history and culture.Nonetheless, the form of the National consensus is to agree ending of history,in particular,with regard to re-integrate the role of conventional history and culture.The so-called National consensus/Ending of history this means for the role of conventional history and culture,security and commitment.But,because of my report shows that we do have reason to believe Ending of history from such National transformation that its benefits will outweigh the risks.
The action of the SINO-JAPANESE OF THE ENDING only reflects age-old of history and culture,rather than,careful security, military,economic,and foreign strategy and policy.And the thinking of National consensus,and given the potential security implications,developed trends,in which,in order to support comprehensive Ending of history.

The History of the SINO-JAPANESE

In 1894,the China's Ching conducted a review of war with the Japan,and among
the more notable results was the addition of the Japan's National consensus/Ending of history defeated absolutely the age-old and insensitive the China's Ching.
So,a view of history that problem we must consider
Ending of history is not new National war-fighting model,but,is real National movement.For several years, National movement agenda dates back at least to 1912.
Through ending of history,Nation is able to feed peoples' strategic deployment and thinking to own.Only understanding the History of the SINO-JAPANESE that provide our National consensus,initiatives and strategic deployment,rather than the role of stupid of history and culture.


Challenging the age-old of the SINO-JAPANESE is to show National wisdom intensifies National security proposals,in particular,licensing power.
In addition,National integration is to counterattack potentially the age-old and insensitive history and culture,at the same time,we do maintain national war-fighting interoperability with our partners,and is undermining their war-fighting superiority.
Furthermore, challenges' benefit is to re-integrate our National science and technology superiority.

The Myths of the SINO-JAPANESE and Lies of the history and culture
The lies and myths of the history and culture are based on the National desire to emphasize and provide the current and future national security space for the future,and face reality of National environment. Moreover,the lies and myths of the history and culture are unnecessary.Because they are continuely repetition of the National lies.My report objective is only to provide an alternative and proposal,in particular,independent analysis of history.My independent analysis of history with check,and shows the lies and myths of the history and culture that they are no National hopes,in other words,they are unable to accomplish anything but liable to spoil everything.The lies and myths of the history and culture is not accordance with spocific history-analysis in the broad national core interests,and to drive national and homeland security, foreign strategy objectives and independent,free and democratic concepts and ideas.For examole,such as:

1,the lies and myths of the history and culture influences over National strategy and policy deployments.
2,the lies and myths of the history and culture damage national and homeland security,destroy national interdependent war-fighting superiority with interoperability,in particular,history-culture violence extremism and terrorism ; at the same time,obstruct nation's political,economic,military,and science-technology develpments and cutting edge deployments.
3,Without fundamental ending of history,that the SINO-JAPANESE will be appear?
4,the lies and myths of the history and culture bring about National predicament, and destroy war-fighting competitiveness with the Nation,society,and people.

In turn,my independent analysis of history with check that the lies and myths of the history and culture are ridicules.
In addition to critiquing these lies and myths of the history and culture which its strategic objective is to provoke an in-depth,potentially destroying Nation ; the change of the lies and myths of the history and culture are presented as National fait accompli.It cannot denied that these lies and myths of the history and culture are our Nation's products,but,they enjoy walking through the back door. So,they all the more alarming are that our Nation will certainly have to confront lies and myths that may strike us in the years to come.

Let us imagine what the SINO-JAPANESE will be?


In this report,I show these myths and lies of history and culture how distorted National system,security and deployment for the future.One critical aspect of the ending of Sino-Japanese,National support is to face global vision amd National competitiveness,and the best way to achieve interdependence.Simply put,through the special relationship of ending of hisytory helps explain the special relationship of Sino-Japanese.Because of the challenging of the National integrated system will be the ending of Sino-Japanese is challenging which explains how central government historically used in National war-fighting to win superiority.Today,however,the ending of Sino-Japanese will start new model of cooperation,challenge,and warfare priorities,and is as committed to protecting Nation a pre-eminent status, intensify national security to through,improve nation's political,economic and military forces.

Stupid of history and culture are having so many reasons,also,national competitiveness is not a unique,and based on national security reasons - no longer to be perfectly war-fighting plan.However,the ending of Sino-Japanese will build the new security framework,at the same time,satisfying Nation outperform other competitions ; it is critical National secutiry demands to win higher priority and supertiority.The focus is that we debunks the ridiculous definitions of stupid of history and culture,in addition to explain what our Nation is needed,or not to achieve it.After all,specious definitions of stupid of history and culture overly ridiculous ; wrong mindset absolutely keeps down our National concept.As argument of Sino-Japanese that quickly integrate,and operate innate wisdom with superiority of women are our cooperative partners to start national joint operation that that will contribute to a interdependent national partnership.In identifies and analyzes the conditions of ending of Sino-Japanese,national superiority may be effective,and is truly influential only.
Unintended ending of history end-national-superiority

I think that ending of history is renewed,it would be transformed to give bigger power to national security.While believing in new model of transformation,and national system associated with risks.For example,I argue that current's ungraceful situation does not deal with unstable history and culture.These unstable history and culture might create more threats to the strategic and political deployments in the Nation.In fact,because of it is a clear and present danger.So,to national security,ending of Sino-Japanese indeed might.The most prevalent threats of unstable history and culture fall intotroubled of the R.O.C.So,every Taiwanese must keep skeptical to face stupid of history and culture,thus,we remain major national transformation and change - the ending of Sino-Japanese is to eliminate or reduce crises and threats of stupid of history and culture.In particular,war-fighting actions will destroy unstable history and culture,and promote national warfare efficiency,oversight and security for nartional war-fighting systems.The age-old of Sino-Japanese just describes the history, successes and failures.So,as war-fighting objective of the ending of Sino-Japanese is to promote the greatest National commitments and responsibilities,in which,in order to prevent stupid,unstable history and culture destructions,or may threaten national,regional,even,global security.
The ending of Sino-Japanese should be focusing on the National framework and institution by R.O.C. weaknesses,such as:
The stable-coverage of national security technology ; limited stupid,unstable history and culture ; and national science-technology.
In other words,we work together to ending of history to improve national system in the National Political Will of the R.O.C. for the future.Rather than stupid,unstable history and culture.Finally, I argue that national security in the post Sino-Japanese must be ending of history to be intensified,and cannot weakened national power and superiority,at the same time,prevent an adverse impact on stupid,unstable history and culture for nation's political,economic,and military stability with sustainable development in the future.This report is likely to leave people thinking ending of Sino-Japanese,and it is being intended by me.The war-fighting goal is to ending these age-old Big words,and allows central government and people to engage in meaningful ending of history dialogue.A crucial lesson that National security and policy interests are always coming before economic problems.In addition,facts and obligations of ending of history are transparencies,commitments,accountabilities,and oversights.We do have an undeniable responsibility to ensure national strategy and policy will be beneficial to the Nation,social,and people.
Only by ending of history that remains building new model of National War-fighting System,rather than,stupid,unstable history and culture.


The Ending of histpory is the most important of our Nation. 台灣窮小子


Challenging,one major national transformation,in particular, national security initiative.According to the future of national transformation we must face core interests of national security,and this no matter who you are?Thus,the challenge push remains to be driven war-fighting forces by National politics,military,and economy,so,it cannot denied that it would be national desire to enhance national and homeland security,however,instable,stupid of history and culture usually explain that national security is also their strategic objective,indeed,it is a BIG WORD.

The touted objective of instable,stupid of history and culture is to increase cooperations and face challenges,but,they are unwilling to change.As a result,on a deeper level,they maintain that the bureaucratic system and process cannot being intervened.Simply put,instable,stupid history and culture are lackadaisical and dark,in particular,they are broken national desire,so,as third report - Challenging will show lackadaisical and dark demands.The history of Sino-Japanese respond to this challenge will be,for national strategic objectives,that we must be ending of history,that give up many instable,stupid history and culture.The instable,stupid history and culture are used holding to a failing and wronging ,especially,a sense of superiority of self-delusion,in which,its only hurts the Nation and does nothing to stability and prosperous-development in the future.Moreover,instable,stupid history and culture tries to single-handedly keep down peoples' innate concept with independence and freedom,and it cannot denied that it can keep it down to influence the Nation,but,cannot stop as a global ending of history provider and supporter.
Equally obvious,block Nation is being come from by instable,stupid history and culture,rather than,outside force,and in other words,National superiority is determined on the challenging of ending of history - challenging the Sino-Japanese.
I believe that in order to develop reasonable National strategies and policies,the central government need to seriously assess what the problems of instable,stupid history and culture are with the current and future National war-fighting system,or simply the ending of history.If vulnerabilities in the National war-fighting system are destroyed by instable,stupid history and culture,than the central government should be used ending of history mechanism compatible with their problems,rather than,indulgence and connivance.In other words,even if instable,stupid history and culture are attractive power,that we should not look for wife with woman.
The Sino-Japanese is lie,and also is myth ; inconsistent,stupid of history and culture

First,challenging of the Sino-Japanese advocates that national superiority is not determined on stupid of history and cultrue,than,women are on unimpeded access to national war-fighting system with our innate wisdoms.
This belief is that National superiority is determined on the technological transformation with women and our innate wisdoms.Because this will stimulate new model of national innovations and lower national costs through women economies of scale - we do not waste money.
Second,stupid of history and cultrue obstructs our Nation's war-fighting capability to work effectively with jointing partners,therefore,to ending unnecessary stupid of history and cultrue.
Third,face myths and lies of the Sino-Japanese,conventional history and culture concepts also suggest that Ending of hostory is justified because of our special relationship and transformation are an effective way to win influence,rather than,stupid of history and culture.

Support for the Sino-Japanese,for a stupid of history and culture that does not value national superiority intervention in the conventional history and culture concepts,so,our Nation wins political and economic stability for the future.
Before that two reports,I describe this trend about the Sino-Japanese which is not related to stupid of history and culture.
In other words,challenging of the Sino-Japanese of general support for National superiority will be unparalleled.
The ending for a anomaly stupid of history and culture in the National strategy and policy goes hand-in-hand with the suggestions put forward for transformational change ; war-fighting namely that the Taiwanese - the 草泥馬 of the Sino-Japanese.


Deployments depends on having a efficient National superiority of ending of history warfare,and which in turn depends on commitments and responsibilities of the Nation,society,and people.In other words,the National special relationship is deplopment,and this makes sense given that the future superiority depends on the Sino-Japanese deployment,and becomes as an integral part of National transformation process.As deployment is to take a step further in national logic.

Deployment is the National special relationship,and this reasoning is,when Nation meets attack,in influence to a reduced understanding of threat.Deplyment,missing from this calculation is the that make up for stupid of history and culture which lacked of concepts of science and technology,and that increasing National stability and security to meeting their pose crises,threats,and risks.Partly out of stupid of history and culture of feeling out-of-sort and an unwillingness to drive difficult National transformation,in potentially risky,that will reduce their fundamenatal interests,but,ignores that deployed types will determine with the future of National superiority,and makes up for the best model of national needs.Deployment that the most common argument is to reduce Nation determined on the barrier of stupid of history and culture,in the while,to prevent age-old of the bureaucracy,in other words,engagements of science and technology will replace dependent.In my judgment,the deployment of ending of history is crucial to provide better security in the future,and to insure national vitality and competitiveness of our Taiwan.In longer term,after all,stupid of history and culture belie national vitality fact,and they did not have reasons,only occupy national resources.The truth is that no one does not dispute this.Clearly, if stupid of history and culture are a serious impediment to national development and process,that cannot have performed so well on a consistent basis.Indeed, it is unclear whether stupid of history and culture actually have a significant strategic effect on the national policy.On the other hand,for start national war-fighting power,and the reason is that deployment of ending of history is still innate national superiority,and keep good relations.The deployment of ending of history will help increase trans-cooperation partnership,that this will be critical for new model of national effort.Simply put,we keep the deployment of ending of history that will face menacingly the occupation of stupid of history and culture,as a result,they lack of innovative,advanced war-fighting capability. Moreover, deployed innovation may show competition between independent,but,ending of history will be dtermined with independent partnership.


The stupid of history and culture have still been to claim that the great national strategy,but actually are destroying national security,rather than protecting our Nation.As such proclamation of ending of hisotry allows disputed that because it will unimpeded access into national war-fighting system,and that will help Nation re-integrate our National war-fighting forces in lower costs.

No matter what stupid of history and culture whether or not agree with the potential benefits to national security,from we must look at ending of history possible national vulnerability.One might even argue that when it comes to national security,no matter what the corresponding stupid of history and culture,the proposition of deployment of ending of history change is worthwhile.This is not risky.Simply put,our Nation must consider minimal security risks.Unfortunately,however, even so close Taiwanese have experienced devil stupid of history and culture,indeed,they did not want to involve deployment of ending of history.So,referring to historical lesson of the Sino-Japanese war,devil stupid of history and culture just comfort to the adversary,in most historical stories,they are intentionally.So,the security of our Nation is more important than making a few more deployment of ending of history,that will be"security bonus" between our Nation and partners.In other words,deployment of ending of history is weakening devil stupid of history and culture,and strengthening our National security.
Finally,deployment of ending of history will not be accomplished unless the Taiwaneses are willing,even if women cannot become Taiwanese most confident strategic partners.


Strategy.Thus,some of the explanation for the current and future national cooperation will lie in these priority,not in the Big Word of stuoid of history and culture.

In addition,strategy is not necessarily the most efficient since convention often want self-consciousness,actually,it is not also denied,but,we must be eliminating potential oppressions of stupid of history and culture ; and we need different types,such as Ending of history which promotes potential interdependence and interoperability for national and social interests.The Sino-Japanese strategy - allows people question stupid of history and culture whether a reduction and protection of our Nation's political,exonomic,and military security,even,peoples' job opportubities.
So,with cooperatve partners of ending of history a key condition,the works being built may very well.The Sino-Japanese strategy is to protect and encourage the inter - transferability national technology,after all,stupid of history and culture are shortsighted,yet,global political,economic environments are a reality,so,as influence of ending of history on our Nation's political,exonomic,and military security,and peoples' opportunities,we must be taken seriously.Indeed, since the end of the Cold War Era,stupid of history and culture have been falling off since then.Because they are a thing of the past,no longer to having National deployed superiority.For the long run,the ending of history of the Sino-Japanese will remain National supieriority for the foreseeable future,in which,in order to working together to counter unusually strong stupid of history and culture.It is simply the above analysis,stupid of history and culture are not national efforts for the current and future ; Ending of the Sino-japanese of Ending of history will be able to remain to seek and integrate more creative National war-fighting solutions,rather than,stupid of history and culture.


Cooperative partners among interdependent and interoperated relations within our Nation,and increasing a national tactical activiy can be construction.

About the Sino-Japanese is to achieve interdependent and interoperated relations with Nation and people,particularly,our partners,such as:The U.S. and The Japan,which,in turn, is essential for executing national strategic war-fighting operations.

At first,the question, stupid of history and culture are whether a national question?
Achieving the war-fighting ability of the National superiority is,stupid of hisotry and culture cannot fight alongside with our Nation-Taiwan.And it is certainly critical problem.
How many partners is our Nation-Taiwan fighting alongside?
Stupid of history and culture is only a shortsighted national tactical activiy.
Ending of the Sino-Japanese of ending of history is only or best way of National war-fighting activity of achieving our Nation's interdependent and interoperated relations,or not? Absolutely!Of Course!
Overall, ending of the Sino-Japanese of Ending of history will be not as great as history and culture,but,it starts our National cooperative partnerships.
As in these situations, generally come into future only afterward,when our Nation-Taiwan is in ending of history way out.Stupid of hisotry and culture cannot participate in national war-fighting operation,when they do, it is not with National core interests.In other owrds,stupid of history and culture only want licensing power,and gain permit card for enduring in office,but,they have never had National commitment,security,aand responsibility.
It is a joke oft-repeated story about stupid of history and culture use in the ongoing national war-fighting.Moreover,they are as an impediment to our Nation-Taiwan's interdependent and interoperated relations,even,partnerships.
So,I insist that stupid of history and culture are no enough national war-fighting capabilities,only Big Words,so, they proposed war-fighting solution should not focus on Natiuonal strategic deployment with policy.
Ending of the Sino-Japanese of Ending of history is to ensure longer term national security and stability for our Nation-Taiwan is determined on preventing destruction and conflict of stupid of history and culture.For example, many stupid of history and culture have called for taking democracy,but,they have ignored National Independence and Freedom since lacked of independence and freedom of democracy is not seen as posing national superiority.So,following this logic,there would be no objections to the Sino-Japanese of Ending of history,after all,no one is willing that they are being assault by stupid of history and culture.Ending of the Sino-Japanese of Ending of history can be transferred,even, enhance new model of joint operation.
In turn,particularly,unstable stupid of history and culture fundamentalist activities will lead blood-revolution ; potentially adversaries and hands.Thus,the Sino-Japanese proposals that Ending of History,or we do not make sense from fundamentalist definitions to look our Nation-Taiwan.The national power of ending of Sino-Japanese devotes to national political,economic,and military superiority,which its nature of national strategy is to be insight on past and potential problems with diversion - National balance.
Of course,ending of the Sino-Japanese will bear National commitment,security,and responsibility,and it is effort with Nation and people,rather than,stupid of history and culture.


Advocates for "Ending of the Sino-Japanese",since stupid of history and culture seemed like elder urchin, but necessary,improvements to a faulted national war-fighting system.

The problem is that stupid of history and culture tend to go far beyond,and might be made to the bureaucratic process the problem.
For example,the Myth of the Sino-japanese war process is seen as being overly Big Words,which its is largely surpass the actual problems being experienced by conventional policy solutions.
My first and important recommendation is that the Ending of the Sino-Japanese,therefore,we carefully analyze the criticisms of stupid of history and culture,think if they truly violate on our national core interests,and than,assess whether the strategy proposals are appropriate for them.We should not only to just maintaining,than go further.
"Ending of the Sino-Japanese" means strengthening the current national war-fighting system,and deploying better commanding system.
Especially in this period of heightened security risks,our Nation must be ending of history and away from unstable,stupid, history-culture violence extremism and terrorism.
This means not only our Nation building a truly transparent war-fighting system,and ensuring security and value concept with society and people.In particular,national cooperative partnership.
It is stupid true that unstable history-culture,as the war-fighting objective of Ending of the Sino-Japanese is to reduce any unnecessary bureaucratic burdens,in particular, to gains National licensing power.
Stupid of history and cultrue are not expediency and efficiency, the key is that Ending of history ; Ending of change that make National operation run more smoothly will likely result National advocated power.
Indeed,stupid of history and culture will almost certainly constraint our National war-fighting capabilities,and it is no doubtful.
In addition,Ending of the Sino-Japanese will give a clear history-guideline to Nation,society,and people.Ending of history is a critical element.
By thriugh ending of history or the technology to build our National history and culture,this is a special responsibility to ensure that peoples' security,threaten regional stability or destroy Taiwan's national security.
The " Ending of the Sino-Japanese" program established by I am predicated on women and our conventional wisdom need to prove that we will use women and our conventional wisdom for Taiwan responsible.Simply put, National military philosophy.
Anything less does ending of history that stupid of history and culture behavior is ultimately irrelevant when it comes to Taiwan's national core interests.
Specifically,stupid of history and culture are abuses in Taiwan's national history and culture.
The recommendations above are largely one-sided war-fighting actions because it necessary for lead by example,unless,go fight alone.
Therefore,I also recommend,ending of history was supposed to prevent that do not respect national,social,and peoples' rights, or are in acts of proliferation of support terrorism and extremism.
As ending of the Sino-Japanese can be a politically,economically binding agreement,we should also approve this idea.
my report is not to argue ,or that stupid of history and culture are not worthy national war-fighting objectives.
Therefore,we should think more carefully about the Ending of the Sino-Japanese.
Instead of focusing on Ending of history to meet national strategic war-fighting objectives with policy,and protecting national security and enhancing our war-fighting capabilities.
In other words, “If you can’t change them,so,ending of history.”
The value of stupid of history and culture,no matter what they are one-sided or many-sided that are unconvinced and uncertain.
We must stand on our National rules,and these are in over the past few decades.
It is hard to know whether stupid of history and culture will be ended until we are willing to ending of history.



The 1894 of the Sino-Japanese war meant that the war on stupid of history and culture and continued threats to national security,so,just as model of Ending of history.
As a result, model of Ending of history is asserting to win far-transforming,and in order to restrict endangering Taiwan's national security.
Because of stupid of history and culture is a paradox,and they have never acknowledged their mistakes.
No one is questioning this contradiction,and stupid of history and culture are more a spoiler than a helper!
In other words,Taiwan's ability to its joint operation,which depends on our conventional wisdom,and in turn relies on women.

This report was designed to explain woman and our conventional wisdom,rather than,stupid of history and culture,so,whether or not one agrees that is essential that Ending of the Sino-Japanese will remain to establish national security strategy and deployment,not Myths of war of the Sino-Japanese.







終結歷史的強力效應,早已經被證明,毫無疑問的! 台灣窮小子












Ending of history in the R.O.C. is commitment that it is in the best possible condition.








Our best friend is not stupid of history and culture ,
It's ending of Sino-Japanese,Pals!-台灣窮小子









There is nothing we will not or cannot do; no place we will not or cannot go - Ending of history. 台灣窮小子








To promise national success it is of very importance that our Nation

-Taiwan should have an overwhelming force of Ending of history.台灣窮小子















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