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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


Taiwan's Navy must be proliferating in the Pacific
Taiwanese Navy needs back in the water,leading a small fleet, and it is not alone.
Maritime dialogue is a Naval symbol of Taiwanese is  intention to remain engaged in the Pacific. 
As the blue-water capabilities of the Naval fleets mature,so Taiwan needs to the Navy refocus their deployments,and mission groups are gain to the fore as a more potent and flexible means of exerting maritime iimpact that are demonstrating Taiwan's desire to increase its presence in the Pacific.
There has been much preoccupation in the strategically turbulent waters of the gray zones,such as those interested in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ave focused on ship deployments,or small group missions.
But as geopolitical crises and regional maritime capabilities rise,mission groups focused on a major warship can show a higher level of strategic ambition and real operational potential. 
So-called the Naval diplomacy,this is it,it is,and support more opportunities for engagement and partnership,within face potential  Left-wing's increased tension.
The Taiwanese Navy must be changing just how about history abd culture such deployments,and operating more flexibly,emphasizing more high-end capabilities with Naval maneuvers to be ncreasing engagement, especially with the amphibious war-fighting capabilities and superiority.
The one to pay attention to remains China,such as quite a few ideas probably lost money in reality,but more significantly,the PLAN showed off evidence that it is well on its way to being able to deploy its Naval superuiority.
China's ambition to extend history and culture reach and provocations remains evident,so that it earned the free countries angry by they appeared to differ from normal in its model.
So despite continuing challenges,the significant China's ambition,oth closer to Taiwan and further afield,cannot be far off.
So the Taiwanese Navy must also be re-affirmed its ambitions to create a blue-water capability that will include the ability to deploy.
The challenge for Taiwanese Navy is that such deployments need considerable Taiwanese people confidence and partnership,not the age-old history and culture.
The Naval activity — multinational mission group that show capability and traditional partnership,and ooks like the shape of new fleet to come. 
New Naval Fleet will the shift towards mission-group deployments push cooperation and strategic stability,to protect our blue water security and stability.


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【Taiwan's Navy must be proliferating in the Pacific】

海軍行動 - 展示能力和傳統夥伴關係的多元化任務組,以及,即將到來的新艦隊的形狀,新的海軍艦隊將轉向任務組部署,驅動合作和戰略穩定,以保護我們的藍水安全和穩定。





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