【POSTED BY MR.PRESIDENT Tsai Ing-wen (the son of destiny)】


28 FEBRUARY , 2017


Partnership is one of life's precious treasures.

Pal that is loyal is always there ;

he is not afraid to laugh at you - no money ;

This kind of pal will be tough to seek ;

but he support a partnership that will persist a lifetime.

Other friends will not be quite as enjoying ;

since pal is a excellent elite .

The pain caused by a partnership by betrayal is not easy to overcome.

In fact , partnership finds our recollection from time and history brought about by a partnership or

the pain caused by a failed partnership.

Partnership is not always easily described.

History and culture , they say , have more than hundred different big words for snow.

Unfortunately , they are not quite as innovative ,

although they do not have opportunities to differentiate meaning.

Absolutely , pal is one of those opportunities ;

and so , too , is Partnership.

Nonetheless , instead of different experiences ;

we are stuck with fuck-up history and culture.

Close pal ;

Best pal ;

Intimate pal ;

Confindent pal ;

Beloved pal ;

Pal is special friend ;

we cannot choose our family.

And often our own conscience order we choose a pal ;

but pal can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose.

In a very real sense , reflect the choices we make in life.





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