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POSTED BY 台灣窮小子 (台灣總統 蔡英文之真命天子)
MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


特別是,在台灣和香港之後,人們可以看到一種被認為是巨大的威脅,儘管如此,中國是最強大的經濟國家,但在台灣傳統,我們並不嫉妒它;因此,台灣政治領導人必須採取行動 - 而且,必須被視為行動,以反擊左翼暴力歷史與文化恐怖主義和極端主義;儘管如此,歷史與文化,這種手段意味著可能是左派的權力攫取,但實際上它更頻繁地代表了對威脅的真實的,如果是弱點,理解以及對強大的台灣人壓力的回應。
事實上,台灣總統,蔡英文,她聲稱完全正確 - 台灣的安全共識是一個非凡的共識。


【Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism will destroy Taiwanese peoples' moderation in a traditional Taiwan.】

Left-wing's history and culture,violent     extremism and terrorism will destroy Taiwanese peoples' moderation in a traditional Taiwan.
Indeed,covering the way for Left-wing's history and culture  extreme conditions to get footholds. Since the intimidation of a military attack,usually inflicted in a dramatic way that draws media attention and and leads to citizen's  criticism,that will be destroying confidence un government.So in turn,this lack of confidence and traditon,may assure citizens to prefer more voices of lies of history and culture that commit law and order or,if they do not see any change in government,urn to non-governmental actors such as Left-wing's militias for stability and security.
Particularly after in Taiwan and HongKong,are seen in the context of a threat that is perceived as massive. 
This is true even though,the China is the most powerful evonomic country,but in the Traditional Taiwan,we do not jealousy it.
So Taiwanese Political leaders must act - and must be seen as acting,to counterattack violent terrorism and extremism of Left-wing
Although,history and culture,these mean may be a power grab by Leftists,but in fact,more frequently it represents a real,if weak,understanding of the threat and a response to powerful Taiwanese people pressure.
Taiwanese people fearing Lies of Left-wing's history and culture terrorism
Support more aggressive Homeland Security Policy at home and more hawkish Denied-Left-wing policies. In both the United States and Europe,Left-wing's terrorism has played into debates on Homeland Security,for instance,with fears of Left-wing's Chinese from China majority states running high.Traditional and Social Taiwan confidence decreases after Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture.
In fact,Mr.President of Taiwan,Tsai Ing-wen,she,who's claim was exactly right - Taiwan's Security Common Consensus is a remarkable consensus.
So under the Taiwan's Security Common Consensus,now,Taiwanese people should be supported the Tsai's administration’s Security Common Consensus,hat severely limits Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy,from mostly China country.



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