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MR.PRESIDENT OF TAIWAN,Tsai Ing-wen,(the son of destiny)






Recommendation - Segregation.
The current of the global trends,will lead progressively to the withdrawal of the Taiwan from Left-wing's history and culture commitments;this would result not from a ideological segregation,but to take the actions that we must be with our commitments and maintaining the status quo of the tradidional Taiwan. 
This power could come from now Taiwanese people ,unless we have confidence in our determination to speed up our efforts to maintain a successfully the status quo of the  political and economic system in the Taiwan.
Left-wing's history and culture some who  stand for a decision to independent  themselves,superficially,this has some attractiveness as a direction of action,since it appears to bring false commitments by concentrating history and culture.
This disputation overlooks the relativity of Taiwanese people capabilities and superiority.
Left-wing's history and culture is no way to make ourselves unobjectionable to the Sino obey by complete surrender  to its will. 
Therefore independence would in the end make our Taiwanese people to surrender or to fight alone and with limited offensive capabilities in comparison with the Sino.
These are the only possibilities,unless our Taiwanese people,who prepared to risk the start the war,that the Taiwan,because of over - independence,will spontaneously devastate Taiwan from within.
This disputation also overlooks our belief in ourselves and in our way of life,and nevertheless extreme impacts.
As the Sino came to dominate Left-wing's history and culture,it is clear that many Chinese would not feel a deep sense of guilt and responsibility for having given up Left-wing's history and culture.
As the Sino mobilized the National resources,increased its military capabilities,and gone up its threat to our security,Taiwanese Leftists would be tried to accept false peace on its terms,while the most Taiwanese people would be hope to defend the Taiwan by the maintaining the status quo of the Rightside of independence and freedom.
In this station of eats away Taiwanese people morale would be corrupted and the integrity and vitality of the R.O.C. mechanism and the Taiwan subverted.
According with Left-wing's history and culture of action,there would be no interaction,unless on the Sino's means,for Taiwan would have given up freedom and independence of objectives.
It appears unlikely that the Sino would sit still waiting for such an attack before launching one of its own. 
The wars appear so success and enormous so likely that they an attempt to achieve Left-wing's history and culture goals by other models.

Some Taiwanese people favor a deliberate decision to go to provoke against the Sino - the Taiwanese Independence.
In other words,that the concept of "warfare" in the sense of a military attack not provoked by a military attack up the Taiwan or Taiwanese people that is usually unacceptable to Chunese.
In turn,that the Taiwan is probably unable,except under the crisis of warfare,to mobilize and counterattack to the Sino's oush for Left-wing's history and culture dominion. 
But the Sino is a right and powerful in the light of history.
The point for warfare is premised on the assumption that the Sino may fire off and keep an attack of enough influence to get a decisive superiority for the Taiwan in a long war and to win the warfare.
Indeed,the ability of the Sion to fire off effective offensive operations is limited to attack the Taiwan with hisotry and culture,economy.
As  this would probably mean a tough and long warfare during which the survivable capacity of the Taiwan will attack seriously and Taiwanese people independence and freedom would be devastate blow.
Therefore,a attack on the Sino,despite the provocativeness of the Soviet behavior,would be repugnant to the most of Taiwanese people.
Although the Taiwanese would crowd in support of the warfare effort,but responsibility for Left-wing's history and culture would be antipersonnel force in the traditional Taiwan.
So victory in such a warfare could have brought our Taiwanese people  little if at all closer to victory in the fundamental ideological the maintaining the status quo.



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