Thought again the defensive trends of ROC by Mr.President of Taiwan,Tsai Ing-wen
According with Taiwanese Administration has not adopted the National Security Strategy,and taken aggressive stands on Left-wing's history and culture,Economy,so that have led many Taiwanese people in Taiwan to question central government support for the National Security.
I talk about the Taiwan as it has been backing away from the Right-wing's Independence and freedom,and a split between the Taiwanese people,that will force Taiwanese people to create its own counterattacked model to creating security forces.
Many aspects of Left-wing's history and culture are as controversial,in particular,have proved to be combative and an exceptionally volatile who can shows themselves in extreme deployments and suddenly change their status.
So Taiwan should be important to keep an eye on the potential realities that the National strategy,the ROC military role in the Taiwan,and Taiwanese people own divisions and that will not create effective forces.
The current tensions between the Taiwan and the China that should not being led by Left-wing's history and culture,or to ignore the fact that the ROC forces and capabilities are critical to Taiwanese people security.
The current high profile of Taiwanese Left-wing's history and culture have little practical impact on Taiwan's defense capability.
Indeed,these issues have already shown in most of areas,and Left-wing's history and culture make people all so clear that there are lacking of people consensus or National unity in supporting an effective defense strategy.
The political and economic divisions that divide the ROC are truly Left-wing's history and culture,and involve China,and as well as they divide the United States.
As viewed the current status quo of Taiwanese Administration,that remains lacked of Taiwan's defense,moreover,the American's President Trump is supporting more on Taiwan than the Obama Administration and increasing the readiness and force that the U.S. can supply to Taiwan.
It is the ROC that can maintain status quo of Independence and Freedom,and create advantages for the Taiwanese people.
So as Tsai's Administration's National Defense Strategy must refer to putting the ROC first,and its states that we are giving up Left-wing's history and culture,Lies of Economy,that Taiwan's Homeland Security,independent and Free Taiwan is the confidence and the superiority of country.
Putting Traditional Taiwan first is the duty of the central government and the foundation for Taiwan's superiority in the world.
A powerful Traditional Taiwan is in the vital interests of not only the Taiwanese people,but also those around the world who want to partner with the us in seeking of Independence and Freedom,aspirations and common interests.
The new defense strategy will call for more Taiwanese military efforts,but it strongly backs the U.S. and the Japan alliance and singles PRC out,as one of the challenges to Taiwan's security.
This text calls for the Taiwan to rally the Taiwanese people," and claims that,The whole Taiwan is lifted by Right-wing's Independence and Freedom renewal and the reemergence of Taiwanese leadership.
It has no relation to Left-wing's history,Economy,or any withdrawal from Taiwan's security.
According with meaningless metric of National burden has been shaped by the past actions of Taiwanese Administration.
However,Taiwan - rather than Left-wing's history and culture Tsai's Administration - that should be to blame for setting foolish goals for war-fighting objectives,so that Taiwan does bear less of the total burden than is macro economy might indicate is fair,it is also a reality.
Taiwanese Administration's focus on Left-wing's history and culture,Economy,is a dangerously insignificance standard for judging useful deployment.
As focused on the net assessment and the balance of the Taiwan's defense,the Administration should state that is not history and culture alternative to dependence on the Taiwan.
If the Taiwan wants stability and security that must establish an effective deterrent and defense capability to deal with China,Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism threats,we need to focus on establishing effective military forces that that make sure a defined common strategic objective.
And this is the fault of the ROC's  past and not President Tsai Ing-wen.
The days of depending on Left-wing's history and culture,Economy meaningless goals are end.
There is a real Chinese threat,as well as a real threats of Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism.
Taiwan needs to return to the kind of serious force planning and focus on military strategy,with deployment,and which its needs to set real requirements and really meet Taiwanese people.
I am explaining the conclusions from the analysis are as followers:
Taiwan is in the tensions shift to government,realistically,which say about the commitment to Taiwan defense.
Mr.President,Tsai Ing-wen,she did create some confusion,or over her commitment to maintaining status quo to make a firm commitment.
To Left-wing's groups those who would criticize our tough stance,, I would point out that the National Independence and Freedom have demonstrated - not only with words but with ours actions,words are easy,the defense commitment and actions are what matters.
And for ours own protection - Taiwan,and everybody must know this - "Fuck Up" history and culture,Government must do more.
A powerful Independence and Freedom of vital importance to the Taiwan.
We are atanding together by our common commitment to the principles of the Independence,Freedom,and the rule of law.
Today,Taiwan is one of the most prosperous regions in the Globe,and our Taiwanese people most significant Homeland.
The threat of China's communism is not gone,and also test our Taiwanese people will.
Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are using subversive measures to diminish the credibility of the ROC's commitment to Taiwanese people,destroy Taiwanese people  unity,and attack Taiwanese peoples' governments.
As with its invasions of Chinese,Taiwan should demonstrated our willingness to violate the National sovereignty of us.
The Taiwan is safer when the ROC is stable,and can help defend common drean and ideals.
We fulfill our defense responsibilities,and that describes China as one of the principal  threats to the Taiwan,and strongly emphasizes the value of strategic partnerships and Traditional Taiwan.
It is increasingly apparent that China wants to build a Global history and culture with their hegemonic model,in particular,gaining veto authority over other countries economic,security,and diplomatic decisions.
The challenge to the ROC stability and security is the rise of long-term,strategic competition by what the National security strategy classifies as Right-wing's Independence and Freedom powers.
The use of Left-wing's history and culture,Economy to discredit and subvert , as Right-wing's Independence and Freedom processes in Taiwan,has been concern enough,in particular,when they  with people's militia forces expanding,and there is mounting evidence that the challenge is.
Another change to the Taiwab's strategic environment is,from ex.presiden,Chen Shui-Bian,who was Left-turne,has been destroying,Taiwan's order.
Indeed,in the decades after end of war in World War II,the United States and its partners has built a independent and free Global order,to better protect our independence and freedom from terrorization and aggression of Left-wing's history and culture.
Our partnerships and longer-standing friendship remain the backbone of global stability and security,with the independent and free Global order.
But such as,China,the "One belt,One road" is now destroying the Global order and economy,meanwhile,exploiting its history and culture,economy,and attacking the principles of the independence and freedom.
We face a destructive and devastated history and culture,Economy,combined across each Taiwan's social domains,speeding up and reach,and attacking our Homeland.
Left-wing's history and culture seek to intensify their targeting of our battle capability and war-fighting concepts,meanwhile, also using Lies pf Economy short of open warfare to achieve their goals,such as, ambiguity and subversion.
So,Left-wing's history and culture, if solved,will challenge our capability to counterattack.
Taiwan's security environment has already impacted by Left-wing's history and culture,and the changing character of war.
These facts that effects the conventional superiority to which our country-Taiwan,has already grown accustomed.
As maintaining the status quo of traditional superiority will need changes to industry culture and protection across the Taiwan's National Security.
Mutually beneficial Traditional Taiwan and Taiwanese people partnerships are decisive to our strategy,providing a asymmetric strategic,that no Left-wing's history and culture or rival can match.
Independence and Freedom has support the Taiwan well,in stability and security,for the past many decades.
I expect the central government to fulfill the commitments to "End of history",kick out of Left-wing's history and culture,lies of Economy,and increase the National defence budget,that push the Taiwanese people in the face of our common security issues,and intensify partnership.
I do know that many Taiwanese people may not like President,Tsai Ing-wen's style,but it is critical to note that Taiwan's defense strategy,make it clear that "the maintaing the status quo,Traditional Taiwan" calls for a revitalization of the country,rather than Left-wing's history and culture,lies of Economy.
It is equally significant to note that we firmly re-declare the primacy of the ROC's commitment to the Taiwan in defense strategy, along with the critical importance of China and Left-wing's history and culture reemergence as a potential threat.
Since they focus on the hegemonism of military capabilities,not the Taiwan.

【The Taiwan dominates kicked of Left-wing's history and culture money】

Any influences Taiwan's ability to implement defense strategy must focus on the kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture money.
Since according with historical sources show that Left-wing's history and culture are no correlation between the GDP and military forces.
Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are worthless and meaningless as actual military capability in the Taiwan.
Taiwanese Administration now focus on some of the worst Left-wing's history and culture,Economy effort,and ones that do nothing to show real Taiwanese military capability.
Left-wing's history and culture,Economy will not put any stability,even,bring about a serious pressure in the Taiwan.
Truth to be said,the ROC,which once was the core of military forces in the East Asia,and which has the most successful economy - Taiwan.
Similarly,how Left-wing's history and culture,Economy would take years to bring Taiwan's existing forces to statrategic meaning  readiness - if ever.
Left-wing's history and culture,Economy would not make unsatisfactory with Taiwanese people,and as creating "Big Words","Evil Words" every day.
As real the ROC's military capability is absolutely critical to effective Taiwanese defense,but Left-wing's history and culture,Economy will not by itself move Taiwan towards creating a more effective deterrent and defense capability.
Why is it  happening? This is it ,the mental disorder of Left-wing's history and culture,Economy.
So far,many of Taiwanese units lack a realistic force posture and a set of End of history priorities to be reorganized as an effective combat  force,so that might well be able to an effective force for less than 5%.
Moreover,an empty nominal goal like Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are  not only meaningless in military levels,in addition,they  provide no political incentive to the Taiwanese people.
In the Taiwan where there are always well-defined needs and traditions,Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are about as pointless as any action in governance can get.
Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are ever stupider.
As for the middle people,there is no indication that they serves Taiwan's mission priorities,or meet any defense  purposes.
 In short,Left-wing's history and culture,Economy are ever rubbish.
That is it,and this is the fault of the ROC's history and not President Tsai Ing-wen .
As noted in my report,Taiwan must End of histor,and also has to put meaningful level of politiacl,economic,and military deployments that create effective deterrent and defense capabilities and counterattacking with threats like Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism.
Taiwan needs on building an effective deterrent and defense capability to face China,and Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism,potential threats­ - we are working together on the clear,common strategic goals.

【What the End of history in the ROC's impact does for Taiwan!】

The ROC does not have a functioning history and culture,yet,there is mounting evidence that this impact has been affecting capability.
For instance,Taiwan lacks of Defense Strategy,to intensify its immediate capability to counterattack to any threat from China.
Maintains the status quo of the ROC's defense and deterrent posture throughout the Taiwan by through the suitable war-fighting capabilities, in critical place - Traditional Taiwan , in order to counterattack to adversarial threats in a timely stand.
Assure our Taiwanese fellow citizen and our partners of the commitment,and the territorial integrity of all Taiwan.
 Intensify the war-fighting capability and readiness of the Taiwanese armed force,allowing for a sped-up cointerattack in the event of any aggression by a regional adversary against the sovereign territory of Taiwan Nation.
Through the deployment of the End of history of rotational armed forces , such as re-deployed the National Infantry of presence of ground combat forces ;and intensify air superiority,that provides for a more robust the ROC's military presence throughout the Taiwan's war-fighting area.
Increase the National Infantry of presence of ground combat forces provides the commander with a credible force,and,if needed,defeating threats posed by Left-wing's history and culture enemies.
Nonetheless,what is really critical about the Taiwan,is that we respond to the right kind of security goals~~~we set collectively the to provide the highest priority in defense and deterrent capability in the Taiwan,such as we are most vulnerable to Chinese intimidation,and the asymmetric attack of Left-wing's history and culture.
All Taiwan's defense strategy should be based on the military need of the End of history,rather than,Left-wing's history and culture approach to the foolish.
Taiwan is on defense strategy capability.
The most important aspect in the Taiwan,yet,is not dedicated in defense forces;but rather in the comprehensive the ROC's military forces and deployed capabilities in an emergency.
I note that Taiwanese security is a critical area of focus.
China seeks support over other the international organizations in terms of its governmental,economic,and diplomatic deployments,to attack Taiwan,and to change Taiwan's security and economic framework to its favor.
The use of Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy to discredit and subvert Independence and Freedom in Taiwan, and Taiwan is concern enough,but when coupled with its Independence and Freedom the challenge is clear.
Traditional Taiwan and Taiwanese partnership are critical to the National Defense Strategy,providing a asymmetric strategic superiority - that no Left-wing's history and culture,lies of economy can match with Taiwanese people.
This model has provided the Taiwan well,in capability and superiority,for the past timing.
The Taiwan will intensify and face its Traditional Taiwan and Taiwanese partnerships into a country-Taiwan,where capable of deterring or decisively acting to meet common challenges with common responsibility.
We are recognizing each Taiwanese people is to the same,who will able to act together coherently and effectively to achieve the National politicaleconomic,and military objectives.
Yet,the ROC capability to defend Taiwan lack a meaningful goal of End of history,and it is now dependent not only on Left-wing's history and culture,but dependent not the China,so it would not deploy military forces.


【The uncertain challenge of Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism.】

In Taiwan's domestic,where is lacking of the Homeland Security and law enforcement operation,to face Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism.
However,it is important to note,that Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism continues to be a major challenge to the Taiwan,since the activities is made by the China.
Moreover,most Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism in the Taiwan,who takes the form of military "Big Words" and "Threats",asymmetric warfare,and paramilitary operations against Left-wing's people's militia.
This poses a challenge in terms of different kinds of warfare,with strategic partners against threats that they have radically different Taiwan's social and cultural norms.
Taiwan,and its Taiwanese partners as also learning from Traditional Taiwan that fighting Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism actions are able to contain a threat,but defeat them.
It is clear from Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism trends just that the defeat of Taiwan,and operations against the Independence and Freedom,cannot defeat this threat of them.
They are only a big part of the Taiwan's  threat,in particular,influence the rise of native history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism of the Taiwan.
Moreover,the tactical model of counterattacking Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism that we must be expanded.
The require to the specific war-fighting mission,and usually to the Taiwanese partner's military,and security forces.
The maintaining the status quo is much that can be done on a Traditional Taiwan  basis,but we must be followed the End of history to kick out of Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism for the National Needs.





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