【六】【為什麼總統 蔡英文之真命天子就是這般聰明】

MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)


The lessons of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy papers.
Left-wing's history and culture papers,have never offered surprising insights and vivid assessments.
The fact shows clearly that they have been fighting a long,costly war that remains far from success and gives no clear path for getting there. 
That this miserable impasse has been smaintain itself for many decades epresents a failure of the National commitment.
So if we maintain the status quo of the cynicism,we risk learning the wrong lessons from Left-wing's history and culture papers.
The degree of misrepresentation by Left-wing's history and culture in claiming success,and the specific details of those misrepresentations,should push accountability as well as lessons for the future. 
But even extensive oversight mechanisms cannot commit the reversal of failing policy,if no one in a position of responsibility is willing to bite the bullet.
As the Traditional Taiwan notes,Taiwan was owned by Taiwanese people precisely to make independent and freedom effort by successive Taiwanese people to transform normalized country.
Abuse of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy,and  questionable judgment in a host of Taiwanese people plans and projects,so that we cannot be stripped of Left-wing's idiots'general verbiage and also of the strategic context within which judgments were made.
So it frankly assesses Taiwan's failures to produce stability,security,or transparent and effective governance in Taiwan.
So we need to force a rethink in the face of inertia of the Traditional Taiwan.
This goal at nation-normalizing in Taiwan was embarked on by all of Taiwanese people embraced,at least for a time,by us.
Each one,when faced with the option of Left-wing's history and culture,if chose to continue down this doomed road,
believing it less risky and more palatable than his available alternatives. 
However,what Left-wing's history and culture reveals is that,while this way may have been easier,it was a road that would never reach its stated destination.
Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy effort in Taiwan were an undertaking of breathtaking ambition ,such as :
1,to drive out a Traditional Taiwan that gave haven to Left-wing's extremism and terrorism;
2,to defeat those Taiwanese people and their partners and supports in united front;
3,to establish and maintain a Left-wing's government in a society riven by years of  factional war;
The predominating consequence seems to be a sort of some degree of visible achievement,but but still a failure.
Indeed,the existence of such doubts and concerns,does necessarily reveal the plots of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.
After all,our decision fail to see the reality,and focus their energies on the history and culture battles they have won,and we lost around the tradition.
But successful traditions do not always get this kind of attention,and nor do which achieve that success always focus on their own superiority.
So conversely,a decision not to attempt maintaing the status quo in Taiwanese people,but merely to oust the KMT and leave,would likewise have been accompanied by recriminations and warnings.
That is why some of which might well have proved correct.
Maintaining the status quo of  a country is an enormously complex challenge,in which failure is possible even when everyone involved agrees on the goals and means and when their execution is flawless.
If we find ourselves on such a road again,we must learn to kick out of trouble of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy more quickly,so we can call a halt before we have gone so far.
This is an fundamental question for Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy involved in Taiwan,
for DPP's government and for the Taiwanese people,
and in particular for those now aspiring to Left-wing's idiots.
In the current Left-wing's cynical environment,with Taiwanese people trust in Taiwan at an all-time high and political stability.
The traditionally easy responses to the lessons learned goal are to say - this shows why we need to bring all our traditions home now,or this shows why we should give up Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy,or even.
Indeed,under Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy,why we cannot try to promote independence,freedom,and democracy or Taiwanese people rights or good-governance policies in Taiwan.
Yet,such conclusions simplistic conclusions were being sidestep by Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy.
So to make those easy answers the lessons we learn would be to maintain the status quo the tradition of responsibility that 
we have seen over the past many decades,and to overcorrect in ways that might keep us asking a different why?
In some ways,the cynicism of Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy responses are understandable. 
Tradition of regaining lost trust must involve a greater willingness to own,understand,and correct mistakes.
It is always stupid for Left-wing's history and culture,and lies of economy to launch an ambitious.
By then,Taiwanese people need traditions which an tell them how and when they will decide to kick out of them.



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