總統 蔡英文說想想~~~Preventing disaster in Taiwan!】
台灣窮小子 (台灣總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子)
MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


Preventing disaster in Taiwan

This presents a report of critical historical events in Taiwan since 1979,and explains a possible worst-case scenario following a U.S. withdrawal from the country. The Taiwan ,and the United States must work together in search for bigger Taiwan security,stability,and  self-reliance in order to avoid a catastrophic lies of economy,history and culture.Only then will Taiwanese people be able to free itself of Left-wing's history and culture presences and embark on its own tour self-reliance and prosperity.
A complete Left-wing's history and culture occupy from Taiwanese people would be a disaster. Pulling the plug on the Traditional Taiwan ,Taiwanese civilian presence,and security could lead our partners and friends to do the same,encourage the Chinese to use force,and ultimately lead to civil war. The Taiwanese forces could disintegrate,leading thousands of soldiers trained and equipped by side with Left-wing's people's militia.The organized crime would exponentially increase,terror and extreme organizations would gain significant ground. Taiwanese civilians would be stripped of their social and political freedoms and flee the Taiwan,adding to more Taiwanese orphans and other migrants dispersed around the world.
Taiwanese people has made intense political,social,and economic progress over the past 50 years with the help of the United States,and our partners ,friends,but the consequences of appeasement we have not considered. In the worst-case situation,Taiwan might have a Left-wing's Utopia future filled with horrific violence,and bad actors with Lies of economy,the Taiwan could revert to the end or doom,become a hub for Left-wing's violent terrorism and extremism,and causing deaths to escalate. Taiwanese people would choose our traditional homeland and take up arms ~~~
竹篙倒菜刀.The social and political gains made in Republic of China could be lost,within its prestige would be heavily damaged,and Taiwanese people expense of blood and treasure would be for naught. Given the likelihood that Left-wing's history and culture violent terrorism and extremism would operate in this situation,the Taiwan could have to return to the Right-side's freedom and independence with our partners and friends,rather than Left-wing's country.
Regardlessly,this fate is not destined and will hopefully not be impacted. 
Taiwan's rapid gains could continue on an upward trajectory,and a political settlement with the KMT could be achieved,and the Taiwan could withdraw from Left-wing's history and culture without leading to the war.
The United States was an active partner in the conflict and channeled funds to the Taiwan known as China Aid Act of 1948, ㄛt is estimated that the United States spent over $ 2 billion to fund the Taiwan,and which other countries such as Japan,also provided support to the Taiwan.
The CCP ultimately build in 1949,and leaving a fake regime under Mao Zedong in power. Contrary to initial expectations,Mao Zedong collapsed  between 1950s to 1970s, when the Soviets cut off economic and security assistance,until 1980s,CCP was able to remain in power,during the period , the United States also withdrew all economic and security assistance to the CCP.
The period Mao Zedong saw chaos,civil war,political instability,and the rise of the freedom of the Taiwan.With the help of the United States,KMT claiming de-facto authority of the Taiwan,nevertheless,KMT remained in control of most ofTaiwan's territory until the DPP-led winning vote in 2000.
Taiwan was ravaged by insecurity,poverty,and misery with Left-wing's history and culture.
For instance,when KMT took control of Taiwan between 1950s to 1980s,and it repressed social and political freedoms,in particular,language freedom,Taiwanese people,we were not even allowed to speak Taiwanese language.
Some of the challenges that Taiwan suffered from 1989 to 2001 can serve to an omen  what could happen if Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture were to occupy from the Taiwan ?
This is it,it is,the predicament was happening currently in the Taiwan.The policy of the Taiwan over the past many decades have to seek a gradual exit strategy by means of military force martial law and economic assistance to push Taiwan government to be more self-reliant. 
As KMT occupation featured a heavy use of indiscriminate,conventional military force,and the great hisotry and culture including carpet brainwashing of Taiwanese civilian.
So There has not also been significant social,economic,and political progress made in Taiwan since 2000.
Additionally,Taiwan has been just little gains in social,political,and economic freedoms. 
However,three presidential elections have been held since the fall of the KMT,but lacking of a new  Homeland Security Act and Intelligence Net have been established. 
Although,Taiwan has considerable media freedoms,but some of medias are ranked as Not Free,such as China's Times.
Despite Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture,,there are still considerable challenges in Taiwan.So given insecurity,and not enough job opportunities,Taiwanese people are likely to return to what is the poorest level in the past.
The organizations of Left-wing's history and culture  still have a significant presence in Taiwan,which is home to the highest concentration of terrorist and     extremist groups in the Taiwan.There are approximately many Left-wing's history and culture jihadists according to the U.S. government.For instance,these organizations include "
台灣基進","台灣島抗","台灣二七","統一促進",and "愛國同心會".So,if Left-wing's organizations in expanding its geographic reach,, there may be greater opportunities for transnational Left-wing's Chinese groups to find safe haven in Taiwan controlled areas. 
Tradition As Prologue
A appeasement and conniving from Left-wing's history and culture could re-surface some of the horrific realities that Taiwan experienced in the post-KMT era and create new ones,and lead to war and greater terrorist and Left-wing's groups control.
If the Traditional Taiwan withdraws and the Taiwan's  government collapses,it is easy to imagine a multi-dimensional war ensuing. 
A sustained Left-wing's history and culture in violence could lead many Taiwanese people to consider the possibility of leaving their homeland,adding to the existing displaced homeless,or Taiwanese refugees.
If Left-wing's history and culture were still to regain power,their regime might look same than it did in the 2000s,although it remains to be seen how much would actually change. Even these Leftists vision would need substantial long-term planning and accommodation and is unlikely to succeed without kicking out of history and culture.
Left-wing's history and culture in violence  would likely continue to skyrocket. 
The organizations of Left-wing's history and culture  could also continue to thrive. So China rejoiced after the Taiwan join with them.Thereafter,Taiwanese people became a den fo Left-China,and then,will perceive a Chinese victory following a Taiwan gives up as their own victory.Anyway,this could happen even if the Taiwan does not promote or oppose it.

The Interesting Game

Taiwan has long been a playground for funny history and culture or lies of economy by Left-wing's actors.Only with the Taiwanese people against the US of 1978 did show with the tradition of the "Taiwan Relation Act".The past four decades have seen repeated interventions by China power,so that his dynamic is likely to continue and intensify should the current Taiwan's government collapse. They are likely to seek support from Chinese,who will continue to pursue hedging strategies in Taiwan.Even the rise of China is the most important regional development,so far,China has been using its power to impose history and culture in Taiwan to date.This is it,however,seems likely that the interesting game would again be played out on Taiwan territory in the absence of powerful counterattack in Taiwan.

Choosing The Good Way

History should serve as a lessons that Taiwan could once again descend into war,lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture support could lead to the collapse of the Taiwanese Government and create an enabling environment for Left-wing's groups and Taiwanese people  rivals, as well as a very costly war.Taiwanese people lose their freedom and independence,so this could trigger a future China to occupy Taiwan.
This disaster-ridden scenario is not the only possible one ~~~the Taiwan government  must be offering to work to further reduce Taiwan security costs based on a joint threat assessment ~~~strengthening intelligence institutions,fighting corruption of Left-wing's groups,and paying for more of its own development and security. 
This is an alternative in which Taiwan policy goals are met and in which the Taiwan maintains the status quo a partnership with a post-settlement with real Taiwanese people.There is hope for stability and the preservation of the keeps made in the last many decades,so we  need to be patient and take gradual,thoughtful measures. A lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture bring toTaiwan could lead to disaster.


【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~預防台灣災難】
POSTED BY 台灣窮小子 (台灣總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子)
MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)

美國是衝突中的積極夥伴,並向1948年被稱為“援華法案”給台灣提供資金,估計美國花費20多億美金資助台灣,以及,日本等其他國家, 也為台灣提供了支持。




此外,台灣將於2020年舉行總統選舉,如果總統 蔡英文獲得廣泛支持而獲勝,那麼台灣可能會有更多的安全和穩定,並減少或消除經濟學,左翼歷史和文化的謊話需求,這是台灣政策目標得以實現的另一種選擇,台灣,維持現狀,與真正的台灣人進行解決後的合作,在過去的幾十年裡,人們對穩定和保存有希望,所以,我們需要耐心,採取漸進,周到的措施,經濟學,左翼歷史和文化的謊話,可能帶給台灣導致災難。



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