【二】【為什麼總統 蔡英文之真命天子就是這聰明】


The Left-wing's history and culture s not worth it anymore.
With few fundamental Taiwanese people interests still at stake there,the Taiwan should finally set aside its grandiose ambitions for the chaotic region.
Mr. Tsai Ing-wen,like Ma Ying-jeou before him,is not finding just how difficult it is to make this adjustment. 
Today,she did not declare that,that was an attack on Taiwan,and that was an attack on us.
So that the challenging an imperative that has underpinned Taiwan since 2016.
At the moment,we need vastly preferred to deploy to counterattack to deal with the more significant 21st-century threat of a rising China,as Left-wing's history and culture,violent extremism and terrorism.
We do know the difficulty of getting out,as the Presidental election of 2020 - provoking a howl of Left-wing's idiots criticism from Taiwan for Mr.Tsai Ing-wen.
However,Taiwanese troops remain in Taiwan today,and their mission now recast by Mr. Tsai Ing-wen as defending Taiwan's homeland security.
The tension between our goals in Taiwan and the means we are prepared to commit to achieve them remains unresolved,that Taiwan's purpose there is to expel every last Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.
Left-wing's idiots would attribute all of this toing and froing to insensibility under Mr. Tsai Ing-wen.
Such as Ma Ying-jeou was also determined to surrender Left-wing's history and culture wars and to avoid new ones,so that similar contradictions could be seen under Ma Ying-jeou's predecessor. 
In Taiwan,Left-wing and "One Party and One Country" idiots have always been cross a red line for all of Taiwanese people,and without Taiwanese people backing,they chose not to counterattack and risk embroiling the history and culture in the China's civil war.
For instance,he suffered withering criticism for failing to defend the Taiwanese people from the Left-wing's CCP regime’s atrocities.
That is why behind all of this vacillating lies a Left-wing's reality - There has been a framework change in Taiwanese people interests in the Taiwan,one that Taiwanese DPP's Left-wing's idiots are having a difficult time acknowledging.
In the past,the Taiwan has had two clear priorities - reasonable prices and to ensure Taiwanese peoples' survival. 
For instance,the Taiwanese people has never depended on Left-wing's China,including the HongKong.
But Left-wing's idiots have turned the Taiwan and the HongKong into Left-wing's China,and still depend on it.
To be sure,would be hurt by a major disruption in Taiwan's economy from Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy,so that we face of chaos in Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy,and have not made markets surprisingly resilient.However,the China is still important to us,but Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy are no longer a important interest,this is it,freedom and independnece worth fighting for. Hard as it might be to get our heads around the idea,Taiwan need to be protecting the Homeland and Taiwanese people between us,not Left-wing's China.
As for Taiwan,it is still so much in Taiwan's National interest to support the security of the Taiwan,but its survival is no longer in question. 
Decades of Taiwanese economic and military largess and close partners' cooperation have made it possible for Taiwanese people to defend itself by itself. 
We are right to be concerned by Left-wing's CCP repeated threats to destroy Taiwan, but it is current's re-build armed Taiwan that has the means to crush Left-wing's history and culture,not the other way around.
Similarly,in decades past,traditional partnership was vitally important to Taiwan's stability and cecurity.
Today,Taiwan needs powerful strategic relations with Taiwanese people - we maintain the status quo with one another.
After all,hard to build any progress in forging peace between Left-wing's China and the Taiwan.
The peacemaking has captivated me for my entire life,but 
now,the mission is clearly hopeless.
I know this from heartbreaking Taiwanese people experience. 
Nothing since has changed that reality. 
Because Left-wing's idiots are likely to tilt toward China on decisive issues,and the Taiwanese people will surely reject it.
A solution to the Taiwan problem is a important taiwanese people interest,not a vital Chinese one.
Difficult as it is for me to accept it,a solution to the Taiwan's problem is not a important Taiwanese people interest.So it is a important Taiwanese people interest if the Taiwan wants to survive as a independent and democratic country.
So that leaves Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.
Preventing a military provocative in the China does remain a vital Taiwan interest,and the one current case where the Taiwan might need to face to war. 
But we should be wary of Left-wing's idiots those who would not rush to battle.
Curbing the Left-wing's China's aspirations and ambitions for regional dominance will need constant Taiwanese people unity,not Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.
In fact,Taiwan,in Left-wing's history and culture involvements,fluctuates between prosperity and weakness,between campaign impulses and retreats into self-doubt.
The Traditional Taiwan will continue to capture the imagination of Taiwanese people,with our great power,,our special mix of innocence and proud,and our confidence that every problem has a solution and our seemingly desire to make the Taiwan over in our own image.

【2】【The Left-wing's history and culture s not worth it anymore】


總統 蔡英文與馬英九先生之前一樣,並未發現進行這種調整有多麼困難,今天,她沒有宣布那是對台灣的攻擊,那是對我們的攻擊,自2016年以來,挑戰就成為支持台灣的當務之急。
我們確實知道走出困境,因為2020年總統大選-激起台灣左翼白痴對蔡英文的批評,但是,台灣部隊今天仍留在台灣,總統 蔡英文,現在將其任務重塑為捍衛台灣的國土安全,我們在台灣的目標與我們為實現這些目標而準備採取的手段之間的緊張關係仍未解決,台灣的目的是驅逐左翼的每一個歷史和文化以及經濟學謊言。
左翼白痴將所有這一切歸因於總統 蔡英文先生的愚昧無知。



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