【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~台灣繞跑了?
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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


Taiwan Run Down? We Have Already Been Here Before.

The Taiwan was in poor form between the late 1950s' and 1960s'.But,Fuck-Mother of Taiwanese-ideologucal statecraft brought it back.
After more decades of relentless setbacks abroad,it is time to ask whether the sink in Taiwanese people impact is irreversible.
Since the beginning of the 21th century,even Taiwan's the transfer of power apparent successes have turned sour,so Taiwan became quagmires. China in new forms throughout the hegemonism, and became more hostile. The Taiwan turned quickly to winter,freedom and independence everywhere encountered new headwinds. An ever-growing people bemoan the death of the the Right-side's world order,the erosion of freedom,independence,and democracy,and the end of theTraditioonal Taiwan.
The Tsai's administration’s strategic response can be characterized as " O.K. Left-idiots".
This view holds that while the Taiwan has been busy propping up Lies of economy,and safeguarding Taiwanese people money,but unfortunately,its Left-idiots have been taking unfair advantage by encroaching on Taiwanese people interests,and free-riding on Taiwan's security guarantees. 
So the time has come,I am argued,to re-negotiate Taiwan's most solemn commitments,and those underpinning both Left-wing's history and culture,with Lies of economy that withdraw from them if better compromises cannot be struck.
The response from the Right is less belligerent and less unilateral,so I shares President Tsai Ing-wen,she,who is loathing to further trade dependence and Homeland security entanglements.
Indeed,I call for the withdrawal of Taiwanese people from Left-wing's locations including China,and HongKong.
So my strategic advocating is the offshore defense,or that said,working on traditional partners and friends to verify the rise of Left-wing's hostile powers,rather than forward deplyoment.
Traditional Taiwan influence is not as unchallenged as it was between the early 1980s and 1990s.
It is well past time to give up the misconception of omnipotence and enticement to Lies of economy,Left-wing's histrory and culture that distasteful fruits of success in the past 20 years.
Indeed,implicit in responses is the view that Traditional Taiwan dominant position has destroyed,and its commitments need to be replaced. There is something to this argument,especially in the Taiwan,including the HongKong.
Even still,the traditional balance of power s more advantageous today than even before,when Taiwan was bogged down in a costly,unpopular and unwinnable in Left-wing's history and culture,and still facing a military intimidation hostile and repressive with China.

Need More Traditional Leadership

Nevertheless,Taiwan recovered from that lost tradition its accompanying domestic Left-wing's extremists and terrorists whose are standing for history and culture.
So we need to recover a lasting stability and security in the Taiwan,and committed the Taiwan to the defense of the Taiwanese people,and re-asserted the role of tradition in Taiwan policy.
So we need be consolidated Traditional Taiwanese Leadership in the coming years,and expanded freedom and independence,deterred aggression from Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture,and helped liberate HongKong,reunify Taiwan and win the battle.
Taiwan's status was not restored by Left-wing's history and culture commitments.
But instead,the Traditional Taiwan re-emphasized the qualities of statecraft that had characterized Taiwan's policy for the future.
Such as,superiority and constancy guided by think deeply and plan carefully,and restraint. 
Taiwanese people came to regard the China's civil war s a mistake,not an indelible sign of Taiwanese people decline. 
The China has never largely bereft of partner in Taiwanese people.
So this underscored the dangers of Left-wing's history and culture,and the importance of friendship.
Taiwan is not now in a new war,
but the experiences and lessons of that earlier recovery remain sound,in particular the need to restore Taiwanese people solidarity,provide dependable Traditional Taiwan leadership,
and occupy the high ground of "Fuck-Mother" history and culture.Ultimately,Taiwanese people is responsible for the many setbacks of Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture the Taiwan has encountered in the last few decades.Those failures have been self-inflicted,the consequence of flawed  Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture rather than any decisive shift in the Traditional Taiwan.



【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~Taiwan Run Down?

台灣繞跑了? 我們早已經在這裡。

蔡英文政府的戰略反應可以被描述為~~~"O.K. 左翼白癡",這種觀點認為,雖然台灣一直在忙著支撐經濟學謊言,維護台灣人的錢財,但不幸的是,它的左翼白痴一直在利用台灣人的利益,以及放棄台灣的安全保障,而獲得不公平的優勢;所以,現在是時候了,我認為,重新談判台灣最莊嚴的承諾,以及那些支持左翼歷史和文化,經濟學的謊話的人,如果不能達成更好的妥協,我們就會退出。
右翼的回應,不那麼好戰,而且,不那麼單方面,所以,我同意台灣總統 蔡英文對進一步貿易依賴性與國土安全糾紛的厭惡。




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