總統 蔡英文說想想~~~Is HongKong a failing ?】
MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)

Is HongKong a failing ? 

Or is it,as they say in the languages between the Cantonese and English~~~朴街喊家鏟.

The expression more accurately depicts what is happening in HongKong,

providing the image of a shameful at Left-wing's history and culture of currents,moving toward an inevitable disaster.

Some conditions seem to point in this direction.

Dysfunction of Left-wing's history and culture

HongKong has not had a functioning government - Left-wing has been in charging in HongKong people own house,

so that unable to need the support of the parliament. Either by bad luck or limited acumen of Left-wing's history and culture,

that they would have deepened the lack of confidence with HongKong people ~~~

was inexperienced and ineffectual. And the most notably a growing push to change the HongKong people way of life.

Stealing the HongKong people money and economic expectations. 

Not only does this confirm HongKong's poor governance,and it also drastically impacts the HongKong's economic expectations. Nonetheless,none of Left-wing's history and culture really support to a coherent and push base for investments and job creation.

Boiling shame on Left-wing's history and culture.

The dysfunction of Left-wing's history and culture have also had fear consequences in the streets of HongKong.An underlying theme of the corruption permeates much of this,with the massive embezzlement of Left-wing's groups funding only the most visible expression of the problem. The scale of the tradition has created HongKong people own civil society dynamic.This is not good news for Left-wing's groups,it highlights his own entanglement with the notoriously corrupt idea.

Left-wing's groups debacle. 

An unintended consequence of political dysfunction and impasse is the absence of resources and mismanaged political mechanisms.In addition,Left-wing's history and culture have been making the mention political mischief. 
Lessons learned from the past seven decades suggest that HongKong is a free and independence city.

Let’s be frank,true indeed,but HongKong is arguably on the cusp of a major crisis that suggests a serious need for a renewal of attention by the United States and other friends of HongKong.


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