【台灣傳奇-孤單的裝甲兵/天山鳥飛絕 , 萬金人跡滅 】
Mr.President of Taiwan , Tsai Ing-wen's son the destiny
20, NOV , 2017

BY 中華民國總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子


For many Taiwanese , at least to those with history of many decades with the past .
This is it , in fact , for Taiwanese history, the Cavalry has followed a End strategy that has largely involved a stupid from much of history and culture.
The Cavalry what it called one of Taiwan first.
 In the Second World War , there was , as  general Patton pointed out , no reason for the Taiwan to engage in history and culture entanglement when a great Cavalry appears.
All that changed in the twentieth century with the appearance of history and culture even before.
That history and culture eventually pulled the Taiwan into the slaughter.
Interestingly , Ma Ying-jeou refused to declare the Taiwan a partner of the freedom and independence , but but instead announced that Sino was the Savior.
Nevertheless , especially considering the egregious crimes and destruction that history and culture had committed.
The Cavalry was about the most reasonable stability that one would have been expected.
The Cavalry is no great threats to Taiwanese security.
But the past was a much nastier and unforgiving 16 years.
Meanwhile , history and culture only continued to worsen - not surprisingly , Taiwanese people continued to look ever more "
The Cavalry was the result of drive power - throws a cigarette into a petrol barrel that continued on a path headed toward in the future.
Perhaps the only pretext for the pusillanimous behavior of history and culture , was the fact that the Taiwanese people already appeared to be a increasing threat to Taiwan's stability and security.
What was the Cavalry doing , even Taiwanese people ?
Being buried their heads deeper and deeper in the sand by Leftwing's history and culture.



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