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How Taiwan is choosing sides in the ocean?

From Taiwan,Taiwanese government has never tried to balance Left-wing's history and culture influence — except in olerate is to nurture the evildoers of Left-wing's idiots.
As China has intensified its geopolitical interest in the East Asia,so that these countries have aimed to balance their political relations with the China,but in at least one realm of engagement,they have resisted their relations within history and culture.
This timeframe is significant to the Taiwan,in particular,the Taiwan governmrnt must be issued and unprecedented Joint Strategic Vision for the National Security,which will be a multifaceted effort to engage politically,diplomatically,economically and on security matters with all Taiwanese people.
Taiwan - where is primarily from their proximity to critical international sea lanes,however,Taiwan has its agendas,impacted by domestic Left-wing's groups.
Under Mr.President,Tsai Ing-wen,Taiwan has engaged more substantively with the United States on defense and security. 
Indeed,as China increases its naval activities in the region,and all this adds potential points of contention between the Taiwan and the China,with commensurate prospects of spilling into the Taiwan.
After all,China has a extensive defense industrial foundation,and has a greater capacity to efficiently meet its delivery obligations. 
Meanwhile,the Taiwanese government is working to intensify its own industrial base via the Make in Taiwan policy,however,interestingly,many  defense industrial foundations have experienced the destruction of Left-wing's history and culture 
So it may indicate a new phase of bolder strategic initiative from Taiwan should have,and  Taiwan is in its own abilities to balance Left-wing's history and culture influences, and a new arena of competition for Taiwanese people.


【How Taiwan is choosing sides in the ocean?】 

來自台灣,台灣政府從來沒有嘗試平衡左翼歷史和文化影響 - 除了姑息養奸就是為了培養左翼白痴的惡人。
台灣 - 主要靠近關鍵的國際海上通道,然而,台灣有其議程,受到國內左翼團體的影響。



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