【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~我們正在看到我們所愛的家園的崩潰~~~台灣和香港!】
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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


沒有人願意看到抗議者和警察之間爆發的暴力衝突,不幸的是,警察使用催淚瓦斯和橡皮子彈來驅散人民;這不是警察的責任和機會,事實上,人們不確定 - 我們是否會被毆打。
事實上,看到抗議者來自各個層面 - 無論他們是誰並肩而行,他們都是攜手聚集在一起的,我來自台灣,正常,當我年輕的時候,那時,我甚至欽佩右邊保守派和美國人愛國主義,然而,台灣的國民黨嘗試說服我 - “為什麼我必須加入右派保守的美國人來愛我的鄉土 - 台灣?”,說實話,我告訴他們~~~我是和尚戰士


【We are sighting the collapse of the homeland we love ~~~ Taiwan and HongKong.!】

We are sighting the collapse of the homeland we love ~~~ Taiwan and HongKong.
Having grown up in Taiwan,and watched as HongKong,Taiwanese president,Tsai Ing-wen's son of destiny,has special condition to be worried about China's Left-wing's history and culture impact over Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Over more months,Hong Kongers have taken to the streets for re-played history the city has ever seen ~~~ Left-wing's Chinese sent back to the China,since 1970s.
In fact,the initial demonstrations were against an extradition law the Hong Kong government wanted to pass,but interestingly, protesters,mainly women,went on hunger strike,which represent suspected criminals to be sent from Hong Kong to mainland China,for the first time,and because of the law is controlled by the Communist Party. 
By the time,I knew terrorism of Left-wing's history and culture,they have been for more than decades.
They are not attractive,since I know the suffering of these homeland and I want to symbolise that suffering in way of life for Taiwan and HongKong people.
No one would like to watch violent clashes broke out between the protesters and the police,unfortunately,the police,who used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the people.
This is not a duty and an opportunity for the police。indeed,people was not sure whether I would be beaten.
Indeed,to viewed the protesters come from a variety of levels - whoever they are marching alongside,and they are hand-in-hand to gather together.
I am usual for being from Taiwan,and when I was younger I am,back then I even admired the Right-conservative and patriotic American.
However,Taiwan's KMT tried to persuade me - "Why do I have to join the the Right-conservative American to love my homeland - Taiwan?"
To be truth,I told them I am a monk of warrior.
My family,most of whom are traditonal Taiwanese people,still live in Taiwan,and I did not worry when I became a American.In fact,In the America we always looked like that people in America and Taiwan were all together,with HongKong that we are all confident partners.So no way that they would not love their homeland!In fact,hardly anyone enjoyed Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy,because of they have always stepped up its campaign against free and independent values,and for instance,the space for free speech is blocking in recent years.So I am,I have never trusted them over me,
I do not want to spend so much extra energy arguing with them,and I do not want to see Taiwan and HongKong where become a Left-wing's country.
Although,most of people call me a rebel,but fortunately,Tsai Ing-wen,she did not.
By the same token,we do not forget our homeland is Taiwan and HongKong,not China.
Left-wing's history and culture could talk about they wanted fear,but they overlooked the free and independent values are more friendlier.
Left-wing's history and culture have always brought about massacre. 
So that is why Taiwanese and HongKong people were so scared and worried.
My mind was remaining hard for the source of confidence coming form Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy,and I known everything from Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy,so that really scared me.But I found nothing, and that really scared me.
Left-wing's history and culture have provoked many decades of intense reflection,during which we need to be re-structured what we knew about our homeland ,and China.
Left-wing's history and culture were totally toxic,so we need to cleanse to get rid of the poison from our homeland,and everyone knows where that poison is.
We realised that we were no longer a Chinese,but wondered who I am,if we are not that kind of Chinese,so who we are?
I were pessimistic about the future,worried that freedoms would be lost in the same way as they had been in Taiwan,or HongKong,
Globally,for the many times in my life I am testifying fall of the HongKong,and the Taiwan I love.


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