【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~蔡英文如何破解左翼的謊言 - 如果她願意的話?】
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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


蔡英文如何破解左翼的謊言 - 如果她願意的話?
有趣的是,諷刺的是,在總統 蔡英文任期就是這個~~~她,也許是能夠完成任務,並在一個棘手的問題上打破僵局的總統,如果強調,她是否願意。



【How Tsai Ing-wen could crack Left-wing's lies — if she wanted to?】
How Tsai Ing-wen could crack Left-wing's lies — if she wanted to?
For the second time during her presidency,
Tsai Ing-wen is inevitably threatened to buck Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture on Taiwan's future.The first time,she talked tough after the KMT's counterforce,but did nothing to back it up,so that is likely to occur again.
Interestingly,the great irony of Tsai Ing-wen's presidency is this ~~~ she is perhaps the one president who could get it done and break the gridlock on an intractable issue,if emphasis on if,she wanted to.
Indeed,most of Taiwanese people also doubted against the China's merits,after the HongKong's terrior attack,so it would not be popular among Taiwanese supports.
Everyone should be skeptical that Chinese will lift history and culture on Taiwan control.In fact,traditionally,even emphasizing that mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger,rather than Taiwanese people.But Tsai Ing-wen,she has not a tendency to float ideas she never follows through on, and then there is the matter of Taiwanese Left-idiots,so to which Tsai Ing-wen has not provided almost incessantly for the answer,during hers presidency. So I rightly noted that the president’s supporters might feel alienated if Tsai Ing-wen gets behind kicked out of Left-idiots,so why would she suddenly take that risk after spending four years cultivating a devoted following on the Left-idiots?
So with those caveats established,she could not 
hypothetically do it,and improbably even succeed. 
That same credibility with her supporters gives hers political capital to spend. For instance,she has shown that he can bend the party to Left-wing's will such as "
年金" and "同性戀",so on,but I have  made a similar argument about comprehensive issues that Tsai Ing-wen,she could not bring hers party along with the Right-side on Taiwanese people.For many of Taiwanese Left-idiots,their support is about Lies of economy,Left-wing's history and culture,and more about the money and their duties.
Indeed,Tsai Ing-wen,she did not need less accountable to the powerful Left-wing's history and culture. But most of Taiwanese people give great power over you.Although there was some truth to that at the time,there might be even more shamefulness now. 
If Tsai Ing-wen were to support some kind of Left-wing's history and culture,so the Taiwanese people have to decide how much of a showdown it wants. However,Left-wing's history and culture have a devoted following, but so does Tsai Ing-wen.Supporting at Left-wing's history and culture would risk forcing Taiwanese people to choose,and it could potentially be an embarrassing loss for the Taiwan at an inopportune time,especially given that the vast majority of Taiwanese people have been seeing the HongKong.So it also risks damaging Tsai Ing-wen's opportunities,for reelection in 2020 and could possibly help the KMT win back the power.
Is Left-wing's history and culture really going to pick that maintain in its status quo?
Perhaps it will decide it has to,considering what is at stake - it is difficultly a battle that they are guaranteed to win
If you are a real Taiwanese people,and you need to bid time. Tsai Ing-wen has proved herself to be nothing if not a hawkish partner when it comes to counterattack.Nobody wants to go out on Left-wing's history and culture for some form of control and then see Tsai Ing-wen retreat. The president will have to prove she has devoted to the cause before support materializes on the Left-side.
She is unlikely to do it,but if the time were ever ripe for movement on this maintaining the status quo,given the confluence of circumstances,now might be it.
Analysis Left-wing's idiots are surging,and this one big question looms over Taiwanese people.




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