The rebalance to counterattack the A2 / AD.
According with the historical experiences , the United States , no matter where including any countries in the Asia , we must be maintaining a steady pace of freedom and independence to marks for attention to the Asia-Pacific.
In particular , we should upgrade the new model of deployed capabilities.
Together pals with us , that includes partnerships , war-fighting capabilities and superiority.
Recent the past few years , the Asia-Pacific region has shown the developments of Left-wing's history and culture extremism and  terrorism , so we should re-define the strategy and partnership between the Unites States with us.
In turn , we re-intergrate war-fighting capabilities and concepts to intensify the strategic goals of the rebalance in this regional geo-relations.
Many of Left-wing's history and culture extremism and  terrorism are worsening the regional stability and security.
These trends have overcome the National politics , diplomacy , economics , and military deployments.
Indeed , the Sino has continuously intensified its political, economic, and military power , and also are meeting the Beijing's forced needs.
So the most countries in the Asia-Pacific region are maintaining closer secure partnership with the United States.
Left-wing's history and culture extremism and  terrorism are complicated , and lacked of conditions of confidence and cooperation.
Left-wing's history and culture extremism and  terrorism have always provoked security commitments between the United States and the countries in the Asia-Pacific region , where military power moving against the Sino.
After all , it has never shown the positive strategy to face China's  rise , and especially , to meet Left-wing's history and culture extremism and  terrorism.
Chinese military strategy has already intensified war-fighting capabilities of the (A2 / AD)that are increasing the regional deployments and war-fighting forces.
For instance , advanced ballistic missiles defense systems , and submarines , that its goals are to outright attack , and destroy the freedom of navigation.
The key point is to kick out of the United States.
As we must reassess its China policy , and than will lead our partners to do the same.
Executing an effective countered strategy in the Asia-Pacific will need a transparent and fast deployments , such as Loyalty Homeland of cooperative partners , new model of deterred concepts , economic engagements , and military defence concepts and capabilities.
The counterattacking highlighted this shortcoming , but it remains a problem in terms of reassuring partners , and maintaining the status quo of the Freedom and Independence support.
This report just provides a explanation for the R.O.C. , the Mr. President , Tsai Ing-wen recommending an agenda for the Taiwan.
The counterattack A2 / AD rebalance to the Asia-Pacific , or the Taiwan , where is related to security and stability throughout across the globe. 
The Globe has already been attention to the  enormous potential of the Asia Pacific region.
We will have to face their challanges and disasters , such as trational Russia's ambitions , China's rise , and North Korea's belligerence , especially , Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Counterattack  A2 / AD into the rebalance is to the Pacific Asia region 
reflected the United States will not give up the Alliance Commitment . and American's interests.
For instance , secure partners , homeland dignity , and economic freedom and independence.
Counterattack  A2 / AD into the rebalance is a sttrategic objective to protect U.S. interests with our partners , and our capabilities and superiority.
We are strong supporters of the United States , rules-based the freedom and independence , and international orders in accordance with historical lessons and experiances.
Moreover , we are working with the United States , and are to maintaing the status quo of security and stability throughout across the Pacific Asia region. 
According with history shows that most countries want engagement and leadership from the United States m not less.
This takes into account not only our partnership , and also , that of U.S. strategic superiority.
For instance , the Defense Department has increased new regional deployed capabilities.
After all , Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism challenges have been emerging that the regional security and stability are worsening.
These trends have provoked against the National politics , diplomacy , economics , and even domestic security , and military considerations.
As the Pacific Asia's countries should accept closer security and economic ties with the United States. 
Ececuting counterattack  A2 / AD into the rebalance is the credibility of U.S. security commitments , in particular , secure U.S. interests with our partners.
To implement the recommendations of this counterattack will require sufficient supports and a  commitment to the rebalance over a period of years. 
These tactical objectives are unlikely to be adopted during the current Tsai's administration’s remaining time in office.
The counterattack A2 / AD will need a a long-term agreement , to the rebalance for which there is a broad consensus. 
The President Tsai Ing-wen , she has not done much to intensify hers position since she came into office , but more must be done to do so , such as :
1,Maintaining R.O.C. military presence;
2,Taiwan's new maritime strategy within the U.S. between us;
3,Intensifying Taiwanese partners war-fighting capability , resilience , and superiority;
4,Speeding up the innovative capabilities and concepts of End of history , and Kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture;
I found that the rebalance strategy within Taiwan's Government no the rebalance strategy and its partners associated conditions.
Indeed , the language used to describe the history and culture have changed substantially since Taiwan's announcement in 2000.
As resolving this chaos of Left-wing's history and culture will need that develop a clear National strategy and discuss that strategy with the Legislative yuan as well as with the United States and partners across the world. 
Counterattacked strategy clear the importance of Taiwan's regional presence , and explained Taiwan's strategy , for both internal and external Taiwanese fellow citizens.
Today , a new model of strategic report is needed for the Republic of China.
Although the former president , Chen Shui-Bian and Ma Ying-jeou , who have issued the strategic report , but this Left-wing's history and culture-focused National strategy cannot defend for the lack of a comprehensivewhole-of-government strategy. 
New model of National strategy develops a comprehensive strategy to push the R.O.C.interests in the region. 
As the National Strategy , Taiwan should develop regional strategy to deter , and the use of force to meet Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , to commit stability and security the US and partners , and to engage potential partners counterattack this region.
Given the need to develop and execute a whole-of-government tactics , this strategy should be among the released by an incoming administration in Tsai Ing-wen.
Finally , Taiwan must extablish a a mechanism by reported on critical Asia-Pacific intelligence developments and policy-deployed initiatives to improve the prospects for maintaining the balance's the status quo.
Given the constructive Sino-Taiwan relations are important to stability and security , but will not come at the cost of U.S. interests or partners , in particular , Taiwan.
Kick out of Left-wing's history and culture will help to build confidence-building  mechanisms ,  if Chinese  continues appease , that will be probably to condition military deployment to maintain the global free reules and orders.
Intensify Taiwanese peoples' war-fignting capability and superiority , particularly , we need a powerful partners , such as the United States and the Japan , since the security challenges of Left-wing's history and culture have been outpacing the National capabilities of the Taiwan.
Counterattack A2 / AD ~~~ the rebalance will mitigate security risks , particularly facing the security threats in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.
Through new model of strategic deployment to seek the interoperability of Taiwanese people , and working together more closely to build new partnership is in this direction. 
Intensifying Taiwan's security capability , needs a strategic partners that that works with the United States , Japan , and other countries , to face basic defense deployment.
Overlooks highly capable End of history for decades , but today new challenges need new model of deployments.
Although the ROC has long emphasized the pressing security challenges , but it has not executed deep integration of the capability of Taiwanese partners.
Meanwhile , End of history is of paramount importance , and including a development of Joint Operation of forward-thinking strategies especially , we are reliable partners between the Unite States and the Taiwan.
For instance , the ROC's military power is an important superiority to counterattack A2 / AD.
First , Taiwan should identify Joint operation superiority in which will upgrade warfighting capabilities. 
Such as , amphibious operations , cybersecurity , missile defense , and maritime intelligence sharing. 
These are also necessary deployments , and Taiwan is to meet challenges.
According with tensions are increasing over disputed claims in the China , so that intensifying the maritime security capacity is of paramount importance , and the biggest shortfall of maritime security among the Taiwan.
In particular, we need the United States and the Japan , is important  to our war-fighting ability to provide for Taiwan's own security. 
The Taiwan's government , will be necessary to kick out of Left-wing's groups , to solve maritime security that traditional areas of military and politics.
This is depending on the alliance commitment of homeland loyalty.
The U.S. and the Japan are a critical partners from military , political , and security standpoint , rather than Left-wing's history and culture.
Since Left-wing's history and culture lack the necessary for a rapid joint response to potential crises or conflicts. 
Maintain the status quo of ROC military sresence is the most important model to signal Taiwan political commitment.
I encountered concern in Taiwan about the sustainability of Left-wing's history and culture.
 The military and political value of forward presence from both permanently End of history and Taiwanese flocks deployed is immense. 
ROC military presence as a stabilizing force in the Taiwan , helping to deter conflict , and manage crises from the East China Sea and the South China Sea.
Forward presence provides partnership with the United States.
Working together on a confidence helps that we build partner capacity and prove it is a reliable partner.
Rather than history and culture.
The amity and the capabilities of the ROC force are on display each time ROC force contribute to disaster relief missions and assistance , so that these efforts contribute to stability and security throughout the Taiwan.
Notwithstanding , facingino's a growing anti-access/area denial threat , Taiwan and forward-deployed forces are increasingly under attack and threat.
I identified initiatives that Taiwan should intensify its surface fleet , amphibious warfare , air supremacy , missile defense , ground force and logistics-deployed , and intelligence , reconnaissance , and surveillance.
The presence in Taiwan is a strategic town given Chinese growing regional security challenges.  
Political dynamics in Taiwan have changed substantially in recent years and central government efforts have made further complicate stability 20 years in the making.
Nevertheless , I reaffirm the conclusion from study that kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture , and lies of Economy remains the best option for the Taiwan.
ROC bases on Taiwan impact on the local Taiwanese people , and intensifying homeland and alliance commitment to minimize this impact of Left-wing's history and culture , at the same time , maintaining capabilities required for deterrence and reassurance.
As necessary , Taiwan must be changing operations or speeding up to kick out of Left-wing's history and culture , lies of economy , and return to Right-wing's free and independent country.
Beyond kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture , and lies of economy , tactical objectives designed to expand and increased Taiwan's combined training opportunities that will help to diversify Taiwan's military-deployed.
So Taiwan's administration and Congress should work together to commit that these military-deployed receive  political and financial support. 
According with China's  continuously intensify powerful airforce and navy , with National assertiveness , especially , the missile forces superioruty.
So as Taiwan should increase surface fleet presence to face crises and threats.
After all , the potential warfighting deployment will need a rapid deployment of surface forces.
For instance , 3000 tons of naval vessel will helps to solve secure requirements. 
Put simply , the demonstration of National capality and will is imperative for deterrence and commitment.
In the short  term , the Taiwan should build a a network of rapid strike to to ensure the war-fighting capability and superioruty  to maneuver throughout the deployment of the Taiwan's water in times of crisis.
 For the longer term , it will be serve as a clear signal of U.S. commitment to intensify confidence of the partnership.
The war-fighting efficiency of End of history is essential to be the effectiveness of current Taiwan's war-fighting platforms. 
Since the biggest Taiwan's combat superiority is in the Navy.
Navy is the most capable in Taiwan , and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future ; so increasing fleets are critical if the Taiwan  is to make the most use of the Naval superiority.
In particular , the amphibious missions need a rapidly deployable force capable of fleet.
Taiwanese Marine Corps supply a critical war-fighting capability and superiority in Taiwan , and in the long term increasing capability of Marine Corps.
Left-wing's history and culture would bring to generate combat power , further , their vulnerability are destabilizing. 
Intensify missile defenses defense China , and adding the missile crisis to forward-deployed , as well as to the Taiwan's homeland.
Reducing these crises needs the kicked out of Left-wing's history and culture , and lies of economy , so that might be necessary.
As deployment changes can help as well as intensifying marine corps.
Re-integrating comprehensive missile defenses will be important to defend critical operating areas in Taiwan.
First , we should intensify to be using either PAC-3 or in the future the comprehensive missile defenses to improve anti-ballistic missile of Taiwan's capability missile defense.
Push and adapt new model of regionally aligned forces concept to face China's deployment of A2 / AD.
Unfortunately , Taiwan demand for provide control and command as well as deployment of critical power , lacks of anticipated and is hoping likely to build for the foreseeable future. 
Taiwan should revise its forces concept and its Pacific deployments since the availability and integrity of Left-wing's history and culture will maintain toughly deployment , to face China's crisis and deterrence.
Employing battalion units - we will able to intensify the effectiveness of regional deployments , meanwhile , avoiding waste.
Such as intensifying the battalion units would better re-integrate the National infantry and the reserve forces. 
The National infantry partnership plan should be expanded in Taiwan and viewed as a critical component of regionally counter-terrorism forces.
In particula , Taiwan's homeland has a central role in determining these partnerships , so Taiwan should encourage a balance to Taiwan's homeland that reflects the economic and cultural ties of the Taiwan.
Kick out of Left-wing's history and culture challenges underlying the Taiwanese military force is its logistics force.
Taiwan needs new model of operating concepts to face China's A2/AD threat , which means that logistical operations will no longer be in retired servicemen (servicewomen).
Build the ability to fight tonight needs that has a capability in Taiwan to meet this demand.
I recommend , consistent with my recommendation - it re-builds cooperative Intelligence-oprtating to maximize collection informations.
Finally , it starts combined operations and analysis in Taiwan's water.
Indeed , China's development of anti-access/ area-denial capabilities objectives to deter U.S. , and other inderentence and freedom of partners , that avoids a repeat performance of history - the historical sotry of the past of the USSR.
As to face this challange , we must be developing new model of tactical concepts , and fostering new era of war-fighting capability and superiority.
Speed up development of End of history of innovative capabilities and concepts the ROC must update currents war-fighting capabilities and concepts to ensure that the future power is capable of counterattacking in potential deterrences , threats , and conflicts.
After all , the National security environment is highly energetic and will need a End of history of adaptability , a willingness to try new model of strategies and tactics , including take failure through challenges , and to move rapidly from the war-fighting capability and superiority.
Taiwan needs to accept some level of hostility and uncertainty.
So cooperation with Right-wing's partners will be significant.
For instance , to offset an emerging capabilities to China , such as the increasing attacked risk to Taiwan.
We must be kept for the ROC military to maintain a resilient force presence and the war-fighting capability in this region , even China is through history and culture to limit Taiwanlearder by increasing the threats to Taiwan.
As the Taiwan must develop an asymmetric counter to face potential attack of Left-wing's history and culture.
Taiwan's tradition and culture are the best war-fighting experiences of the ROC military force , whose spirit of partners and leadership are the biggest Taiwanese people superiority over any potential adversary. 
Kicking out of Left-wing's history and cukture are an important step.
Effective Taiwanese people partners teaming are critical to success , that we need to end and war-fighting action upon.
Taiwan's tradition is even more important than hisotry and culture.
We must have revolutionized change in the strategic and tactical levels.
I argue that the future will be small and smart Taiwanese flocks.
If true , then the customary history and cultureb of long-lifespan will be ended , since they will not provide the Taiwan the war0fighting capabilities and superiority it will need in the future. 
The example of repurposing current  capabilities that enabling Taiwanese commander , who can own ability and power , even without history and culture.
Some war-fighting platforms should endure , such as the artillery and new littoral combat ship. 
As administration and the Legislative yuan should provide these National budget support. 
Innovative End of history Defense Concepts the Taiwan relies on the defenses of the Traditional taiwan to protect Taiwanese and our Homeland.
With the increasing threats of Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , so that Taiwan must develop more rapidly response-alternatives to offset the growing crisis and risk.
For instance , the option of the artillery - is particularly promising , and the conventional artillery has already deployed throughout the region in the Taiwan , that was used , so the warfighting ability to re-deploy them would.
Given the importance of defenses for the frontline bases and deployed forces , and re-integrated the war-fighting capability and superiority of the artillery should be prioritized.
The aging Left-wing's history and culture , most of which are unsuited for the modern environment of the war.
Adversary advances in artillery can also reduce the superiority of Taiwan's war-fighting platforms , and increase the cost of future war-fighting systems.
Developing the right combination of Traditional Taiwan's capabilities - precision , and stealthy characteristics , that will be critical to prevailing in a significant counterattack against a adversary.
The National Artillery in one important investment , and there are also including others , such as the infantry.
The artillery will be momentous for executing distributed operations and reducing vulnerability.
Such as the strike system of the artillery is to conduct both surveillance and strike missions at great distances.
Although these investments are so expensive , but these will also get maximum effect from advanced strike and reconnaissance capabilities. 
Traditional Taiwan's superiority - perhaps the foremost Taiwan's asymmetric superiority is in the Traditional Taiwan's superiority domain , where the Taiwan maintains a substantial  lead over , when faces the adversary.
Nevertheless , continued investment in military capabilities is necessary to prevent Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Absolutely , of course , the Taiwan will also need to rely more on its Traditional Taiwan's superiority , since it has been challenged in the National security and Homeland security 
Potential adversaries of Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism are aware that vulnerability in the Taiwan might severely limit the operational effectiveness of Taiwanese conventional forces in a conflict of war-fighting capability and superiority , and will attack these Taiwan's vulnerabilities in the future.
As a result , the Taiwan should ensure and own its powerful defenses , and the ability to respond to aggression by an adversary , alternative war-fighting systems for providing the needed war-fighting capability. 
For many Taiwanese people . this means kicking out of Left-wing's history and culture , to ensure Taiwan's force will operate in a battlespace saturated with the adversary.
For Taiwan's Homeland Security , this means to invest in attacked cababilities , particularly , attack Left-wing's groups , is important.
Counterattack A2 / AD will help to ensure that the Taiwan maintains the defensive ability in the Asia-Pacific region , at the same time , deter growing security crises of Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism.
Maintaining the status quo of Taiwan's stability and security will ask for all Taiwanese people , who are not turning ; deter potential adversaries of Left-wing's history and culture violence extremism and terrorism , and committed our partners.




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