(the son of destiny)
19 FEBRUARY , 2017


Indeed , Beijing insists that the two sides of the Strait belong to "one China" - the People Republic Of China ;

so as Taipei has changed the status quo , and overlooked Taiwan's nwillingness.

As Cross-Strait ties have gone downhill since Tsai Ing-wen came to president May , 2016.

Left-wing governments are almost engaged in a rough balancing.

Indeed , Left-wing history and culture lack of significant confidence between two countries ;

in turn , Beijing fears that Tsai is starting a separatism claim ,

or Taiwan is feeling "out-of-sort" that Beijing is intervening all options with domestic affairs -

for instance , Mr.Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-Bian.

In other words , the Cross-Strait political environments remains to be maintaining the status quo ;

we will not be able to appease and connive Left-wing groups.

Indeed , President Tsai Ing-wen’s attention is focused on reviving the Taiwan's economic status quo ,

but overlooked the rampant Left-wing's history and culture.

As Tsai Ing-wen’s priority-deployed is to ensure the success of the maintaining the status quo and

use it as a springboard to combine her core power as the P.R.C. President.

The age-old of Taiwanese-independence power and new Left-wing groups will be likely to pose a challenge to

Mr.President Tsai Ing-wen and the DPP in the next local elections , so that will not have much room to compromise.

So giving the Taiwanese survival , I argue that it must be one shot , one kill ,

to prevent they would be connected with Chinese Left-wing's group.

If Mr.President Tsai Ing-wen m she hopes to maintain the status quo , lower the tense situation ,

and would not show her grip on power - for these reasons , a crisis between the two sides of the Strait will likely be avoided.

Left-wing's history and culture are the absence of effective , reliable war-fighting deployments ,

in particular , block to build confidence and increase the crisis.

Indeed , security and stability , and re-building cross-Strait relations will require flexibility and creativity by Taipei and Beijing ,

rather than history and culture.

So as Tsai Ing-wen assumed as Taiwanese president ,

and Left-wing's history and culture have taken steps that have destroyed mutual trust mechanism.

As Xi Jinping and Tsai Ing-wen should clarify positive confidence ,

and seeking opportunities to provide secure commitment , and show goodwill to End of history ,

push to build mutual trust mechanism.

Indeed , the preservation of security and stability in the Taiwan Strait responsibility are still determined on

both of Taipei and Beijing.

There is a great deal of unstability and uncertainty about the future of Left-wing's history and culture toward

Taiwan and China, which will challenge the cross-Strait ties.


At this moment , the most critically , the United States will not destroy "ONE CHINA" policy -

Left-wing's history and culture will create insecurity and instability in relations between Beijing and Taipei.

In fact , the Three U.S.-China Communiques , the Taiwan Relations Act ,

and the Six Assurances , have provided a successful secure commitment and promise for more than three decades ,



and since the US Naval Admiral Chester William Nimitz , he said that " we are out of money , so we must think " -

especially , the lies of Left-wng's history and culture.

According with Mr.President Tsai Ing-wen , with the DPP administration of "ONE CHINA " policy did not damage interests between the China and the Taiwan ,

in addition to intensify military force and security cooperation ; solid people-to-people ties ,

and powerful economic superiority.

Moving forward , the Mr.President Tsai Ing-wen ,

with the DPP administration should take these tactical deployments - solid stability and security ,

and further intensify ties with the U.S , and the China -

We must review Left-wing's history and culture to evaluate the National partnership , should be improved.

We should be made by prior the significant achievements to intensify ties with the United States.

This will include restrictions on Left-wing's history and culture.


For example , restrictions of 愛國同心會 and 統一促進黨's free.

While it would trigger a strong reaction from them , but Taiwan's security should not be compromised.

There is much that has been done between the China and the Taiwan ,

so as kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture to lower Beijing's nervous.

We should warn Left-wing's history and culture are ruining to Taiwan's economy and

its participation in the global community.

As facing Chinese history and culture ,

Taiwan must intensify result in stepped-up U.S. efforts to work with other countries to push Taiwan's involvement -

for instance , speed up to the bilateral economic agreements of the he United States.


【海峽兩岸新關係】 【一】 

其實, 北京堅持認為海峽兩岸屬於一個中國(中華人民共和國);

是以台北已經改變現狀, 忽略台灣的不願意!

是以2016年五月蔡英文上台以來, 海峽兩岸關係惡化;

左翼政府尋求關係, 幾乎是一個困難的平衡!

其實, 左翼歷史與文化缺乏重大的國家互信l

舉例來說, 李登輝與陳水扁;

另言之, 中共害怕蔡英文啟動分離主義主張, 或台灣不爽中共, 干預內政所有選擇;

換句話說, 海峽兩岸政治環境還是維持現狀;


其實, 總統蔡英文的注意力還是集中在恢復台灣經濟現狀;



並將其作為一個跳板, 穩固, 她作為中華民國總統的核心權力基礎!



所以, 有鑑於台灣生存, 台灣窮小子認為這必須是一擊必殺;


如果總統蔡英文希望維持現狀, 降低緊張情勢, 更不能出現對權力的掌控,

由於這類因素, 可能避免海峽兩岸關係出現危機?

左翼歷史與文化缺乏有效的, 可靠的, 作戰部署;


其實, 安全與穩定, 需要台北與北京的創造性與靈活性來重整兩岸關係, 而不是歷史與文化!

是以當蔡英文當選台灣總統以來, 左翼歷史與文化採取古老的破壞互信機制;

是以習近平與蔡英文應該表現出積極的互信, 尋求機會, 提供安全承諾,

並表示終結歷史的善意, 驅動建立互信機制;


左翼歷史與文化對台灣與中國的未來, 存在有很大不穩定與不確定, 這將挑戰海峽兩岸關係!

在這個時刻, 關鍵是, 美國不會破壞一個中國政策;

只有左翼歷史與文化將會造成不穩定與不安全, 北京與台北關係!

其實, 中國與美國的三個公報, 台灣關係法與六項保證, 已經提供超過三十年成功的安全承諾與保證;



"我們沒有錢, 所以, 必須要思考",特別是左翼歷史與文化的謊話!

總統蔡英文與民進黨政府的一個中國政策, 沒有傷害中國與台灣的利益;

而且, 強化軍事力量與安全合作, 穩固民眾關係, 與強大的經濟實力!

放眼未來, 總統蔡英文與民進黨政府應該是採取這類戰術部署~~~

穩固穩定與安全, 進一步強化與中國, 與美國的關係;

我們必須重新檢查左翼歷史與文化, 以評估國家夥伴關係, 而且, 應該改進;


這可包括考慮, 限制左翼歷史與文化;


舉例來說, 限制愛國同心會與統一促進黨的自由!

雖然, 它將引發強烈反應, 但是, 台灣安全不應該受到影響!

在缺乏官方關係架構, 中國與台灣已經做了很多工作;

是以攆除左翼歷史與文化, 降低北京的緊張!

我們應該警告左翼歷史與文化, 不要傷害台灣經濟, 與阻止參與全球社會;

是以面對中國歷史與文化壓力, 台灣必須強化與美國, 等國家合作,驅動台灣參與;

舉例來說, 加速與美國的雙邊經濟協議!




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