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【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~七月四日的意義,我們可以擊敗左翼歷史和文化,以便我們前進。

台灣總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子

4th of July,2019

We can defeat Left-wing's history and culture,so that we are marching.
There are deep Traditional Taiwan that imagined new country will always be a powerful reality in Taiwanese peoples' dream.
So-called the powerful force,which means that these were not economy and force deterrence,so on - it was the traditional homeland.Way back in past,the idea that Taiwanese people distinct location based on a common Taiwanese language,and self-awareness,and that such we would to be able to govern ourselves,but interestingly,we have shaped the history of the past 400 years in way that Left-wing's history and culture remain do not fully appreciate.
Nothing has come off since then to change my ideas,if anything,the consequence of comprehensive  the power of the Traditional Taiwan is even enormous today.It was Traditional Taiwan ,specifically,a desire to country lost  autonomy that pushed the Taiwanese people decision to leave the China,U.S. President Donald Trump said that make America Great Again in 2016,and it maintains the status quo the basis for the Traditional America that keep American's political base loyal now. Indeed,everywhere one can see that the traditions at work in current world.
Why is the Traditional Taiwan so forceful,and why is its influence so significant?
First of all,we are Taiwanese peopl. From the moment we are born,we belong to a small island,a family,a society,and a country,today.
And since we depend on those around us from our era,whatever the elder and the younger.Traditional Taiwan tell us that we are being able to identify who are partners and friends,even our enemies,were once critical for survival,and we speak our own Taiwanese language which  is cognitively easier to rely on simple confidence.This is to say we can see beyond Left-wing's history and culture and build powerful attachments to each other,indeed,we do have a powerful propensity to identify more powfully with those we regard as being like us,as we are the one - Taiwanese people.
So far,the Taiwan has been the biggest group with this sort of persisting attraction for us.The defining characteristics that make up a country can different,but we often own a common language -
幹伊娘,shared tradition,a homeland origin,and a shared narrative about the past of stories.And most significantly,a country is a group of Taiwanese people that thinks of itself as constituting a special group with a particular identity ~~~ country is imagined homeland  where Left-wing's history and culture nonetheless recognize and acknowledge as belonging to the group.
Moreover,as Tsai Ing-wen's son of the destiny points out in his statement -  the power of the Traditional Taiwan rests in part on its symbiotic relationship with all Taiwanese people.Given the competitive inherent tradition,in which,have powerful incentives to encourage  unity within our Taiwanese people,so that Taiwanese citizens are loyal and more willing to sacrifice for the country when necessary. So pushing Traditional Taiwan,and especially a common Taiwanese language,also helped create more powerful economies and thereby intensifying the comprehensive capacity for the country.
In other words,because of Taiwan that lack our own tradition are more vulnerable to conquest,so,we must be decided that re-finding a tradition of we own was the best way to make sure our survival as an independent and a free homeland.
To sum up,in the Taiwan,even rest of the world,we want our own countries to ensure our survival and autonomy,so that country pushes the tradition to intensify ourselves and maintain the status quo of our independence and freedom.
By the same token,it helps explain why the Traditional Taiwan remains such a powerful and persistent power - and make no mistake,its influence is profound,as Tsai Ing-wen's son of the destiny,who is hardly immune to its effects. 
Why should we care about this powerful and maintaining the status quo of Traditional Taiwan?First,because Taiwanese people is easily exploited by Left-wing's history and culture,including most of the demagogues whose activities are currently roiling politics around the Taiwan,especially,the HongKong.By wrapping themselves in hisotry and culture,and constantly warning about the Taiwanese peopel and our partners that are supposedly threatening our way of life,
Second,Left-wing's history and culture narratives encourage double standards - they rationalize whatsoever their own side does while depicting similar behavior by others in the worst possible defaming.In fact,they are so hypocrisy, similarly,like Left-wing's history and culture routinely portray Taiwanese people as a relentless.Mind you,I am not defending Left-wing's idiots of Taiwanese,so I am just saying how make Taiwanese people to see what is really going on Left-wing's idiots of Taiwanese.
Left-wing's history and culture caused many of the Taiwan's problems and can still unmake them,but only if Taiwanese people face up to the challenge.
The birth of Traditional Taiwanese
We must be pulling Taiwan to the right. 
Left-wing's history and culture can get in the way of potential superiority of the Traditional Taiwan,especially when supposedly National territory is involved.So today,such actions of Left-wing's history and culture are stupid,because Taiwanese people will resist giving up anything that is seen as part of the Taiwan's sacred territory.
Left-wing's history and culture has long been a potential source of shamefulness,because most the myths are ridiculous.But not only is our Taiwan different from the China,and it is so better,in particular,Left-wing's history and culture make us difficult to believe that outsiders could ever beat us in a fair fight. So they are just a arrogance and wishful thinking. 
Whatsoever,Left-wing's history and culture are not going away,so the challenge,we are to acknowledge its shamefulness and limit its "Big Words". Absolutely,that is,of course,easier said than done.At the very least,the power and persistence of the Traditional Taiwan need to be recognized and respected.We live in a country of bristling Left-wing's history and culture,that is not going to change anytime soon,and denying them that is a good basis on which to construct a more realistic country.



【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~七月四日的意義,我們可以擊敗左翼歷史和文化,以便我們前進。】

MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)
4th of July,2019

從那時起,沒有任何東西,可以改變我的想法,如果有的話,理解台灣傳統的力量的後果,今天,甚至是巨大的,台灣傳統,特別是,對國家失去自治的渴望推動了台灣人決定離開中國~~~美國總統 川普說,2016年,將讓美國再次偉大,並將現狀維持在傳統美國的基礎上,使美國現在的政治基礎保持忠誠,事實上,在任何地方都可以看到傳統在當今世界中起作用。
到目前為止,台灣,一直是對我們有這種持久吸引力的最大群體,構成一個國家的決定性特徵可以不同,但我們經常擁有一種共同語言 - 幹伊娘,分享傳統,家園來源,跟關於過去的故事共同敘述,最重要的是,一個國家是一群台灣人,他們認為自己構成了一個具有特定身份的特殊群體~~~國家是想像的家園,左翼歷史和文化仍然認識到,並承認屬於這個團體。
此外,正如蔡英文真命天子在其聲明中所指出的那樣 - 台灣傳統的力量部分取決於其與所有台灣人的共生關係,給予固有的競爭傳統,其中,有強大的鼓勵來驅動團結在台灣人中,台灣人公民忠誠,更願意在必要時為國家犧牲,因此,推驅動台灣傳統,特別是台灣話,也有助於創造更強大的經濟,從而加強全面性國家能力。
同樣地,它有助於解釋為什麼台灣傳統仍然是如此強大而持久的力量 - 並且,毫無疑問,它的影響力是深刻的,正如蔡英文真命天子,幾乎也無法免疫地受到影響
其次,左翼歷史和文化鼓勵雙重標準 - 它們理性化它們自己一邊,同時,描繪其他人在最糟糕的誹謗中的類似行為,事實上,他們是如此虛偽,同樣,像左翼,歷史和文化一樣,把台灣人描繪成一個無情的人,請注意,我不會護航左翼白癡台灣人,所以,我只想說,台灣人如何看待左翼白癡台灣人



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