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Taiwan Alone
Both in her campaign speeches and in her initial actions after taking office,Tsai Ing-wen has made it clear that she aims in her foreign policy to follow the way of maintaining the status quo of turning away "One party,One country" that has emphasized it to one that is protected by the Traditional Taiwan,and of seeking hat he called one of Taiwan first.So surely is,indeed for most of the human history,the Taiwan must be followed a grand homeland strategy that has largely involved a freedom and independence from the rest of the world. 
All that changed in the 21th century with the emergence of Left-wing's economy even before the disastrous arrival of Left-wing's socialism and communism.That conflict eventually pulled the United States,with all partners and allies into the crisis on the front.Interestingly,Left-wing's Sino was instead announced that China was an associated power. It was now the Globe's dominant economic country.Yet,in Left-wing's history and culture of the context,especially considering the serious crimes and destruction that Left-wing's CCP had committed,so that the kicked out of Left-wing's idiots were about the most reasonable stability and security that one could have been expected.
So many Left-wing's idiots have argued that the acceptance of the CCP to participate in the Globe that it was inevitable. Unfortunately,indeed,the CCP appeared serious threats to the global and regional stability and security.
But 2008 to 2016 were a nastier and unforgiving years.What had begun with Ma Ying-jeou 2008 soon spiraled into the worst depression in Taiwan's history.Besides the economic suffering,and policits caused,he did unleashed enormous political turmoil throughout the Taiwan,and did not pledged to overthrow the Left-wing's history and culture order.
Confronting an economic collapse since Taiwan was  the most dependent on the China,meanwhile,so Taiwan's predicament only continued to worsen,and not surprisingly,Left-wing's idiots continued to look ever more inward to China.
Part of that push was the result of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy situation that continued on a way headed toward hell.So not only in Taiwan,the global arena appeared ever gloomier as each month passed. 
Perhaps the only excuse for Left-wing's idiots were the fact that the Chinese already appeared to be a bigger threat to Taiwan's stability and security.Such as having come to power,Chinese president,Xi Jinping,who has embarked history and culture on a massive military buildup. 
And what were the Taiwanese people doing?They are just burying their heads deeper and deeper in the sand. Nonsense of Left-wing's idiots - these made no distinction between the aggressor country and those being attacked,such as the current HongKong.
Nevertheless,as the Global situation worsened,the Tsai Ing-wen's administration had begun a rearmament effort that lagged in some areas because Taiwanese Left-idiots and people were unwilling to support greater expenditures. 
As a submarine was a major step toward naval rearmament.
As the increase the National defense industry aimed largely at mitigating the effects of by ensuring greater employment for Taiwanese workers. 
To nothing against the willingness of Taiwanese people to support military forces that would protect the Taiwan's oceanic frontiers.
For many decades,the Taiwanese Army was a pitiful military force,but having waited until the catastrophe of the HongKong defeat had more than underlined the extent of the threat,so that the Tsai Ing-wen's administration had no choice but to bite the bullet and introduce buildup that authorized the military.
Nevertheless,,Taiwanese peoples' support for Taiwanese Army was no means unanimous.  Ironicall,such as Ma Ying-jeou has become the President to Taiwan between 2008 to 2016.
So Tsai Ing-wen would gain sufficient support among the Taiwanese people to win an unprecedented second term,but Left-wing's idiots furious assault of the Taiwanese woman continued unabated. 
Moreover,within the Traditional Taiwan itself,which was a movement titled,an acronym for “over the hill in October.” 
The threads of the Traditional Taiwan,typified by the Taiwan First movement, ran deep in the Taiwanese people until the devastating Left-wing's Chinese attack on HongKong inally brought the Taiwanese people to their senses.
So what are we to make of this period of Left-wing's CCP,when the Taiwan clamped down with massive Left-wing's idiots?The period of the fifties certainly suggests that Left-wing's history and culture would not be a sensible direction towards which to steer the country.In economic terms,the Taiwan's economy has done far better when its markets as well as global markets have been largely unimpeded by Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.In terms of partnership,the great island power of the Taiwan and the United States,the Japan from the Second World War until now,have done best in our conflicts when we have worked with the Left-wing's CCP power against our opponents.

We are reliable partners between the United States,the Japan,and the Taiwan win the War,and economic power and military deterrence resulted in victory without another destructive war.



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