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台灣總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子


Dear Mr.President,Tsai Ing-wen,

Lee Teng-hui,  Members of Congressal Taiwan, and my fellow Taiwanese:




400年前,我們的傳統,承諾我們的台灣人的生命,財富和神聖的家園,宣布獨立和自由,保衛我們的國家,台灣鼓舞台灣人民的靈魂,在我們的歷史中,維持我們強大的現狀~~~這是傳統,靈魂,卓越和冒險,勇氣和互信,忠誠和愛我們的家園,讓這個國家成為世界其他地區,最特殊的國家。台灣 - 我們的國家,今天甚至,在此之前都是強大的,現在它是最強大的。




【A declaration of 4th of July for the Taiwan - Respect to Taiwan,without Left-wing's history and culture.】

Dear Mr.President,Tsai Ing-wen, Lee Teng-hui,  Members of Congressal Taiwan, and my fellow Taiwanese:

Tsai Ing-wen,Mr.President of Taiwan,Respect to Taiwan,without Left-wing's history and culture.

On the island of the Taiwan,Respect to Taiwan that focused on the Traditional and Historical Taiwan moments that ranged from our homeland,rather than Chinese history and culture.
Interested in Tsai Ing-wen,and hers son of the destiny?
"魯力, Taiwan"~~~this word at the start of what Taiwanese people committed to be the show of a lifetime that in the end of being Taiwanese,or that said,was a more patriotic tribute to the Taiwan
Today,we work together as one country with this very special respect to Taiwan,we happy our tradition,our Taiwanese partners,and all of us,who proudly defend our homeland.
400 years ago,our traditions pledged our Taiwanese people lives,our fortunes,and our sacred homeland,to declare Independence and freedom defend our country.
That same Taiwan's soul that emboldened our Taiwanese people has maintained the status quo of  us powerful throughout our history. 
This is the tradition,soul,excellence and adventure,courage and confidence,loyalty and our homeland,that built this country into the most exceptional country in the rest of world.
Taiwan - our country is powerful today then even before,and its the most powerful now.
What a great country,and respect to Taiwan ended with Left-wing's history and culture.
Called a respect to Taiwan,and maintained the status quo of the Traditional Taiwan is turning into a make Taiwan mighty again.
We are making today all about us,when it is supposed to be all about Taiwan.
We must be like to be proud of our country and our military,and do not look at it in a negative way. 
Because we do have the Taiwanese people,we have the soliders,the Taiwan is the homeland for us,all we need not Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy,We own the tanks and cavalry all.
In the end,Taiwan's safety is always a top priority and we must be working with Taiwanese people to ensure the safety of all who are Taiwanes fellow citizens.
Confidence powerful will take place rain or shine.
Thank you ! God bless Taiwan,and all of us.



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