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Defeat PLA's Navy - the military effects of precise attack of maritime
This report shows the change in the PRC's Naval military capability , in particular , an aircraft carrier.
A critical question is to technological and financial superiority of China's military - or far from China , close to the homeland of adversaries.
As the focus on that defeat history and culture aircraft carrier will be more easier.



Concerns about dangers that will wake up if China was to get aircraft carrier , and is the main drivers of Chinese history and culture hegemony.

In addition to the almost unthinkable threat of crazy history and culture ,

China has much to fear from apocalyptic threats of history and culture , or only against freedom and independence.

An aircraft carrier possession of changes the ideas of both the US and its partners , but , will not be predicting any act.

I just do not know whether China possession of an aircraft carrier will have increased or decreased the probability of intervention ,

however, I do know that regional stability and security will have been much more acute

because in the region would have been vulnerable to history and culture destruction.

However , China does think that the aircraft carrier superiority will prevent the US ,

and becoming its primary strategic objective political arena globally.

Put simply , any China threats strike back in response to such a conventional attack will be absolutely hard to believe.

Because a well-prepared aircraft carrier power will hide and distribute its force - such a power-projection force is inconceivable.

Whether this problem of Chinese aircraft carrier becomes so serious that it stops the US from intervening ,

apparently , depends on the most attention.

Because such aircraft carrier in the hands of an evil of history and culture ,

or unreasonable terrorist would be able to destroy free and independent countries - even security could have a deeper effect in the world.

Although China's administration has stood for grand strategies with ambitious ,

basically, they cannot see that history and culture will not change around the world.

Absolutely , of course , the competition will continue ,

and China will well be able to bring its many superiority to bear against regional powers in the future ,

but in longer term , superiority appear to work against the US.

The lessons that the people , and , I fear , much of the military learned from history and culture were very unfortunate.

Because history and culture on strategy are so voluminous , and choices about strategic direction is difficult.

So I start with this fundamental fact - Chinese aircraft carrier will not be a global power , in particular , lack of having security commitments.

The logical problem with this strategy is that PLA will not creat Blue Water Navy.

In fact , in foreseeable future wars , the Naval ability will depend on major new model of weapons platforms.

For instance , if we can see adversary , we can kill it - one shot , one kill.

Indeed , the study would consider aircraft carrier conflicts , usually ,

neither nuclear nor chemical warfare would be concluded - as it is imaginable , even not probably ,

that the China will develop aircraft carrier power-projection capability.

In spite of some people see aircraft carrier as a trump card that allows airplanes and ships to go anywhere, anytime ,

but the key is that this conclusion is tactical rather than strategic.

The bottom line is that the China needs a radical rethinking of Left-wing's history and culture framework

if its strategy is to remain viable in the future.

Chinese think history and culture as a real revolution in the whole nature of warfare , at least , the dream is - China's dream.

Thus , aircraft carrier is only tool for foreign policy , but overlooked on being so lucky next time.

Because traditional wisdom tells us that China is so hard to develop the aircraft carrier.

For instance , no one will say that will need 15 to 48 rockets to attack aircraft carrier.

Similarly , carrier-based battled group , after the deployment of the Aegis cruiser , as invulnerable , as well.

UH ! do not forget ! It is surely no coincidence that submarines are to keep carriers out of their waters.

Moreover , after deployment of complex command, control, communications, and intelligence (C4I) system ,

which remain very vulnerable to devastation.

Finally , if I were a Chinese Military Commander ,

that eventually , will not challenge US superiority , even I would not seek to build blue-water navy

since history and culture lack of maritime concept.

Maintaining a blue-water navy is beyond the China's capability , and finances ,

even the Japan would hardly think of building a blue-water navy to challenge the US.



I argue that changes in technology remain changing the military balance ,

similarly , created the modern freedom and independence country by giving our capability to overcome the defenses of the adversary.

No clear , tactical deployment defeats for any of aircraft carrier.
A key first step undertakes achieving of maintaining maritime dominance -

thus understanding should become the prime driver for our freet framework over the coming decades.

If the decides not to change so that will have to find some way to defeat Chinese aircraft carrier.

None of these objectives will be easy to achieve , if it has hope of maintaining a maritime deployment - strategic ;

now , it must start to orient itself to take , defeat these Chinese aircraft carrier objectives very seriously.


【擊殺中國解放軍海軍~~~航空母艦 ? 】

擊殺中國解放軍海軍 ~~~海洋軍事精確打擊效應!

這份報告說明, 中國海軍軍事能力改變, 特別是航空母艦;

一個關鍵問題是, 中國軍事技術與財政優勢, 或是遠離中國, 接近敵人的區域;

是以, 重點是擊殺歷史與文化的航空母艦, 將會更容易!



對於中國取得航空母艦, 所產生危險的憂慮是, 中國歷史與文化霸權, 主要驅動原因;

除了瘋狂歷史與文化, 幾乎無可想像的威脅之外;

中國還有許多害怕, 來自不可摧毀的歷史與文化威脅, 或僅針對自由與獨立!

擁有航空母艦, 改變美國與其夥伴的想法, 但是, 無法預測任何行動;

我不知道, 中國擁有航空母艦, 是否會增加或減少干預的可能性;

然而, 我知道, 區域安全與穩定會更嚴重;


然而, 中國確實認為航空母艦優勢將會阻止美國;


簡單來說, 任何中國威脅使用這類傳統攻擊進行報復, 都是絕對難以置信!


中國航空母艦問題是否變得如此嚴重, 或是阻止來自美國介入;

顯然, 取決於最多的注意!


或是, 非理性恐怖分子手中, 能夠摧毀自由與獨立的國家;

甚至, 對全球安全產生深遠的影響!

雖然, 中國行政當局主張雄心勃勃的大戰略, 基本上, 他們看不到歷史與文化, 無法改變全球!

當然, 競爭將會繼續;

中國有可能在未來對區域力量產生許多優勢, 但是, 長期來說優, 勢還是對美國有效!

民眾的恐懼, 從歷史與文化中來看, 許多軍事教訓是非常不幸;

因為歷史與文化的策略是模糊, 選擇的戰略方向是很困難!

所以, 從這個基本事實開始, 中國航空母艦將不會是一個全球性的力量, 特別是缺乏做出安全承諾;

這個策略的邏輯問題是中國解放軍, 將不會創造出藍水海軍!

事實是, 在可預期的未來戰爭中, 海軍的能力將取決於主要的新模式武器平台;

舉例來說, 如果我們能看到敵人, 我們可以殺死它~~~一擊必殺!

其實, 研究航空母艦衝突, 通常不會納入核武與化學戰爭;

是以能夠想像, 即使不太可能, 中國發展航空母艦投射能力?

即使, 有些人認為航空母艦是一個王牌, 允許飛機或是艦艇, 隨時隨地去任何地方?


底線是, 中國需要對左翼歷史與文化結構進行徹底的重新思考?

如果, 它的策略能夠在未來是可實行的?


至少, 夢想是......中國夢?

因此, 航空母艦僅是外交政策的工具, 卻忽略不能指望下次是幸運?


舉例來說, 沒有人說需要15至48枚飛彈來攻擊航空母艦?

樣地, 航空母艦戰鬥群部署Aegis巡洋艦, 也不是無敵;

不要忘記!潛艦讓航空母艦遠離, 恩, 這絕不是巧合!

另外是, 部署複雜的(C4I), 指揮, 控制, 通信與情報系統, 還是非常容易受到摧毀;

最後是, 如果我是中國軍事指揮官?

最終, 不會挑戰美國優勢, 甚至, 不會尋求建立一支藍水海軍;

因為歷史與文化, 缺乏海洋思維!

維持藍水海軍, 超過中國的能力與財政, 即使是日本, 也很困難地以想像來建立一個藍水海軍, 挑戰美國!



我認為只有技術改變才能改變軍事平衡, 同樣, 創造現代自由與獨立國家, 賦予我們超越敵人的防衛能力;

對於任何擊殺航空母艦, 沒有明確的戰術部署!



如果決定不改變, 那麼必須找到有些方法來擊殺中國航空母艦!


現在, 必須開始定位, 以非常認真地實行擊殺中國航空母艦目標!

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