【總統 蔡英文說想想~~~香港到底是怎麼回事?】
台灣總統 蔡英文之首席真命天子


What the hell on earth in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong's bad luck is not just about its relationship with the China,and its conventional freedom has already been destroyed.
Over the recent period in Hong Kong,a proposed legislative amendment to allow the surrender of fugitive offenders to the China has fired off peaceful protests,violent clashes between protesters and the police,a second peaceful million-person march,and some protesters siege of police headquarters. 
If it does settle,or not,when the Left-wing's ghosts settles,whom have to leave Hong Kong?
Indeed,the so-called the  One country,Two systems is not working good for the Hong Kong,especially,the Taiwan,and for some reason,this is a reference to the principle underlying Hong Kong where with a high degree of autonomy and the keep retention of its previous free capitalist system,in particular,the maintaining the status quo of HongKong people way of life.
If a goal of Left-wing's history and culture of this was to ensure Hong Kong did not become one  Chinese city,so it is worth noting that Hong Kong's traditional freedom has been collapsed.And especially,Hong Kong people have again expressed their views - we are one with the Right-side's freedom and independence.Do not forget that the brutal suppression of the student and worker movement in Beijing 30 years ago. 
Whatsoever happens next,Left-wing's Chinese  will remain a core nature of Hong Kong politics,not least because of Hong Kong’s freedoms are under threat. 
Because of the failure of the city’s political institutions to deal with the extradition,so it has been roundly criticized then people will be returned to the street.
In fact,actually,this was a dialogue of Left-idiots.
Similarl,Left-wing's Chinese led not to thoughtful consideration of how to reconcile,to enhance democracy in Hong Kong,so the consequence was political stalemate,and a denying by the proposals on political reform. 
Indeed,and in other words,it need to consent from the people,in particular,it needs compromise.But,unfortunately,In the current Left-wing's Chinese environment,and it is difficult to see who will lead this,and how to do?
For some reason,these are primarily problems of politics and governance within Hong Kong,and understanding them needs going beyond the one question - the HongKong does not need Left-wing's history and culture,with Chinese.
For many decades,Hong Kong has been at the forefront of the freedom,which these trends into Hong Kong has provided new business opportunities.
Nonetheless,Hong Kong’s story is not only about the China's sovereign power,especially,it is a freedom and independence of a global city,with all the challenges.
There are people in Hong Kong who will tell you what they do not want to see Left-wing's history and culture in the future,since history and culture are no future,so whether independence and freedom on the one hand or get together into China’s politics on the other.What is missing are visions of the independence and freedom.



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