COPYRIGHTED BY 台灣窮小子 JUL 22 2015

The following report is minded in response to 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION 】directive of Tsai Ing-wen , which reads:
【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION 】directs to pursue a reexamination us of our National security in strategic deployment ; in stability and security and of the effect of these deployments , which recommended that such a directive【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION 】.
Indeed , 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION 】must be considered whether a decision to proceed with Ending of history directed toward determining prejudges the fundamental decisions - making ; so , this answer is rightly.
In the Ending of history that it proves successful , we should be maintaining present situation.
Or if we turn a blind eye on shameful history and culture , and being died out by the R.O.C. , even the Taiwan , with all Taiwanese which they will be started the war.
The Maintaining present situation of use policy-deployment can be enough assessed as the National security straetgic deployment , in order to keep stability and security , rather than history and culture.
The Maintaining present situation will need to consider National security strategy and policy-deployments , and viewed in the light of that how to counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
So , the political and psychological deployments involved in Maintaining present situation will need to be taken into Ending of history and be given due weight.
This report will have a key tactic of Ending of history on the further explanation , in which , as including the counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , that the Maintaining present situation has been been seeking to reach partnership with the P.R.C..


Within the past sixty years the R.O.C. has experienced the enormous National civil war , and witnessed two global wars , in particular , the establishment of the P.R.C..
During the time of one century , the National and global power has been fundamentally changed.
Shameful history and culture have already proved impossible for any one country ; which we infected with them , that the National preponderant power will be died out , and we cannot in time face and counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
But National sovereignty maintains free and independent situatein , which faces recurring periods of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , in other words , over which no history and culture violence extremism and terrorism was able to achieve hegemony.
Now , the condition of Ending of history will be fundamentally changed this historic power ; for instance , the Ending of hisotry of the United States , and the defeat of Germany and Japan.
Put simply , shameful history and culture previous aspirants to hegemony , and radical belief , and are burden with their absolute authority , therefore , Conflict - " feeling out-of-sort" has become fashionable movement , so every one will face the ever-present possibility of devastation , especially , the history and culture of total war.
On the one hand , the Maintaining present situation will lead the Nation and people liberation from shameful history and culture crisis.
It is in this context that the R.O.C. and Taiwan's its superiority ; Taiwanese must stand in our deepest Ending of history.
Taiwan , the question that face the maintain present situation is momentous , not only involving the R.O.C. but destruction of Taiwan's culture ; shameful history and culture cannot await us ; and with conscience of Government , now , must take new "Maintain present situation" , and fateful decision of Ending of history.


According with the fundamental objective of the R.O.C. to the National Constitution : Ending of history is to build a ideal Country ; commit fair and justice ; protect National and Homeland security ; provide for the National defence system ; and push citizen's happiness ; a free and independent National environment to ourselves and our posterity that we are sharing together.
This is not related to history , culture , and philosophy.
In significance , the National fundamental strategic objective is to ensure the integrity and power of our independent and free society , which is committed and protected the dignity and worth of our citizens.
As pragmatism and realities of Ending of hsitory emerge as a consequence of the National strategic deployment :
Our conclusion to fight if obligatory to defend our model of life ;
Our conclusion to create in which our free , independent , and democratic mechanism can make Taiwan survival , security , stability , and prosperity ;
for which as in the Declaration of 【ENDING OF HISTORY】and【PRESENT SITUATION】
We are with a solid confidence on the protection of commitment of women partners.
The fundamental tactics of shameful history and cultrue are to control , hold , and solidify their positive power.
In the brains of shameful history and cultrue , but , execution of these fundamental tactics needs the positive power , and the finally devastation of any effective opposition to shameful history and cultrue authority.
The fundamental tactics , therefore , calls for the complete control of the Nation and society , being surrenderred by shameful history and cultrue.
To that end "the maintaining present situation " now directed toward the domination of the freedom and independence.
【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】, as the principal backbone of war-fighting in the Taiwan , and the Air-carrier of opposition to shameful history and cultrue expansion , is the principal adversary whose history and culture violence extremism and terrorism must be counterattacked ; if shameful history and cultrue remain to operate their fundamental tactics.

The shameful history and culture think the R.O.C. remains as the only principal threat , which has come to a showdown.
The remarkable concept of freedom and independence are really intolerably the ideas of shameful history and culture.
The cold-blooded of shameful history and culture has always destroyed and challenged for concept of freedom and independence.
It is this fact which gives Ending of history , which makes Taiwan to break off shameful history and culture of crisis.
The independent and free society respects the individual as an end in himself , whose self-restraint is compatible with the rights of other individual.
Therefore , the freedom and independence are using as the positive responsibility to build a fair and impartial society , rather than exploitations of history and culture.
As this concept and responsibility of the freedom and independence will fire off the diversity of society . and also establishment of integral vitality of democratic mechanism ; put simply , the power of freedom and independence are unmatchable.
The freedom and independence is to keep and build an environment in which every one has the opportunity to achieve their dreams.
So , that also explains why we are really intolerably the ideas of shameful history and culture?
By the same token , in the National relations ; force and idea are determined to the attractive power of the freedom and independence.
In other words , 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】 does not fear shameful history and culture ; Welcome ! Because enthusiasm of the freedom and independence , but we hate "LIES" and "BIG WORDS".
It is a country for the freedom and independence , where is the best dependent on people , and such environment will make every one grow to a fuller and achievement of their dreams in secure environment their option.
The freedom and independence are the most power and superiority in the history , rather than ideas of shameful history and culture.
Especially , no one is able to be tolerated to absolute power of history and culture.
This is National faith - 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】that I find the meaning of its existence.
Thus we willingly find ourselves surrender deadly challenged and threatened by shameful history and culture.
Shameful history and culture are irreconcilable and cold-blooded with us . and their tactical objective is to destroy our Unity.
After all , there is no so skillfully ; and it will powerfully evoke the condition of human nature in the condition of【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】; Ending of history is everywhere , in turn , the support of a enormous and growing core concepts.
The strategic objectives of 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】is determined by our fundamental values of the freedom and independence , and by the inevitability for maintaining the secure environment in which we prosper and stabilize.
In fact and logically , therefore , shameful history and culture's threat and crisis us is directed not only to our Homeland , and to our physical tolerance to protect our National environment.
It is a stability and security , which including the war objective ; put simply , it is a challenging and counterattacking.
Thus we must make ourselves powerful , and no matter what in which we are in the model of our national life , National values concept , and 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】in the development of our National military and economic superiority.
【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】leads in building a successfully functioning political and economic system in Taiwan ; amd it is just by affirmation of Ending of history , that we will preserve our own the R.O.C.'s National integrity, in which gives the real frustration of the shameful history and culture.
All these strategic objectives of a independent and free 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】 are equally effective and obligatory in stability and security.
Such a development will be a democratic concept in the Ending of history , and it must be also a current tactical deployment of the R.O.C.'s National policy.
There is no reason , in facing shameful history and culture , for us to change our overall National strategic deplyment and tactical objectives.
The shameful history and culture cannot unite the Taiwanese people.
A independent and free 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】 is in the Taiwanese people will have a new opportunity - Ending of history , which work out our own National destiny.
The 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】 is counterattacked in its option of tactical deployment to achieve its ends shameful history and culture.
The resort to the 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】, which is pledged only in the counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】is clear and forceful Ending of history.
Therefore , we carry out the 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】which is thought expedient in the current situation , and shameful history and culture inextricably twisted us.
We have no such shameful history and culture of option , and least of all in the use of the 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】.
We have no choice , the 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】demonstrates the superiority and war-fighting capability of the freedom and independence ; and to change use as such tactical deployment to be Ending of history , and speed up the corruptions of shameful history and culture.
If necessary , the 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】, and Ending of history is to defend the integrity and vitality of our Country and Society , and defeathistory and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Our Country and Society , confronted by a threat of shameful history and culture , naturally will take such naturally 【MAINTAINING PRESENT SITUATION】action.

The first concern of shameful history and culture is absoluted power and authority , and also lacks of security , in particular , and to plagiarize texts.
In other words , similar evidence in the history , leads to the conclusion that it is really simlpe - the wrong policy.
Being a shameful history and culture autarchy , their objectives in these policies are submission of the peoples under their control.
Put simply , shameful history and culture are perverted , and is very broken that they cannot understand and achieve the objective of the policies in the country and society.
The shameful history and culture are the elimination of freedom and independence to their will , or just the extension of their doctrinairism's influence and control.
The shameful history and culture cannot push National strategic deployment , and tolerate the existence of freedom and independence.
So for shameful history and culture , the inoffensive Ending of history is a an affront and challenge , or a subversive impact.
Themeans of shameful history and culture employed by their in pursuit of this policy are only by considerations of violence , subversion , and deception ; and reject considerations of National and Homeland loyalty.
The shameful history and culture's policy toward our Country is blue-printed by a deadliness , animosity and fearfulness.
The shameful history and culture's strategical deployment is to destroy the complicated of forces in this country , put simply , they are making no sense , but they convinced that one conclusive "BIG WORDS" will lead our downfall blow , and it will not seek that solution.
In particular , the capabilities of shameful history and culture are inevitably militant.
Unless "BIG WORDS" , the ideological plagiarism of shameful history and culture is also important affectations
Eventually , there is a ridicule , strictly speaking shameful history and culture have never been thought , which come from the unmoral hegemonism action.
The biggest vulnerability of shameful history and culture repose on the fundamental disposition with the Nation and people ; that this disposition is characterized by denunciation and fear.
So the Nationalism still remains the most powerful emotional-political power.
If we feel able to effect National freedom and independence , as Ending of history will be able to do , and shameful history and culture are likely to overthrow.
In short, shameful history and culture ideas and practices run in the opposite direction ; and deny the National freedom and independence , and overlook the best and potentially the powerful instincts of Taiwanese.
Absolutely , of course , shameful history and culture aware of these vulnerability.
As Ending of history effectively pronounced the constructive and hopeful instincts of Taiwanese "
Shameful history and culture have already proven to be deadly weak ; however , Shameful history and culture cannot loosen crisis and mobilization , for to do so will be to lose their power , whereas the seeds of spoil within the system , than will start to flourish and fructify.

Indeed , shameful history and culture still remain re-developing their the global domination , in particular , the National military capacity.
This "BIG WORDS" force , now , always connected with the Nationalism capability , provides them with the biggest power for use in time of transition - period in pushing of their goal and takes any action in opposition to the claims of freedom , independence , and democracy which will be as intimidation and threat , in turn , starts war.
If a war of shameful history and culture start , it is considered by
台灣窮小子 , that the Taiwan is really country to prepare for war , if not , shameful history and culture will carry out the tactical actions below:
1,To overrun the Amercan and british , with the possible exception of the East China Sea and the South China Sea ; pur simply , they are to consolidate shameful history and culture survival still remain the key of deployment.
2,Shameful history and culture against the free countries in the Pacific.
3,Alternatively , shameful history and culture is to prevent any conscious of freedom and independence of the model of the "Eight-Nation Alliance" reentry into the territorial force.
As the declarative actions of shameful history and culture , which consolidated their hegemonic positions , for instance , they will conduct below :
1,The all around of Military Counterattacking Operation
2,The establisment of the Military Base in the National water.
3,The transferable and the diversionary counterattacking in other areas.
As we must know whether shameful history and culture hold the ability of war reserves , including their hidden force ; It might not be the National interests . or it will be the force of war reserves.
During two decades , the offensive and defensive capabilities of shameful history and culture will intensify their deployments , in particular by the development highest cutting - dege , than , destroy the free and democratic countries.
Shameful hisotry and culture's strategic deployment have absolutely no intentions unrelated to the National economic deployment.
In so far as the economic objectives of shameful history and culture is just plagiarizing economic processes to contribute to the Natrional power , especially , the war-processing capacity of the National Military.
As for Economic capabilities , shameful history and culture jsut provide the most optimistic reports ; however , in fact , in the the total economic force , for instance , ( 2010 - 2014 , the China $ 2 million - million , but the U.S. $ 5 million - million.)
So assuming the National policies turn to Ending of history , that Taiwan's superiority will reverse again , and this is a full-scale effort by the National science and technology will be also change shameful history and culture trend.
Moreover , as the Global history has demonstrated that shameful history and culture are no ability.
In the end , Ending of history is to start conventional - general technological competence ; intensify inherent - skilled labor force , in particular , we must give money back to labors ; not so , the National labors and people still remain to lose.


The R.O.C.'s overall policy - deployments at the current time would be plagiarized as shameful history and culture , and lies of the Economy to a environment in which they overlooked Taiwan's stability , prosperous , and survival.
The concept of Ending of history therefore starts the necessity of Taiwan's positive participation in the country , region ,and the globe.
As this broad motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】holds the strategic and policy - deployments of the Ending of history.
Put simply , we seek strategy even if there will be no shameful history and culture threat.
The motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is to push the policy of the National Mobilizable Operation.
These strategic and policy - deployments are closely interrelated and interact on one another. And the distinction between them is fundamentally persuasive , and contributes to a more transparentunderstanding of what our country - Taiwan is to do so.
The policy of the motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】of striving to develop a conventional , healthy Taiwan's society is the inherent partnership , that it was this partnership which re - find support of the United States and the Japan.
It is of course the principal - key of condition for our Ending of history to build the current and the future of the Homeland , rather than history and culture.
The motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is as far as possible to counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; and our country - Taiwan's economic operations can similarly be explained in terms of this policy.
In a globe of constant changing , the strategic deployments to build a conventional , healthy Taiwan's society are more than ever necessary to our own power , rather than history and culture.
As for the motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】, it is one which seeks by the tactical deployments to engage :
1,Open the "BIG WORD" , lies , and the wrongs of shameful history and culture.
2 ,Counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism power.
3 ,Block further expansion of influence and control.
4,so foster the hope - seeds of desolation within the Taiwan's Homeland the the Taiwanese flock is brought at least to ebe ending of its behavior to ensure to generally accepted global standards.
The motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is and continues to be the National president in this policy , since we possess superior overall power in ourselves or in dependable combination with our partners.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】of the most important conditions is military superiority and force.
In the concept and the motivation of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】, a powerful military superiority and force is deemed to be essential for example :
1,As an essential the National backdrop to the conduct of the policy of "Ending of history".
2,As an ultimate commitment and ptotection of our National security and Homeland security.
Without precedential Ending of history , in being and mobilizable , a policy of 【PRESENT SITUATION】 - which is in effect a strategic deployment of assessed to counterattack history and culture of bluff.


At the same time , the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is fundamental to the successful process that we always go open the possibility of negotiation with the China ; a Ending of history - defeat the fundamental objectives of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism because they raise tensions.
Because shameful history and culture make Taiwan adjustments in the direction of moderation more difficult ; in turn , it also tends to restrain our initiative and takes away us of opportunities for maintaining a National superiority in our war-fighting with shameful history and culture.
In the 【PRESENT SITUATION】it is desirable to employ war-fighting capability in inherence which will avoid so far as possible directly challenging ancestral tablet's prestige , and keep open the possibility to secure political superiority.
We have failed to implement appropriately fundamental deployment of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】, partly as , but also for other reasons , we now find ourselves at a impasse with shameful history and culture , which as a result growing bolder.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】is relevant to ask at the Ending of history for what? And it includes also our war-fighting capabilities and superiority to achieve the fundamental objective of the R.O.C. , and to push the National and Social environment in which can be freedom , independence , stability , security , and survival.
Indeed , we have already been potentially these war-fighting capabilities , and we know these capabilities in the political , economic , military , and psychological levels ; unfortunately , they have already been covered by shameful history and culture.
The huge majority of Taiwanese are confident that the National value , and our society - blue print - the principles of freedom , independence , tolerance are valid ; and the most importance of that they are not the ideology of history and culture.
Translated simply into conditions relevant to the lives of other peoples' the 【PRESENT SITUATION】- our National values can become a powerful appeal ; now , we seek to end the authoritarianism of history ; to end the mystification and insecurity of history.
Fundamentally , our freedom and independence also possesses a special degree of democracy.
As the solidarity of Ending of history of which is cohesive innovation through the National military force with confidence and good graces.
This means that expressions of consensus in our Nation and Society are steadily and solidly based the Ending of history.
It means that the 【PRESENT SITUATION】in our Nation and Society fundamentally that does not need history and culture.
These war-fighting capabilities within us and the 【PRESENT SITUATION】constitute a potential force in our global relations.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】within us of bearing vow to the values by which we live holds commitment for a vital appearance to our Naional and Social war-fighting system.
The fundamental tolerance of our 【PRESENT SITUATION】attitude , our generous and dynamic compulsions , and no covetousness in our National relations are superiority of potentially enormous influence.
These then are our potential war-fighting capabilities and superiority ; shameful history and culture are inferior to our Taiwanese own and our partners, in particular , the wman.
The【PRESENT SITUATION】which is within the Taiwanese people will be evoked just through the traditional freedom and independence.
This process needs , Ending of history , that regarding the fundamental political, economic, and military coniditions of the current situation be made transparently and openly so that will be formed a 【PRESENT SITUATION.
The【PRESENT SITUATION】having achieved a National comprehension of the this Republic ; and it will still remain for people and Government to arrive at a consensus.
And than , out of this common 【PRESENT SITUATION】will push a solid resolute expression of that National willpower.
The aggressiveness in this process depends on the Government's Ending of history.
History and culture cannot afford and challenge the extremism and terrorism , but the 【PRESENT SITUATION】can make up for security - vulnerability , when it maintains apparently Ending of history in its most inclusive historical - sense.
That is why we own inherent unity , confidence , and common objective.
In sum , the capabilities of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】in an important sense ; a capability of our Taiwanese own ; an assertive decision to summon up the potential within ourselves , and than , spread it to others.


Rather than in contrast to the National economy of the China , Taiwan's economy as the free economy as as a whole is at current directed to the providing of rising standards of people's living.
This difference in emphasis between the two economies of Free and State means that we are ready to fight of freedom and independence to support the National development effort.
For instance , the National military budget represents 5 percent of its gross national product , which is not related to history and culture , including the Economy.
Put simply , history and culture are little direct investment in the National military budget including the Economy.
Nonetheless , given time to process to the National Mobilizable Warfare effort , the restituted capabilities of the Taiwan's economy will be enormous.
In the trajectory of history and culture , a question whether they will be ability and time to mobilize our country - Taiwan's manpower superiority ; history and culture whether will be of decisive strategic definition to effort.
In longer term , the war-fighting capability of the Taiwanese economy is a build-up of economic to support the National political and military superiority , but as in the case of history and culture , they cannot be proper allocation of the National resources.
On the other hand , the Free Economy is allocating only approximately 30 percent of the National resources to defense - investment ; and big little of its investment outlays are directed to the National industries.
It is the most impressive the Economic miracle of the Free economic superiority which can be made transparent information.
It should be noted that the "BIG WORDS " of history and culture are having several reasons:
1,the facts are always rejected because data were available.
2,history and culture are enjoying playing the annual plan , rather than actual rates of production.
Furthermore , the Free economy can be made absolute increase and can thereby increase the allocation of resources ; in the accumulative process , we will intensify economic , and military superiority with our partners - countries.
As the 【PRESENT SITUATION】with a high level of economic activity , the Taiwan will soon restore gross national product , just kick out of history , culture , and economy.
Progress of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will permit , and will Taiwan itself aided by , a pushing the economic and military superiority of the freedom and independence ; furthermore , a dynamic 【PRESENT SITUATION】 expansion of the National economy will be achieved.
Ending of history is fact of fundamental importance in strategic deployment the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to the Taiwan ; rather than history , culture , and the economy.



The National economic policy is a principal deployment in the conduct of the intentional reations.
It is a deployment which can powerfully impact the National environment in tactical models advantageous to the National security and Social welfare , too.
It is a tactical deployment particularly fit to our Taiwanese capabilities of "
竹篙倒菜刀" ; its provided perseverance of the understanding essential to a realization of our National potentials.
Finally, it is a tactical mean peculiarly appropriate to counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The preceding analysis has shown that a fundamental condition in program of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to prevent shameful history and culture design is the development of a successfully free and independent system among the country.
It is apparent that economic conditions are among the fundamental determinants of the National intention and the National power to counterattack subversion of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
So , the Taiwan's National economic policy has been designed in the National system of the freedom and independence.
The principal intention of the National Economic Strtategic Deployment can be summarized as follows :
Assistance to Partners in recovery and the re - integration of a viable National economy (NEW OF NATIONAL ECONOMY)
History and culture are only bringing about their special needs , and no longer to meet our Country's special interests , or meet the National Commitment and Responsibility.
Assistance to Partners efforts to reestablish the National economy based on multilateral trade and the Reciprocal Trade Agreements , and reducing trade barriers , in order to avoid destructions of shameful history and culture.
In the short and long term , Economic intentions war-fighting capabilities are directed to the strengthening of free and independent policy - deployment for the Nation , and despite certain inadequacies , which economic intentions will be powerfully supported the National overall objectives of the Economic Policies , in particular , the problem of the National balance of payments.
The question must nevertheless be the 【PRESENT SITUATION】economic intentions whether current will adequately support the National Economic Policy in the future , rather than history and culture.
Taiwan , the 16 years have been indecisive in the National Economic Policy , despite that China , where has made considerable progress in integrating economy , but still faces very big problems.
On balance , neither history and culture cannot build the National economic suoperiority.
The important question therefore becomes , what are the trends of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】economic intentions?
As various conclusions seem to show.
According with the CCP success , which is just providing a springboard for economic situation , but they overlooked catastrophe of history and culture.
Although the CCP may face serious economic problems , in turn , it is also probable that the catastrophe of history and culture of the social and economic problems faced by the free countries.
Indeed , meanwhile , with the United States assistance of partnership , that will still remain to achieve the best standard of historical production.
New Economic Intentions will intensify the Economic Ontegration , which will in the long run tend to improve the National productivity and to provide an economic and political environment to stability.
In particular , the Economic Integration of history and culture cannot be enough to provide country with opportunities.
So , Taiwan still faces economic problems which will need a【PRESENT SITUATION】of Ending of history ; At the same time , a reinforcing of the National position is essential if the stability of the National Economy is not to be destroyed and it will be to be a focus of counterattacking to history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
In particular , Taiwan's National commitment is also important in building up the National defensive capabilities.
The stability of any probable regimes of history and culture would be doubtful , so as the problem is lacking of the dynamic economic intentions.
Indeed , the 【PRESENT SITUATION】of assistance in economic development is important as a tactical means of that holding out the intentions to the people of improvement in standards of living.
But the most important are intensifying of the central government's war-fighting efficiency , which will make more effective use of Nation's enormous manpower resources , rather than history and culture.
In short , as we look forward to the future , the history and culture programs deployed will not meet the demands of the free and independent countries.
The objectives of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】are to reinvigorate our efforts in order to reverse history and culture trends and to achieve our National fundamental goal.
In fact , the R.O.C. possesses the biggest military potential and force in the Nation.
However , the history and culture military weaknesses , and coupled with the inferiority of forces in being ,which lacks tenable positions.
Put simply , The military superiority of our Nation to current National Commitment, but , is not alone the decisive condition ; it is true that our National military superiority is also true that there exists in the National Commitment , rather than history and culture.
The global and regional situation , and as well as National commitments , thus , our military superiority should be put confronting our people.
When our military superiority is related to the National situation and balanced against the likely emergencies of such a situation ; it is apparent that our military superiority has been becoming dangerously.
Nonetheless , consistent with the aggressive threat facing us and in unanimity with overall strategic deployment ; we must build on a continuing basis as partnership.
If the【PRESENT SITUATION】of increasing our military power is adopted now , we will have the capability of counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , and than , eventually of winning the initiative ; if not stopping the counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , which in war itself.


It is apparent from the preceding explanations that the integrity and vitality of the R.O.C. war-fighting system is in bigger crisis and threat than ever before in historical single.
We will face the global fact in a narrowing history and culture , the lacking of stability and security is becoming less and less confident and tolerable.
The shameful history and culture design seeks to destroy nation by means which the National free,independent,and democratic system.
The shameful history and culture adds new stretchs to the troubled equilibrium ; no confidence exists in the Nation,and confuses Taiwanese doubts in our minds whether the Tiawna will long tolerate this tension of the shameful history and culture.
As the crises and threats we face are of a new National stability and security,corresponding with the Ending of history in which we are engaged.
Indeed,for a independent and free country which is never absolute success , since independence and freedom are never total accomplished , but they are in the National process of being accomplished.
In turn,shameful history and culture of the Taiwanese are absolute defeat.
There crises and threats shameful history and culture in on the R.O.C. , the Taiwan ; so as to give our Taiwanese no option,ultimately,effectively being beaten by them.
Shameful history and culture are quite apparent from an imperial theory and practice that they seeks to bring the independent and free country under their authority by the model of "BIG WORDS".
For instance,the model od war-fighting is to subvert by infiltration and intimidation.
As every advantage of our Taiwanese are is taken of the fact of Ending of history that our tactics of prevention and counterattacking are limited by those Ending of history principles which are precisely the ones of shameful history and culture that give our Nation.
None of our Nation scruples deter those shameful history and culture saying is ""BIG WORDS" is that which changes the revolution."
Thus the strategic deployments by which we sought to restore our own health in the conventional history and cuklture,now seek to restore that of the independent and free country , come to counterattack.
There are having no better choice,rather than to capitulate in shameful history and culture ; instead of appearing powerful and solid Ending of history,it is the war which we our Taiwanese must win - our fundamental indepependence and freedom give it the first priority.
After all,a course of eventually leading to shameful history and culture rule , if this will be to happen in the effect,and eventually upon Taiwan will be catastrophic.
Our fundamental indepependence and freedom are lacking of the National loyalty and will of Homeland ; it is the most biggest mistakes we will only emphasize the National loyalty and will of Homeland in the Ending of hisotry.
No one can keep shameful hisotry and culture, since they are strong enough to protect our Nation and Homeland ; they will being demonstrated by noxious - they are adversaries to Taiwanese.


According with four possible tactical operations by the Nation in the current situation can be defined,such as they as:
The role of Ending of history - freezing must be considered in action.
In any case,this is as among National sovereign as in relations between people and country ; through history and culture possess superiority,but their fundamental position would be better pragmatism and realities needs.
Ending of history can and does enforce the 【PRESENT SITUATION】,so that it can be expected to underatand and know more about the realities of its National status.
History and culture does not have to be responsive in any significant National sense to public opinion,in turn,lacks of confidence and consultation.Perhaps that it can influence public opinion,but isolating the peoples under its control.
The conventional history and culture , and the Taiwanese are important advantages of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
Shameful history and culture still remains with the unfavorable trend of our National status at this time.
For although the Taiwan probably now confronts a predicament,principally in shameful history and culture,and a inadequate to provide a powerful counterattacking,and open the road to success in the long warfare.
The tactical key-factor is to create free and independent political and economic conditions in the Nation ; used by force to counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism attacks and threats , and in order to make shameful hisotry and culture automatically withdraw, and eventually transform themselves.
It has been shown in shameful history and culturethat truly effective control,we will need such a free,independenct,and opening up of the country.
The evidence of the【PRESENT SITUATION】in model of warfare of its good confidence and its intent to share in stability and security as to reflect or at least start a change in Taiwan.
Apparently,under present circumstances shameful history and culture cannot solve the National change,then,what is the role of the Nation?The【PRESENT SITUATION】.
In the first place,the Taiwanese in free and independent country will need,as a Ending to solid directed to shameful history and culture.
The【PRESENT SITUATION】still remains,this view will get power, even on unimportant issues.
The free and independent country must always to be ready fighting,therefore, we are prepared to take and be ready the maintainable at times in the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
Shameful history and culture must recognize the National defination-and at what stages--to accept the Ending and the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
The fact that shameful history and culture is impossible without such a radical change in the National strategic policy-deployment.Although, as a result of the "OUT-OF-SORT",since the lack of integrity.
Therefore,a good 【PRESENT SITUATION】is an essential element in the ideological conflict.Put simply,shameful history and culture is just a tactical deployment.
In the second place, suspecting that the 【PRESENT SITUATION】in cooperation with other partners-countries,such as the United States and the Japan,decides and acts to increase the power of the country,and chooses the path of the furure.
In short, our strategic objective is Ending of hisotry-the 【PRESENT SITUATION】,where desirable is,the gradual Ending of shameful history and culture and push that process,if possible, resort to force.
For this reason,shameful hisotry and culture will accept,if it is acting in bad faith whenever and wherever there is an opportunity to do so.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】is not a segregative action, but rather a means of winning Ending of history,and of assisting further progress while helping to reduce the risks of war.
Ultimately,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is our strategic objective ; the Ending of hisotry can place confidence as an enforceable tactical deployment of stability and security.


Social and Economic and social aspects : the current foreign economic policies and deployments of the Taiwan will not produce a solution to the problem of National economic equilibrium,notably the problem of hisotry and culture will not create an economic , political base to stability.
As a Ending of history - the 【PRESENT SITUATION】in assisting the restoration and expansion of resuscitation in Taiwan and has been a major condition in corruption of shameful history and culture.
Progress in this direction of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will need integrated National political,economic,and military strategic deployment with policy , which are supported by Ending of history , rather than history and culture.
The moderate 【PRESENT SITUATION】now in power in many countries , since history and culture cannot be unable to restore or keep their people support , and just making much of authority unless they are willing to change.
However, unless such the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is added by an equally far-sighted and vigorous Ending of history political,economic,and military strategic deployment ; we will not be successful in particular we will re-turn to the home field of shameful history and culture.
In short , shameful history and culture will not be in making effective use of the National political , economic , and militray potential ; On the contrary , Endig of history of the National political , economic , and militray situation will make the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to become favorable unless we act to reverse shameful history and culture trends.
Shameful history and culture is a militates against successful with the Nation , also , they cannot resolve the pending issues , even will reflect the current and the future pragmatisms and realities and they will be unacceptable ; in turn , history and culture are a catastrophic.
So , unless a decision of Ending of history has been made and war-fighting operation undertaken to re-integrate the National superiority , in the broadest sense - the 【PRESENT SITUATION】; not so , an attempt to through history and culture will be ineffective and probably long drawn out of losing ; and will thereby seriously delay the Taiwan's development.
This is true despite the fact that history and culture have provided the current National capability ; as in light of present trends , shameful history and culture will not withdraw , in other words , they still readily exploit to its great "BIG WORDS" superiority.
In short , the ideas of shameful history and culture are unreal , given their design for an imperial supremacy.
Military aspects - on the the basis of current deployments . Taiwan lacks of a potential military capability and superiority , especially , a reality of war-fighting capability.
As in the next few years , apart from a powerful counterattacked capability which must be building up our ourselves for a general offensive.
When the 【PRESENT SITUATION】probing revealed a determination of Ending of history and an ability to counterattack encroachment upon it.
The relative military capabilities of the Taiwan are declining, with the result that its determination to counterattack will also decline and that the 【PRESENT SITUATION】the commitment and protaction of the R.O.C.as a whole will be freedom and independence.
"WE ARE READY TO FIGHT" will become more and more important not only to prevent history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; and in addition to support a national policy designed to reverse the current trends in shameful history and culture.
It is , therefore a base upon the 【PRESENT SITUATION】which its increased Ending of history can be rapidly built with maximum efficiency and economy of the National military superiority , rather than history and culture.
Political aspects - the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is seeking the initiative in partnerships.
Although there are , but a decline in morale and confidence in Taiwan we can be expected ; in particular , the "HOLLOW" of the Taiwan.
As politically , the 【PRESENT SITUATION】recognition of the implications of a continuation of current trends will mean that our Nation will not be never turning.
Taiwan lacks enough tactical deployments to counterattack such expansion of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
As the dilemma is not in Taiwanese ; continuation of current history and culture trends are is likely to lead "TAIWANESE PEOPLE ANNIHILATED" ; until we discover one day that our Taiwanese we have sacrificed.
In other words , the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will be choosing , by lack of Ending of history the necessary strategic deployments and tactical actions , that Taiwan will be back to shameful history and culture.


You know my heart , and you know that all there is desire ;
My mind has a small money , but my love a large one ;
You are matched to my love , let me know when my heart kisses history and culture ass ; And I know your silent voice

Ending of current history and culture trends,will lead progressively to build the National Commitment.
History and culture would result not from a conscious decision,also from a failure to take our Taiwanese war-fighting capability and superiority,even with Taiwanese commitment,or thus to a withdrawal under pressure.
This pressure will come from our appeasement Taiwanese,who have always said "BIG WORDS" of other solutions unless they have confidence in Ending , and in our determination to speed up our Ending of history to establish a successfully political and economic war-fighting system in the R.O.C. , and the Taiwan.
Superficially, history and culture have some attractiveness as a course of action, which are just deliberate decision to isolate Taiwan ourselves,or even reduced National Defence Budget , and overlooked our Taiwanese the National commitments and war-fighting capabilities by the National Defence.
In turn,history and cultrue overlook the relativity of Taiwanese war-fighting capabilities.
With the Taiwan an isolated position,we must confront history and culture violence extremism and terrorism rapidly control Taiwan.
It will thus gain a potential capability of Ending of history far superior to our own history and culture,and will promptly proceed to build these war-fighting potential with the tactical objective and purpose of eliminating power of history and culture,which will,even in isolation, remain as a counterattacking to shameful history and culture and as a prevention to the chaos of the Country.
There is no way to make our ourselves Taiwanese get along with shameful history and culture except by that Taiwanese are willing to complete submissionto shameful history and culture will.
These are the only possibilities, unless we are accepted the Empire of "BIG WORDS" of shameful history and culture ; absolutely,it will also welcome spontaneously destroy itself from crisis within the future - the anxiety for the extinction of Taiwanese.
Therefore shameful history and culture are nevertheless rough ; effects on our belief in ourselves and in our life model of a deliberate decision to Ending of history.
As shameful history and culture came to dominate the National freedom and independence , that many Taiwanese will feel lacking of National responsibility , and having abandoned our former pals and friends.
As shameful history and culture have heightened their threat to our security ; and some will be tempted to accept "peace" on their "BIG WORDS" , and so as we must be through Ending of history to build a war-fighting of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to defense Taiwan.
After all,under such shameful history and culture situation the R.O.C. morale will be destroyed and the integrity and vitality of our Taiwan's war-fighting system subverted.
Under this 【PRESENT SITUATION】 of action, there will be no compromise , just Ending , not so , we will give up country and homeland of importance.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】is not so likely, if appears so enormous and success Ending of history to achieve our National objectives.




Some Taiwanese favor a decision to follow history and culture in the near future.
It goes without saying that the strategic and tactical deployments,generally,history and culture are unacceptable.
History and culture supporters argue that since the Taiwan is in fact at trends now and that since the failure of the Taiwanese to use all-out the National force of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】,in turn,when history and culture are explainable on grounds of expediency,but we are at warfare and should develop ourselves the 【PRESENT SITUATION】, rather than history and culture.
Some further Taiwanese argue that the National freedom and independence are probably unable, except under the threat and crisis,to mobilize and direct Taiwanese inherent war-fighting capability and superiority ; so history and culture are just rolling back of the dominion of an empire.
This is a powerful evidence in the light of history, but the considerations against the 【PRESENT SITUATION】and Ending of history are so persuasive that the National freedom and independence have demonstrated that history and culture are wrong.
Put simply,the case of the warfare of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is premised on the assumption that the R.O.C. will launch and maintain counterattacking of sufficient impact to gain a decisive superiority for the free and independent Taiwan in a long war-fighting and perhaps to win an early decision.
The war-fighting ability of history and culture cannot launch effective National action is now limited.
This will probably mean a long and difficult a National predicament,in particular,they will destroy the National free and independent war-fighting system , in turn , they are a crippling burdens.
Apart from this, however,a shamefulness of history and culture,despite the provocativeness of recent them behavior, will be repugnant to many Taiwanese.
The shamefulness of history and culture are not a surprise , which their impact will attack the National morality.
While many will doubt that the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will be a right war,indeed,it is all reasonable possibilities for a peaceful settlement,and finds out the good National partnership.
Because of shamefulness of history and culture are just liquidate articulate.
Therefore,they will be difficult to create a satisfactory stability and security among Nation.
As warfare in such 【PRESENT SITUATION】will bring us our country-Taiwan victory if closer to victory in the fundamental ideological Ending of history.
If the argument of 【PRESENT SITUATION】is accepted, it follows that there is no solution and that the only sure victory depends on the steady development of the freedom and independence of the Taiwan superiority , and counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Such the model of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will bring about an internal transformation in the R.O.C. National war-fighting system.


A more rapid build-up of the National political, economic, and military capability and superiority,and confidence in the Taiwan than is current than considerable is the only history and culture which is consistent with toward achieving our fundamental objective.
The failure of history and culture deployment needs the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to start a successfully operating the National political and economic war-fighting system and counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
In turn,if possible,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】needs enough militaty force,to deter the aggressive shamefulness of history and culture.
Indeed,the National freedom and independence are great; its ability to start the 【PRESENT SITUATION】,and counterattacking expansion of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; Ending of history will be determined by the wisdom and will with Taiwanese which it meets and ensures the R.O.C. the National political and economic issues.
It is apparent,from an analysis of the past history and culture of the trend and development, that they are not now and will be in the future no absolute defense,also.
Even a preventive defensive strategy,if it is to be successful,that the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will be vital positions,at the same time,mobilizing and standing by for the offensive,also,offensive forces to counterattack and keep them off balance.
In the broadest terms,the ability to perform the 【PRESENT SITUATION】needs a Ending of history superiority,in particular,the partners by the the United states and the Japan;whatever the current and the future,to the forces that can be brought to bear by the Taiwan.
In specific terms, history and culture are not essential,furthermore,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is mandatory that in building up Taiwan's superiority ; and our technical superiority is being expanded by the scientific potential of partners with us.
In fact, it can be argued that the【PRESENT SITUATION】more bigger power readily available is necessary to counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism,since history and culture violence extremism and terrorism cannot provide the core of National power and the National mobilization base on which superiority needed for we can be built.
In part, at least, this was because they had not had the superiority on which to base a power force.
At any rate, it is apparent that the substantial and rapid building up of National power in the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
National politic and economy
The current objectives--to the achievement of which such a National superiority a necessary though Ending of history-is a renewed initiative and a situation to accommodate itself, first history and culture by gradual withdrawal.
Improvement in political and economic conditions in the country,as the【PRESENT SITUATION】is necessary as a basis for building up the National will and tactical deployment to resist and for dynamically Ending of history the integrity and vitality of the National freedom and independence of model of life.
Ultimate our victory depend on Ending of history.
Their objective of history and culture are the establishment of Imperial regime not under the National domination.
In other words,they would be the "BIG WORDS" just used against the National freedom and independence.
History and culture are no war-fighting program which will be costly,and dangerous,since they will be inadequate to prevent ultimate firing off the war.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】considerations will need to be subordinated to the absolute Ending of history fact that our very freedom and independence as a nation will counterattack threats and crises.
A comprehensive and decisive the 【PRESENT SITUATION】to win the National stability and security and counterattack history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; that Ending of history will be maintained for as long as necessary to achieve our national objectives.
A National political and economic framework for long-range of the Ending of history.
Intensifying of Homeland security and civilian defense deployments.


The foregoing report analysis indicates that the probable impact of history and culture will be intensified the security of the R.O.C.
This impact is of the same text ,in particular,Taiwan now faces the contingency that within the next five years ; and the shamefulness of history and culture will possess the capability of a surprise attack ; so Taiwan must have substantially increased general war-fighting capability and superiority , especially , Taiwanese civilian defenses to deter history and culture attack ; meanwhile,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】is to to provide reasonable National commitment and assurance ; in the engagement of war, thatour country-Taiwan will be able to survive , and go on to the eventual attainment of Ending of history objectives.
In return, this contingency needs the Ending of history of our Taiwanese in the 【PRESENT SITUATION】of inherent wisdom.
The gravest threat to the security within the predictable future stems from shamefulness of history and culture.
The political, economic, and psychological warfare which the shamefulness of history and culture is now conducting has dangerous potentialities for attacking the relative position of the R.O.C. , of the CCP and disrupting Taiwan's traditional system ; so unless sufficient resistance is encountered in the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】of warfare with shamefulness of history and culture is sufficient to assurance , in common Ending of history, timely and sufficient preparation by the Taiwan.
Even though current shamefulness of history and culture indicate that they probably do not intend involving the change ; for instance , the possibility of such consider resort to warfare cannot be ruled out.
Now and for the predictable future there is a continuing threat and crisis that we must be determination of the Taiwan to use the 【PRESENT SITUATION】as Ending of history to defend our security.
The domination of the potential power of shamefulness of history and culture,whether executed by "BIG WORDS",aggression or by political and subversive tactics,will be strategically and politically unacceptable to the Taiwan.
The war-fighting capability and superiority of the Taiwan either in any situation to respond with threats to our security, and to get our strategic objectives will being through by Taiwanese citizens.
For instance:
1 ,Grave spy,subversion and "BIG WORDS" action,particularly by text and well-directed Taiwanese history and culture shamefulness of history and culture activity.
2,The shamefulness of history and culture exaggerated National economic instability.
3,The shamefulness of history and culture brought about Taiwan's social disunity.
4,The wasteful money and time in shamefulness of history and culture.
5,The shamefulness of history and culture lack of skill and imagination in the lead of National policy and by shirking responsibilities.
Also,development of a untrue sense of security through a tactical deceptiveness change in shamefulness of history and culture.
So,such developments will weaken the war-fighting capability of the Taiwan which is cope with the threat to our security.
To reduce shamefulness of history and culture limits which no longer constitute a threat to the Taiwan's independence, stability,and freedom.
Indeed,to bring about a foundational change in the conduct of National relations by the government in Ending of history,and to agree with the National purposes and principles in the 【PRESENT SITUATION】.
Particularly,in seeking these objectives,we care must be taken to avoid shamefulness of history and culture damaging the National political,economic,and military fundamental values and inherent in our model of life.
So,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】should endeavor to achieve our National stratrgic objectives by through the pursuit of the Ending of history.
To encourage and promote the Taiwanese peoples of attitudes which will change to modify current history and culture behavior and allow freedom and independence,and a revival of the people life evidencing the war-fighting ability and determination to achieve and maintain national security.
Taiwanese people remote from history and culture influence and the myth of "BIG WORDS",and to adopt a logical-mistrust and realistic attitude toward them.
To be Ending of history,the 【PRESENT SITUATION】will force shamefulness of history and culture to recognize the National concept.
Partners,Ending of history will be as indispensable support to our political attitude toward the Country ; and as a source of encouragement to Taiwanese people resisting shamefulness of history and culture threats,and as a sufficient basis for rapid mobilization in the National military commitments which such is unavoidable responsibility.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】pledge Taiwan,and the R.O.C. the National and the Homeland security against dangers of sabotage, subversion,and spies.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】re-integrate Taiwan's National economic potential,and build the establishment of essential National strategic reserves.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】strengthen the partnership,and willing to admit partnership to the Unites States,including the Japan which increase the R.O.C. National political and economic stability,and our military military capability and superiority.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】keep Taiwanese people fully informed and cognizant of the threats to our national security which come from shamefulness of history and culture.
A continuation of current history and culture trends will result in a serious defect in the National freedom and independence ; and this unfavorable trend leads Taiwan's isolation, not by inherent our brain superiority , not by deliberate decision but by lack of consciousnesses between ourselves and the adversary , with shamefulness of history and culture.
Without such a 【PRESENT SITUATION】we will have to make withdrawals under shamefulness of history and culture ; until we find one day that we have lost our Nation and the Taiwan.
It is imperative that Ending of history trend be reversed by the superiority of the Nation.
Such a positive 【PRESENT SITUATION】,with our fundamental national strategic objective - is necessary if we want initiative and hold support and cooperation in the United States and the Japan's partnerships.
In summary, the 【PRESENT SITUATION】success of ultimately on recognition by the Ending of history , the National freedom and independence.
The 【PRESENT SITUATION】and the Ending of history will need of us our Taiwanese people the sacrifice and unity demanded by the significant importance and the tenacity to persevere until our National strategic objectives have been achieved.
Recommendations are to Tsai Ing-wen
To Dear Tsai Ing-wen : the analysis in the following report shows that the establishing of such a war-fighting system of the 【PRESENT SITUATION】needs expanded and accelerated Ending of history for war-fighting programs.







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