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【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~後中國與習近平】

The Post - China, Xi Jinping.
Accoroading with the leader of Chinese proves he is committed to maintaining the status quo of Left-wing's history and culture.
For many times in nearly 10 years,Xi Jinping,the leader of the China,addressing a range of topics.
The answer concerns how some recent events intersect with the long-term needs of his country.
In terms of timing,the appearance could be intended to coincide with the upcoming Chinese,,a period that has typically seen a spike in attacks by the China and its followers worldwide. From a tactical perspective,this message could be a means of rallying supporters and edging Chinese militants toward action,encouraging them to carry out attacks,particularly Leftside's terrorists who can have been contemplating an attack in the China's name. Xi Jinping has remained off the area for so long that his appearance will very likely serve both as a morale boost for Chinese supporters and remaining militants and as a catalyst for individuals or small groups to act. On a more fundamental level,he might simply be trying to prove to his followers that he is still powering,despite numerous claims by people to have removed him at various points in the conflict.
In China,no one is still calling on the real tradition.
Xi Jinping is no partners aren’t pulling him to the right way. They are doing their stealing money from the China.
Xi Jinping goes to great distances to commit his supporters that China militants fought bravely in around the world, denying to surrender and spilling blood to hold off the indepnendence and the freedom.
Xi Jinping appeals to Chinese people by reminding them of the temporal aspect of this fight,which cannot be measured in months or years but in a far longer time  range. Truthfully,the battle of Chinese people is a long battle,and the battle of the independence and the freedom  done and manifested in it was the rudeness and wasteness of the country of the toward the China.This is an attempt to frame China as just one of many battles that the China and Chinese people will fight over the coming years and decades. Measuring the conflict in these terms might be intended to support hope to those who one day want the an empire to be re-established,which itself was an historic occasion and attracting force to draw in recruits to the China's dream.
The China was not abandoned and it was conquered,and that any military victory by the independence and the freedom will be temporary. As proof of this,which is purposed to demonstrate that despite its econpmic collapse in China, the China still has the war capability to expand and spread into new territories.
From the beginning,Chinese medias went beyond the parochial to focus on the global aspects of against the independence and the freedom,threatening its opponents who took part in attacks in elsewhere.
Many in the elsewhere questioned the role played by the China and seriously doubted that the CCP group still retained the capability to partner with a Leftwides' group,for instance,the China is essentially reasserting his leadership and suggesting that he sits atop the command and control China of what remains of the group,not only in Taiwan and Hongkong more broadly,in its far-flung franchises and affiliates.
Independence and Freedom are sorely lacking on what Xi Jinping sees as the future direction of the China. He clearly see the value in expanding the China's territorial and geographic reach but mentions little about how China could avoid a similar fate as that which befell in former Soviet Union.
Indeed,China is lacking a more comprehensive and strategic vision for how to adapt to a changing environment.
As China is no time to to weigh in on both tactics and strategy while proffering a blueprint for China's future.








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