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Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.

 By Ronald Reagan.

 believes that loves 蔡英文 are legitimate and proper reason,and these are not related to stupid of history and culture,yet.I think that I stand on my promise;stupid of history and culture are hypocritical.Simply put,they are destroying love of tyranny



6,How long the stubborn of history and culture to support,

ignore national determination-ending of history?


In the past of timing,stubborn of history and culture of war-fighting abilities have already declined,and in sptie of the cuttent sand future,their war-fighting abilities were limited.
Stubborn of history and culture of age-old doctrines would also bring about nation's military,political,economic decrepitudes.Simply put,they would be lack of humanism and moral.
The age-old and stubborn of history and culture are likely to muddle downwards for the predictable facts in the future.
In other words,new pattern of Taiwan Style-ending of history is as possible,for example,such as national determination is in revival ; re-integration/re-establishment a powerful of nation's political,military,economic systems.
These are not related to the age-old and stubborn of history,culture and philosophy.
The age-old and stubborn of history,culture would destroy traditional of humanism and moral power,that may be current national vulnerability.So,they could not see free and independent of nation's military,political,and economic oprtative models for the future.
The age-old and stubborn of history,culture are to emphasize hegemonic extensibility,even,provoke.
Do not suspicioning!They are just using as impotence to overstate their sex ability.
So,new pattern of Taiwan Style is our imagination how it will get out of current and future predicament.It cannot denied that ending of history will possibility cannot be discounted.
The age-old and stubborn of history,culture,in defiance of expectations for the future.
Do not forget historical experiences of warning,and national power is strong enough to defend our people's interests.
These are not related to the age-old and stubborn of history,culture and philosophy.
Ending of history,especially if, in doing so,new pattern of Taiwan Style images will be ours for the future?
The future images are reasonable,clear of national conduct in the political,military,and economic interests.
These are not related to the age-old and stubborn of history,culture and philosophy.
Consider,for example,such as,feels out of sort to holding the case of age-old and stubborn of history,culture,and what we can see?They are bombastic and threatened with viewpoints,and contorted facts of opinions.
In other words,age-old and stubborn of history,culture of ambitions have become very separated from reality,and lacked of change will,and no longer felt it necessary to women reactions,in particular,national military force and superiority.
Also,dangerous misunderstandings comes from age-old and stubborn of history,culture of actions,in particular,they are being replaced by fear,or suspicion.As ridicule is also followed by tight decision-making.
In the new pattern of Taiwan Style,it is worth noting that use of homeland and national security concept,through primacy to ending of history,including,women pre-coherence rights.Simply put,we will use new concept of logic/idea-tactical.
Logic/idea-tactical cannot condemn history and culture,especially,anger and feel out of sort.Because of thinkings about what is at risk always vary extremely from analyses and assessments.
An adversarial risks strategies will disturb,rather than,resolve problems.
New pattern of Taiwan Style-ending of history existed on the principle that we are pals.For example,such as,Independent-fundamentalism can exist on national regimes.
The principle of ending of history is to establish partnership,and in other words,nation's exceptional relationship.
The principle of ending of history is to stand with our side of the future,through,real or imagined partnership to drive vision of the future.
These are not related to the age-old and stubborn of history,culture and philosophy.
As power of the age-old and stubborn of history,culture increasingly disinclined accept change in the global power ; and opposed in principle to the women superiorities and opportunities.But,new pattern of Taiwan Style-ending of history principles will make common basis and national revisionism with us and women.
So-called real sense of threat is the age-old and stubborn of history,culture will likely give rise to subvert,that will lead a serious national power effort.
Yet,also,new pattern of Taiwan Style-ending of history principles are national commitments,in which,in order to political,military,and economic of progress and stability.
Minorities of history and culture may be stirred up for political purposes.also,will be a hot spot of conflict.
Although,minorities of history and culture of hubris,may be tactically expedient,but,they ignore our brains and women,so it will be to make a longer-term strategic mistake.
The point is that ending of history does not develop as a zero-sum game?In particular,stubborn of history and culture make no sense in the future.
The age-old history and culture does need help,so,ending of history is quickly fix war-fighting operation - if we cannot re-write history,so,ending of history!
Despite that it may well be,age-old history and culture are indeed incorrigible.So,that the opportunity for helping it through a successful transition as new pattern of Taiwan Style.In particular,women superiorities and national military revolution.
Dark concept of history and culture cannot avoid responsibility change of trying.
Ultimately,to take the easy way out,ending of history.And our war-fighting actions of the future are all of a more cooperative relationship,and support a new pattern and stability of the Taiwan Style.







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