【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~蔡英文面對2020年有兩個大問題:穩定與安全】

Tsai Ing-wen has two problam face in 2020~~~stability and security.
Mr.president of Taiwan,Tsai Ing-wen,she,who ran on a catchphrase of "Maintaining the Status Quo",and for many of the Taiwanese people who backed her,it meant "kick out of Left-wing's group and get back the Traditional Taiwan.
While the flourishing Taiwanese National economy,but the South Taiwan,if it is truth,that put her in the presidential palace have not advantaged so much,and it could impact Tsai Ing-wen a second term.
"Big Words" reports of Left-wing's economy provides a pretty picture for the Taiwan as a whole. 
Taiwanese bosses increased jobs,beating Left-wing's economists forecasts.
The main unemployment rate and also,wage growth remained close to the oast of decade-long highs
So just in accordance with the economy alone determined Presidental election,Tsai Ing-wen would easily be for re-election.
But that it is not the fact
Taiwanese people,who are benefiting nicely from the strong economy,regardless turned in droves against Tsai Ing-wen,and DPP.
Their revolt was driven by they disfavour for Tsai Ing-wen,since woman would not become the National Commander,hisotry and culture said,and it dragged down DPP,wherever these voters dominated. 
But Tsai Ing-wen's approval ratings remain mired around 40 percent,but the good economic news,showing these Taiwanese people are not changing their minds.
It means that Tsai Ing-wen's re-election will determine on again winning the formerly KMT in the Taiwan that he surprisingly won in 2016. 
Unfortunately for Tsai Ing-wen,the stability and security are not  as good as in the legacy.
The good news for Tsai Ing-wen is in Kaohsiung and Taichung,where and both cities have also seen a manufacturing renaissance,which experiencing a significant uptick in jobs.
However,Taipei is not sharing quite so much,such as rates are even higher in won Ma Ying-jeou to victory. 
But these economic figures are positively rosy compared to those in Taipei.
Again,a maintaining the status quo of the Traditional Taiwan,but not Left-wing's history and culture,economy.
The situation is much worse in Taipei,and their economies have gotten worse,not better,since Ma Ying-jeou took office. 
Not surprisingly,Left-wing's history and culture,economy have already shown their predicament,such as the China.
In other words,should she win Kaohsiung and Taichung,or the other cities,she would still earn the bare minimum of five millions electoral votes needed to prevail. 
Eventually,in corrent political climate,history and culture,economy are a product of a quirky system that they allows Leftists-idiot to choose the person who owns the most powerful post in the Taiwan,indeed,not right,Taiwanese people woild like to choose stability and security,rather than woman would not become a National Commander.


【Tsai Ing-wen has two problam face in 2020~~~stability and security】
台灣總統 蔡英文的警句是維持現狀,這對許多支持她的台灣人來說,這意味是攆掉左翼集團,並找回台灣傳統,雖然,台灣人的國民經濟有起色,但是,南台灣,如果是真的,那讓蔡英文走入總統府,並沒有幫助太大,這可能影響蔡英文第二任!



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