【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~這是正式的,台灣的國民黨正前往左翼中共】
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This is a official ~~~ the Taiwan's KMT Is heading to Left-wing's CCP.

The Taiwan's KMT will joun with Left-wing's CCP to meet with the united front of history and culture,making good on years of rumors.
In fact,Taiwanese
洪秀柱,柯文哲,and 韓國瑜,so on,have been visiting China for recently years,and whom would like to raise China's profile in Taiwan's affairs.
It is far from the first time such speculation has been raised,and it is a fact.
Now,soon or later, it appears long-awaited trip to China's flag will finally happen in the Taiwan.
Indeed,the CCP will not offer mutually acceptable terms for Taiwan to commit to give up its military forces,weapons,and missiles. Taiwan's KMT blamed the collapse with Tsai Ing-wen, on what she described as unilateral demands by the KMT.
For Taiwan's KMT,cooperated with the CCP may allow its to expand its  options in talks with Taiwan's DPP, and also balance the influence of China,so that the main friend and partner of the CCP.
Taiwan's KMT was involved in the CCP's Talks,aimed at persuading Taiwanese DPP to give up its objectibes in exchange for guarantees of its property.
Taiwan's KMT maintained close ties with the CCP since the era of Chiang Ching-kuo,and Ma Ying-jeou,who had helped to build dozens of factories and key infrastructure,and providing technologies for the Chinese military. 
Those ties withered after the 2016 Tsai Ing-wen become the president,when China cold-shouldered the KMT amid the meltdown between the United States and the China.
Shortly after it won election of 2008,Taiwan's KMT sought to reinvigorate ties with the CCP,and in an apparent bid to steal the Taiwanese people limelight,then boasted about securing a promise from the CCP leader,
胡錦韜,but Taiwan's KMT suffered a setback when he quickly disavowed KMT's statement.
Despite the gaffe,Taiwan's KMT continued courting Chinese leader,
While the CCP and the KMT cooperation was stopped by the Taiwan's DPP government with Taiwanese people,but the CCP provided fund to the KMT,and tens of thousands of Taiwanese workers have worked in China.
The CCP has provided fund to the KMT, but attempts at broader cooperation have stalled.
For many years,the CCP as touted the prospects of One Country,Two Systems~~~ambitious projects that would allow China to significantly increase its Taiwan clout. 
Yet,interestingly,no visible progress has been made.
The CCP is only interested in this island - Taiwan,so just this and nothing more.


【This is a official ~~~ the Taiwan's KMT Is heading to Left-wing's CCP.】


中共只對這個島嶼感興趣 - 台灣,所以就這樣,僅此而已。



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