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The R.O.C. National War-Fighting System Security Blueprint is being provided doctrine and explanations are accoeding with Ms.Tsai Ing-wen,Mr.柯文哲,and Professor 紐.

by 台灣窮小子 


Indeed.the Taiwanese National War-Fighting System Security Blueprint is a political war-fighting reflecting of regarding National strategic deployment ; rather than "BIG WORDS" of history and culture.
Security Blueprint is in the field of ensuring the security of officially accepted views the Nation and Society comprehensions ; and including from external and internal threats of National military,polits,society,and economy ; or in respond to environment,and existing resources and potential crisis.
Put simply,the Blueprint tactical key directions and fundamental principles of National policy ; the Blueprint is the basis for the Ending of history ; detail of specific tactical guiding principle,and strategic deployment documents in the field of ensuring the national security of the Taiwanese,the R.O.C..


Taiwanese National core interests are based on values of National political and military concepts ; and are ensured by the spiritual economy and society,in particular,intellectual potential of inherence.
In turn,Taiwanese National core interests are determined by the comprehension of the fundamental interests of the Taiwan's society and Taiwanese ; rather than history and culture.


The interests of the Taiwan's society is to achieve and solid freedom,independence,and democracy ; protect the spiritual harmonization of ethnic groups ; and the enhancement of the motivational Taiwanese innovative superiority.
For instance,a particle accelerator can being home-made by Taitung's young peope ; rather than history and culture.
The interests of the Taiwan's society is determined by sovereignty and Homeland integrity of the Taiwaneae ; and the enhancement of political,economic,and social stability ; and cooperation on the basis of National partnership.For instance,the United States and the Japan,rather than history and culture.
For the basic interests of Taiwanese interests are determined by the R.O.C. National core interests,including the domestic political,economic,and military spheres,with the social,life,and culture.
As National Constitution is being real defending and constitutional rights by the interests of Taiwanese individual ; in improved quality of life ; and the enhancement of Taiwanese intellectual development.

For instance,the former President Chen Shui-Bian will set free immediately by the National Constitution of the R.O.C..

Indeed,Taiwan's National core interests are decisive ; a comprehensive tactical solution connected with executing military,political,and economic fields ; in particular,science-technology stability is to provide leading of National economy with competitive industries.
A remarkably important condition is to provide all citizens Taiwanese with worthy Ending of history,with the opportunity for them to achieve inherent innovative material superiority efforts,and the ability of the war-fighting.
We must ensure a worthy life for Taiwanese,and the whole Taiwan's conventional education, culture,and medical services.
From the viewpoint of national core interests,the most imperative tactical mission is to protect domestic industries ; the enhancement of investment and innovation tactical activity.
From the viewpoint of National strategy,Taiwan's independence in strategically important National definition of science and technology.
In this feild,Taiwan's independence of science and technology is power for Taiwan's economic stability and developement,which such commits the stable development and a certain level of National Economic Transformation,in order to meet the needs-issue of current and future generations of Taiwanese.
The unity and property of the National economic area and the existence of a diverse domestic market are a most important for the R.O.C..
Taiwan its preservation and development are of consolidating importance to the National Economy,the R.O.C.,rather than history and culture.
Especially,the R.O.C. National economical interests are determined by establishing for Taiwan producers economic ties that ensure local industries interests ; and the enhancement of production efficiency ; pushing competitiveness of National economic growth,that is what Taiwan must deny history and culture in economic"BIG WORDS".


At current is characterized primarily by number of countries and their integration-oriented economic and political positions in the strengthening of global political,military,economic,and financial framework trends.
Particularly,Ending of history conditions keep National strategic significance in global relations,scientific and technical,ecological,political,and economic conditions are playing more and more tactical effectiveness.
At the same time global competition to ensure technological,market,and natural resources is flaming.
In turn,based on global politics,our Nation-Taiwan should attempt to establish,including based on military force of the critical deployments to deal with Ending of history of National relations ; avoids to reverts into cycle of history and culture ; or we are still strong at new section of this global process.
The growing gap between history-culture and our Nation,alos,it will impact new model of global relations.
As the period in Ending of history will open up for the R.O.C.new opportunities to ensure Taiwan's security ; after all,change in history and culture is roughly to connect and face threat.
So as the preconditions are Ending of history for military deployment in settling disputed problems ; in turn,all this opens up,that new opportunities to mobilize Taiwanese to solve history and culture internal problems.
There has been an extension in the R.O.C. National core interests with many history and culture on problems of National and Homeland security such as countering the proliferation of terrorism and extremism ; and settling and preventing local and people conflicts ; and solving serious Homeland's environmental problems of the proliferation and security.This significantly increases the opportunity to ensure the R.O.C. Homeland security by military deployment,political,and economic tactical-means.
At the same time our National interests influence on resolving under Ending of history,ambition of history and culture are to weaken National political, economic, and military areas.
In other words,the prospect of history and culture is unacceptable to the R.O.C. since it represents a threat to national security.
History and culture are maintaining stability and security which are still insufficiently effective : Ending of history is to ensure the R.O.C. national security interests by political,military,and economic tactical-means.
History and culture only limit our Taiwanese potential,so they must be isolated in a certain degree.
All this is unacceptable to history and culture as an influential National strategic deployment - the R.O.C. power in Taiwan with Taiwanese interests.
Particularly,Taiwan is delaying increasingly far behind in terms of science and technology to lose.
Dependence on history and culture lead Taiwan's National debt growing ; crime and corruption is growing.Because history and culture are not often to the R.O.C. National superiority.
Ending of history has not been achieved,and the process of establishing a National strategic definition that defines not only the philosophical Nation but also the long-term tactical goals of the multinational society and the directions and National concepts of achieving them has not been completed.
The R.O.C. is five of the permanent member state and has an age-old history and culture and its own national core interests and traditions.
All these conditions,and at the same time considering Taiwanese has a powerful force potential,establish the preconditions of Ending of history for ensuring reliable national security in the next three decades.
The establishment of Ending of history,although,will be a lengthy process,but we have to do so.


The worse in history and culture relations, and the subversion and differentiation of Taiwanese society has established a direct threat to the National Security ; and negative processes in the Taiwan's economic development.
New global geopolitical situation that is new to the R.O.C..


Indeed,historical and cultural relations are increasing National political war-fighting instability,which this leads to the weakening of Taiwan's economic power ; for instance,the manufacturing,technological,financial and technological war-fighting links have been disintegrated.
The historical and cultural relations are increasing activity of the separationist's social ideologies,which will help the emergence of conflicts.
According with historical and cultural relations of the main reasons for the failures of National policy and economic policy both in the consequences of the National security areas ; and conflict situations based on people's feeilng out-of-sort and bias.
Especially,mass migration is intensifying the threats of historical and cultural relations.
Moreover,the meditative and purposeful "BIG WORD" of historical and cultural relations are to destroy Taiwanese life ; in particular,the weakening of the R.O.C. as the National Language.
Their adoption by legal acts and decisions that is becoming an increasingly terrifying condition rusting the National Constitution of the R.O.C..


The violation of historical and cultural relations of the R.O.C. National spiritual and loyal area ; economic collapse and social confronting-positions provoke the Taiwan's tension ; thereby establishing threat to the autocratic war-fighting system of the Nation.
In other words,historical and cultural relations are unavailability of a powerful National strategic deployment ; spirituality of social humanity,and moral standard which are only maintaining crime and corruption.
The consequences of these mistakes are shown in the weakening of National Constitution ; and their penetration into the central government war-fighting system ; therefore,the counterattacking crime and corruption of the history and culture violence extremism and terrorism are political war-fighting,and also is legal.
As a result of age-old of historical and cultural relations,usually conflict-ridden for political-ideological, and separationist's interests ; who are increasing the extremism and terrorism.
Their threat to Taiwan's health of history and culture are perturbing.
The consequences of deeper crisis are the reduction in the Taiwanese population,and twist of social framework - Taiwanese.
So,the current Taiwanese predicament is causing a losing on Taiwanese spiritual, moral, and creative potential.
Eventually,threats of historical and cultural relations to the R.O.C National Security,which counter Taiwanese consolidation and establishment as an influential empire.
They are reflected at destroying the Taiwan's Homeland security,also is involving the use of religious and local peoples' internal contradictions ; meanwhile,is involving the lack of the situations of stability and security in the precise deployment.
As a whole Taiwan,historical and cultural relations will lead the R.O.C. influence, and the infringement of the most important National Core Interests.
The emergence of Ending of history will be establishment as free,independent,friendly,and and democratic Nation , which is special importance for the R.O.C..


Through targeted war-fighting-activity by Taiwanese taking part in the checking and prevention of various threats to the Taiwan's society and Taiwanese security,with National security institutions.
National security institutions and in Taiwanese their countering,protecting the National and Homeland security of the R.O.C. is a binding and vital condition for the effective defense of National core interests.
In turn,the security of the activity of Taiwanese their countering in protecting the National and Homeland security of the R.O.C. are:
The standard of national security and tactical definition,and detail of a set of National Security Act for defeating war-fighting mechanisms in the areas of National military,foreign,economic,and domestic policy,public security.
The Ending of history starts National strategic mobilization activities at the obligatory standard.
The comprehensive and impartial Ending of history analysis and foreseeing threats to national security in all areas of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The prioritize strategic objective of Ending of history defeating the R.O.C. national security is the establishment and maintenance of National military,political,and economic strategically position,which creates National core interests for Taiwan's society,Taiwanese individual.
Eliminates the rule and importance as history and culture which avoids them to the crisis of the destroying of the R.O.C. National core interests and war-fighting capability.
The most substantial mission for establishing and maintaining the R.O.C. national security is Ending of history :
The pursuit of free,and an independent National and social economy.
Ending of history intensification of harmonious Taiwanese Homeland relations.
Through Ending of history of the establishment of equal partnership with cooperation in the consolidation of National security.
The intensification of National Security Act legislation, the consolidation of the R.O.C. statehood, and stability of Taiwan's society.
The protecting Taiwanese live and security.
The fundamental tactical deployments for establishing and maintaining the R.O.C. national security are :
The involving the operate an enforced military forces to request observance of history and culture.
The implementing National Constitution and National Security Act,and according to balance of politic and economy and the alteration of protecting National security.
The combination of military is defeating security with the transfer in National core interests of the R.O.C. and security of the protection ; in particular,the protection of Taiwan's economy,which objective is implementing an independent and free economic process.


In the domestic political territory the R.O.C. National core interests depend on the stability of the National regime,National legislation,and National order ; protection and commitment of integrity-Homeland,peoples' harmony,and social stability,and finishing the process of establishing a social freedom and independence.
Meanwhile,counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; and in counteracting conditions of national and regional conflicts.
The peoples inhabiting the Taiwan,Penghu,Kinmen and Matsu Islands ; a loyal and balanced-stability policy are importantly war-fighting missions,whose its solution will ensure Taiwan's internal political stability and National unity.
The comprehensive resolution of these war-fighting missions must form the basis of National Security Consensus,and ensure the development of the Taiwan as a free,independent,and democratic country.
The R.O.C. National core interests counterattack in the crime and corruption of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism need the consolidation of the efforts of Taiwan's society and Taiwanese people.
The restriction of social-political and the economic basis of these illegal history and culture extremism and terrorism,and establishment of a comprehensive National Security Act in order to put an effective prevent to crimes and offenses ; ensure that the Taiwanese,Country and Society avoid from criminal harms.
And meanwhile,build a war-fighting mechanism of National Security Agency for monitoring the criminal history and culture.
In turn,the efforts of the R.O.C. Nation and Taiwan's society whose are work together toward preventive social war-fighting mechanism ; upgrating law-Ending of history Taiwaness citizens from tactical objective.
The counterattacking organized crime, corruption of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism,and protecting every Taiwanese right ; whose security regardlessness of local,religion,and concepts.


National interests in material science and culture,and largely determine the Ending of hisotry of change and their result.
The material science and culture rebirth and social moral values directly impact National economic development and people of life.
It is extraordinarily important to establish in the ideals of a high level of Ending of history humanism and to develop the conventional National history and culture.
The achievement of this strategic objective needs to rule out the destructiveness of organized crime, corruption of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; Ending of history commits the preservation of its the R.O.C. National values and the further intensified development of Taiwanese inherent 108 brain-superiority.


The National and Social harmony are on the important condition for partnership ; which are intensifying and ensuring the real fulfillment on the basis of National and social support , and developing mechanisms for responsibility of partners.
The most important tactical mission in this process is to seek equitableness and efficient distribution of strategic deployment , rather than history and culture.
In particular , National institutions of executive power , their war-fighting objective is to prevent the attacks and threats to the R.O.C. National core interests.
In turn , the reinforcing of political and social stability is to achieve superiority efficiency in the National power institutions , which ensure the R.O.C. National security mechanism ; and the most important condition is to eliminate entanglements of history and culture , yet , the fundament of this stability must be open and compromise.
The concept of national and social harmonization is to expressed through Ending of history interests , also they are powerful force that counterattack history - culture violence extremism and terrorism , in order to push and integrate the social core interests in the R.O.C.
According with citizen's education of Ending of history , the intensifying of the National solidarity of Taiwanese and must become a most important strategic principle for the National modern culture and social relations.
The Ending of history starts the concept of national and social harmonization will lead our Nation to get into new model of historical era , and maintain National stability and cultural development.
Ending of history of a rule-of-law depends largely on the responsibilities and powers of organs of National power.
The protection of Ending of history includes the system of institutions of National power to stop any encroachments of history - culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The main strategic objective of the protection of legislations of Ending of history are to prevent the transformation of National relations into corruption ones.
The protective tactical deployments , such as :
The legislations of Ending of history are to commit the National integrity, the unity of the legislations , and the R.O.C. National core interests.
The best warfare model is to take commitment of "kicking out of history and culture" regional policy.
The improving of National security mechanism for preventing the political parties and public associations standing for separatism and anti-National Constitution wills for stopping their activity.
Re-balanced social policy - its must focus on building an effective against crime forces which in order to ensure reliable protection of the interests of the civil society and Nation.
In order to prevent and counterattack crime of history - culture violence extremism and terrorism ; Ending of history is primarily to develop new model of the basis of laws , and the protection of citizens' rights and legitimate interests.
For instance , it is important to fire off crime of history - culture violence extremism and terrorism in the economic and the social crisis.So , it is essential to active End of history to eliminate the corruptions of organized crime of history and culture.
Ending of history is to push the National role as commitment of National security and to establish the National security mechanism and the legal fundation.
To re-integrate the National Security Agency and Central Investigation of Agency of law enforcement organs , in order to prevent illegal actions of history and culture violence.
Ending of history strategy is the important tactical deployment for counterattacking history and culture violence ; society is to understand about the decision-making and deployment adopted by the National Security Agency and Central Investigation of Agency.
With history and culture to preventing corruption , it is necessary to re-integrate the National Security Agency and Central Investigation of Agency to counterattack extremism and terrorism , ensuring both the R.O.C. or Taiwan the security of the war-fighting system as a whole.
The tactical deployments of counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism must be using National power in successfully countering these organized crime.



Considering the deeper transformation in the foundament of the R.O.C. National partnership , or it can be concluded that the threat of the P.R.C. is basically non-existence in the predictable future.
While the rapid changes in the globe , threats to the R.O.C. national security remain in the age-old of history and culture.
In particular , we cannot drive out plots with history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Indeed , the most real threat to the National defense level is posed by potential hotbeds of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The proliferation of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism poses a serious threat in the Taiwan.
At the same time the "BIG WORDS" of threats connected with the global economy is expanding.
Even when there are no damaged intentions with regard to Taiwan , these Left-stupid has shaped a potential military threat.
For instance , China's arms expansion that its transformation into a dominant military-political force in the East Asia and the Pacific Ocean , and creates a age-old of model of history and culture , which will be radically dangerous for Taiwan.
As the current strike mechanisms are also the inadequate effectiveness of maintaining stability and security.
Threats to the R.O.C. national security in the defense level also exist in the National military organization ; and the process of the transformation of the Gaps of history and culture laced of sufficient deployment of National defense.
At the current stage this is shown in the R.O.C. armed forces and military formations ; the troops forces superiority is in the extremely inadequate , in order to reduce the National security potential for the R.O.C..
The unpromising history and culture involvement is the destabilization of the R.O.C. war-fighting capability and superiority , and brings about the political and economic instability situation in the Taiwan.
So , an analysis of the threats to the R.O.C. national security shows that the current and the future does not have a military deployment , in addition to focus on the age-old of history and culture levels.
So , the development of directly new partnership , and the presumptive absence of the threat of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , yet , the National deterrent potential is Ending of history to re-distribute the resources of the country and society on a priority.
The R.O.C. national core interests in the National defense level depend primarily in ensuring the security of the Taiwanese and society , and the Homeland against aggression by situation.
The commitment and protection of security in the National defense level needs the efforts of the country and the society to be concentrated on the National military systems.
The current National military system chaos , and it must be transformed which take account of the changed balance of military forces ; and make effective use of the National , conventional history and culture , economic potential to ensure an appropriate counterattacking to threats of history and culture violence extremism and terrorism to the R.O.C. National core interests.



So-called the critical status of the National economy is the principal condition of the reveal of a threat to the R.O.C. national security.
This is apparent in history and culture ,economics and sociology ; the destruction of National scientific and technical potential and superiority ; the decline in in investment of industries , and lacking of innovation ; meanwhile , an interval of the National agriculture ; the disarray of the currency system , and than , in order to bring about the the reduction in the income both between the central government and the local governments , and the growth of the National debt.
An undoubted threat is posed by history and culture ,economics and sociology that increase in the share of economic model based on "BIG WORDS" , which will fire off to the conquest of the R.O.C.'s domestic industries and markets by the globe.
History and culture threatening are characterized by the National finance , and along with skilled personnel and intellectual property from stealth ; an increase of National strategic important in dependence on foreign partners.
The weaken in the R.O.C.'s National scientific and technical potential has led to Taiwan's loss in the globe.
Indeed , the National science and technology is the most important National economic strategic defination ; the disintegration of industries , and an increase in the probability of shameful history and culture , no wonder Taiwan is becoming dependent on the China , so makes it tough to achieve the National development.
This particular threat is coming from shameful history and culture , since the economic revival of shameful history and culture is impossible , or they have never had significant the National economic strategic deployment.
A threat to the R.O.C.'s security in history and culture , in which , in consequence of predicament of National economy ; and the most the population living below the poverty line - Social opposition , where have been firing off , and large grope of citizens , and the escalation of social tension.
The growth of oppositive , unfair history and culture phenomena in the Taiwan's society attacks the National Wisdom of the R.O.C. and Taiwan's production potential ; and a decline in National population ; and than , they have been giving heavy losses Taiwan's economic development , in particular , the growth of the "MENTAL SICKNESS"!
This threat is particularly great for history and culture , including sociology and economics.
According with the threat posed by the Taiwan's economic development and decline of the social situation that they are directly dependent on the great for history and culture , especially , whether they cannot , nor recognize the inability of these issue.
Besides ,the lacking of effective and powerful legal and loyal mechanisms ; and the National war-fighting system cannot prevent emergencies of war-fighting situations to face threats , crises and risks.
So the negative processes in the economy worsen the separated tendencies of the R.O.C. , and fires off the threat of the Homeland - integrity.
The main means for maintaining the R.O.C. national security in the domestic economic activity are Ending of history , establishing the National loyal mechanisms , re-building National legislation , in order to full of counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
To re-integrate and develop the National scientific and technical production potential ; to shift to economic growth , at the same time , reducing the catastrophes of history and culture , and to upgrade the competitiveness of industrial and intensify the people's welfare.
An effective , the best tactical mechanism is to face the transformation of market economy , to the achievement of economic liberty for society and every citizen , rather than history and culture.
The most important tactical tasks in ensuring National economic security are competitive ; to that war-fighting missions should be taken encouraging the transfer of new technologies to industries ; denied "BLACK - HEARTED"of history and culture that they will ensure the competitiveness of Taiwanese industries on the global market.
Ending of history will help the growth and development of National and social prosperity , and under the equal conditions to ensure citizens' rights , and in the educational science , intensify society's moral and spiritual development.
The country must decisively strive to clear discriminatory restrictions on the history and culture since history and culture are no power of any political decisions on Country ; and they have been vringing about economic or moral damage on Taiwan's society of our citizens and industries.



Indeed,Taiwan's National core interests are to concentrate the efforts of Taiwanese,and carrying out as the observance of citizens' constitutional rights , and are determined by tasks as independence and freedom.
In particular,the protection of national physical values ; public morality and integrity ; the protecting of citizens' right to receive reliable partnership , and the development of modern science and technology.
Systematic Security activity by the Nation to execute these missions will enable the Taiwan to re-join the global development in the next three decades of the future.
At the same time the use of shameful history and culture to handle the consciousness is impermissible.
The National and Homeland Security must be protected against leaks of important political,economic,scientific-technical,and military.
Taiwan's National core interests are long-term in identity and they National strategy define the main objectives on its Ending of history trajectory ; establish the current and the future of the National domestic and foreign policy, and are achieved through freedom and independence of the National administrative system.
In the end,a imperative condition of the achievement of Taiwan's National core interests is the Ending of history of resolve domestic political, economic, and social war-fighting mission ; irrespective of the intentions of shameful history and culture,and to maintain a standard of living for the Taiwanese ability and superiority such as to ensure national stability and social security.


We are seeking security purposed at affirming partnership in the freedom and independence and at our equal cooperation is a most significant framework in ensuring the Taiwan's National and Homeland security.
As an influential National security power,it will support partnership,and also,we will not seek expansionist and hegemonism of history and culture.
The R.O.C.'s strategic deployments and policy gives priority to ensuring the most substantial National core interests,developing the comprehensive and integration within secure framework.
First,we are Ending of history,and according with the National Constitution,that we advocate the Left-wing of history and culture,whose belong to extremism and terrorism.
The development and deepening of relations with the National security war-fighting system is a most important condition pushing the settlement of the National political,economic,and military conflicts, ensuring Taiwan's social stability,and ultimately deterring extremism and terrorism within the Left-wing of history and culture itself.
Taiwan is in fully equal participation in the Global economic and political frameworks,therefore,in our striving for cooperation,Taiwan will continue to develop partnerships with the United States,China,and the Japan ; rather than history and culture.
This is in line with the Taiwan's political,military,and economic interests,and will ensure an opportunity for Taiwanese full-scale inclusion in all global processes.
The Ending of history for ensuring security geared to the next three decades and based on the National principles of equality and indivisible security for the must become an absolute condition.
This presupposes the creation of a fundamentally new system of the National war-fighting system.
In this process it is necessary to make maximum operating of collective efforts along with Taiwanese in the long term.
The R.O.C.will persistently and solidly honor National commitments in the counterattacking history and culture violence extremism and terrorism ; will implement Ending of history to strengthen citizen's confidence and stability and to ensure military superiority.
In the end,the Taiwan needs an active Ending of history of the National war-fighting system tactical target at consolidating the R.O.C. positions as a Nation ; to ensure the inviolability of the territorial integrity of the Nation and to protect its constitutional system against possible attacking by history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
The achievement of the National security war-fighting system is determined by the Ending of history and equal partnership,and create advantageous conditions to develop dialogue and all-around cooperation.
The National security war-fighting system's national core interests also include the protection of the life, dignity, and globally recognized freedom and independence of Taiwanese citizens.




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