【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~台灣人,夥伴與同胞,聽令,向右看】

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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


We are on the verge of a new war with lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture.
Increasingly in Taiwanese people,it has become common to hear talk of a new war with lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture,and this way of thinking is precise at best,so that we must just warned against such thinking in regard to Left-wing,lest it create a self-fulfilling ridiculousness.Yet,we need a similar corrective for how we think about Left-wing's China.
According with the Tsai's administration’s action,that it was lacking of the National Defense Strategy,and  like Ma Ying-jeou administration’s concept,so that it would not usefully re-emphasizes deterrence of the National Defense.
There can be no doubt that the China behaved in a much more assertive in recent years. 
So we must avoid a pervading the dependent mentality that anticipates a struggle with the Chinese at every turn. 
The "
統獨" rhetoric about Taiwan is misconceived .
The dangers and fallacies of thinking in the "
zero-sum,and economy,history and cultur - first ideology towards Taiwan are several-fold.First,today’s Chinese,while both vindictive and ambitious,has nothing like the global ambitions of the the former-USSR.While it expresses a sense of betrayal by the China's tradition it evinces no grandiose concept for global conquest. 
There can be a sort of authoritarian contagion that leaders like Chinese leaders could spread. But this is hardly akin to the Marxist-Leninist ambitions for conquest during the Cold War.
Like a Left-wing's history and cultrue attitude overlook how much we are still working with Taiwanese partners on critical Homeland security concerns. Taiwanese people role is especially important given its veto powers at the Taiwan,crucial for policies such as imposing sanctions on threatening lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture.For instance,if there is someday to be a new deal with China to supersede the
九二 common consensus,Taiwanese people support will be decisive.Despite troubled relations in recent years,even in places where Taiwan's DPP's policy is distasteful,such as in Taiwan, it will be far easier to solve problems if we can de-conflict our approaches with Taiwanese people.
Indeed,certain types of deconfliction have been taking place for some time there,making possible the defeat of Taiwanese Left-idiots.
For all the statement about Taiwan's lack of adequate seriousness when it comes to counterattack,the Taiwanese partner remains impressive. Most Taiwanese people have significantly increased their blood and live since the crisis of 1995,Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture do not constitute a robust defensive perimeter,but they at least represent a stronger tripwire than before. Taiwan would do well to make its reinforcement capabilities for Taiwanese people more robust,but it is hard to see Chinese really believing they could attack with an all-out invasion,even today.
We do not get enough confidence for the sustaining our counterattacking on China as a result of its aggressions against Taiwan.
Over the last decade,largely as a result,the Chinese economy has essentially gone flat. 
China's Gross domestic product and 
foreign direct investment in China have both declined since its Taiwan invasion. Not only has this outcome delivered a useful punitive blow against China and many of its cronies,it has quite possibly helped dissuade any further Chinese aggression,
be it against Chinese or other lies of economy,adding another dimension of deterrence to what Taiwan is doing militarily. A greater integration of economic and military measures of deterrence should be pursued in the United States and Taiwan.
Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy paradox. 
We need more credible policies are needed in particular for limited and grey-area conflict zones. 
Such scenarios do indeed remain worrisome,as China continues to engage in dis-information campaigning and election of 2020 Presidental,but these efforts should not be confused with the existential risks of Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy.
We can maintain the status quo  with China.
And finally,thinking in War Philosophy terms can blind us to the need to debate some of our own policies,where there can be opportunities to maintain the status quo Taiwan-China with creative ideas. 
Geographically and strategically,such a Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy would be a bridge too far for the Taiwan that was designed to stabilize the relationship.Moreover,while nothing can excuse China's aggressions,and no security guarantee as they waited,was to paint a giant bullseye on each of Taiwanese people metaphorical backs. So that we  to work out a new concept for security in the Taiwan,that would advance our security short of Taiwanese people, rather than degrade it as a local government serious promise of future we have done to date. 
All other National options that any sovereign country should enjoy.
Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy are unsettled,and risky,of couse,absolutely,but those who liken the current and the future environment to the 20th century may have forgotten how profoundly dangerous most of the latter period really was.



【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~台灣人,夥伴與同胞,聽令,向右看】

關於台灣的“統”“言論是錯誤的,“統獨”思想中的危險和謬誤,零和,經濟學,歷史和文化的謊話 - 對台灣的第一個意識形態有幾個方面,首先,今天的中國人,雖然好鬥又野心勃勃,卻沒有像前蘇聯的全球野心那樣,而它表達了一種感覺,背叛中國的傳統,沒有表現出對征服全球的宏偉概念。
最後,以戰爭哲學術語來思考,可能使我們無法辯論我們自己的一些政策,這些政策可能有機會用創意來維持台灣 - 中國的現狀。



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